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If you’re a local business in Sydney, chances are you’ve already heard your fair share of promises from various digital marketing and SEO agencies.
The problem is that you’re still probably waiting for their promised results.

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Sydney Businesses That Trust Us

Below are just a few established Sydney businesses that we've helped generate leads through Google Ads and SEO


Australia's Number #1 Property Management software provider

JMC Academy

National Tertiary Creative Industries Provider

Premier Pools

Sydney's Leading Custom Pool Builder

Prime Steel Frames & Trusses

Local Sydney Steel Frame & Truss manufacturer

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Average client ROAS


Number of client campaigns we’ve worked on


Understandably, you may wonder whether SEO as a digital marketing strategy deserves the attention it gets or if it is just all hype.

As a search specialist doing this for over 14 years across 1,812 businesses in 355 niches, we know firsthand that SEO can deliver a fantastic and ongoing ROI.

We believe SEO is one of the best online marketing options if you’re after compounding returns over the medium to long term.

But winning SEO campaigns doesn’t come from obscure magic that only “the favoured few” can understand.

The reality is that SEO operates on logical instructions based on maths and data. This means you can gauge your SEO agency’s expertise by how well it grasps maths-related concerns. 

Digital Spotlight’s founders are trained mathematicians who can read numbers as people do with words. Our agency is a data and results-oriented company servicing the local market in Sydney. 

We specialise in SEO for Sydney-based industries and have achieved outstanding results for the leading companies in the area. 

Problem solvers, not SEO “gurus” or typical account managers, will help you get to (and keep) the top organic spots on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs).

Whether you’re a start-up in Sydney seeking to beat the competition or a small business wanting to scale in the Australian market, our maths-driven and algorithm-informed marketing style can help you achieve your business goals.

What Is SEO?

Maybe you’re one of the many business owners who avoid SEO discussions because they’re “too technical” for you. But that’s because you’ve only talked about it with people who want you to think that way.

At Digital Spotlight, we don’t believe in using complicated words or jargon when explaining the ‘what’ and ‘hows’ of SEO. 

We want you to understand what SEO is all about so you’d know how our company can get you the desirable SEO outcomes.

Effective SEO companies establish your site’s online presence to maintain your ranking on organic (non-paid) SERPs.

It sounds simple, but executing it successfully over the long term is challenging. 

There’s more to it than scattering random keywords and soliciting links to improve your organic search rank and website traffic.

For us, SEO entails decoding the work of Google engineers to locate a pivotal shift in the algorithm. Then we capitalise on that discovery to optimise your marketing campaigns.

Why Is SEO Important?

Take a quick Google search for Sydney-based businesses similar to yours. 

Then, ask yourself: “What do I have over my competitors?” “Why would potential customers choose my products or services over my competitors?”

Is it your affordable pricing? Your extremely user-friendly web design? You may think well-crafted, high-quality social media content is enough to get those prospects to choose you over your competitors.  

While these factors can help convert a prospect once they find out about you, they’re useless if customers don’t have the faintest idea that your business exists.

Why are SEO services worth your investment? Two words: visibility and authority. 

SEO does not only put your company on the radar of potential or new customers. If done correctly, it can draw the right attention to your products and services, which can help you dominate your niche. 

Here’s what Iris Lever, chief marketing officer at PropertyMe’s Sydney office, had to say about us:

“We have been working with the team at Digital Spotlight for over five years now. Their expertise, timeliness, and attention to detail have been instrumental to the success of our digital marketing.”

How Does SEO Work?

Each year, Google makes subtle adjustments to its algorithm. These tricky and secret changes decide how well your web content matches search terms, where your site should rank for each search term, and on what page.

Some of these updates are so significant that there are well-documented cases of algorithm shifts eliminating entire businesses.

Now the best SEO tacticians can unearth anomalies signalling a significant change in the Google algorithm – if they go beyond the typical SEO process and take a business-savvy, mathematical approach instead.

How Are SEO and PPC Different?

Paid advertising platforms, such as Google Ads (formerly known as Google Adwords), display paid advertisements on SERPs. Meanwhile, SEO services work to increase organic traffic to your website.

PPC (pay per click) results often appear above organic SEO results on the SERPs, and businesses pay for each click in PPC.

Integrating paid and organic marketing options can be a powerful strategy to increase your overall return on investment (ROI). — that is, if you have maths specialists who can apply cutting-edge solutions (including isolating keyword intent, proper segmentation, and split testing) to help you achieve your sales goals.

What Makes Content Rank on Google?

You know your SEO content is good when its intent is tailored to the keywords you want to rank for. 

Google functions as the “Big Brother” of web content, monitoring every word you post online. This way, Google determines if you are a relevant and meaningful source of information for your target audience.

Forget about winning SEO campaigns if your strategy is just stuffing keywords into new content. Google’s ever-changing algorithm can detect linkbait blog posts and nonsensical copywriting material.

So how can you avoid wasting time on content that doesn’t rank? 

Study the results of each critical keyword you want to rank for – it will give you an insight into what Google might consider high-quality content. 

Pay close attention to their adjustments and feedback. You can do that by teaming up with maths specialists who don’t only understand Google-talk but also know how to adapt it to fit your content marketing objectives. 

Our Chief Innovation Officer, Anish, knows what it takes to win in the most competitive SEO niches. 

Quality Organic Traffic

Google’s aim with every search is to match the search intent with the information the searcher is looking for while giving the searcher the best user experience on the web.

SEO done right means identifying your customers and optimising your site by giving them the information they are looking for better than your competitors.

The flip side is that your ideal target market will come to your site and view you as an authority. Prospects will be calling you for help. 

SEO (executed correctly) for searchers online is more accessible and less invasive. You’re offering a helpful resource that matches the readers’ unique search query rather than barraging an unwilling audience with irrelevant words. 

What Can SEO Do for My Business?

SEO is not a ‘fix-it-all solution. Its usefulness depends on your business objectives. 

For some of our clients, getting high organic search engine rankings is the lifeblood of their business. For others, it’s a complementary lead and traffic source that augments their other marketing efforts.

This is why we avoid pitching. Instead, we listen and then provide a solution on precisely what we would do in your situation (even offering a free point-by-point audit that you can take and do yourself). 

Only then do you decide whether you want to engage us. There is no guesswork here. You‘ll know what you’re getting into if you come on board with us.

You’re probably wondering why we would go to such lengths at a high cost. 

The answer? Because we’re only interested in long-term win/win relationships. We have zero interest in short-term client relationships, so we take the time to do much vetting on whether we would be a good fit for you.


At Digital Spotlight, we don’t give you grand promises. But we guarantee this: our maths-informed approach and in-depth technical know-how will inform efforts on where the most significant opportunities for your business lie. We don’t believe in guesswork.

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What Are the Key Benefits of SEO?   

Although SEO can improve your business in various ways, here are the crucial ones:

Organic halo

When Google presents you as the top response to a query, people instinctively feel you’re the best brand.

Lock out your competition

If you can keep your competitors out of the top organic search results, your potential buyers may never know about them.

Win today’s most demanding niches

When done correctly, SEO can establish your brand authority in the most challenging industries (wherein paid advertising costs are extremely expensive, giving you an edge over your competitors).

Do You Offer Other Digital Marketing Services?

Unlike other agencies who claim to do everything under the sun, we specialise in providing unique, realistic, and sustainable digital and social media marketing solutions in the following areas:

  • SEO (search engine optimisation)
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ad Management
  • Bing Ad Management

Why Choose A Company on Page One of Google?

When it comes to choosing a company to work with, there’s one thing you should remember: visibility means credibility.

The first page of Google indicates that a company is reputable and established and is likely to provide quality products and services.

Partner with us and let us help you become one of the 1,812 businesses we’ve helped reach first-page rankings in Google.

Do You Work With Businesses From All Industries and Niches?

There are some industries we will not work with. This is because we only partner with Sydney businesses to which we know we can add significant value and provide a high probability of getting them an ROI (some industries’ economics do not work for SEO). 

This is why we offer a no-obligation audit and consultation. We’ll tell you if we think SEO is not suitable for you and it isn’t for everyone.

What Types of Companies Do You Work With?

We’ve worked with various businesses, from large multinationals to small family-run eCommerce sites. The data, maths, and analysis are all the same. The only factor that changes is the scale.

What Makes SEO An Attractive Marketing Option?

SEO is an incredibly attractive marketing option since it’s a cost-effective, highly targeted way to reach your market.

Qualified Leads and Business Growth with Measurable Growth

Our team focuses on numbers, so we’re set on measurable outcomes. 

Our math-savvy marketing specialists’ core focus is results. In fact, through our extensive audit, we can demonstrate what we can do for you before you spend a dollar.

We also don’t make lock-in contracts. Our month-to-month agreements mean we earn your business every month. In simple terms, you’re free to fire us if we don’t deliver results.

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How to Rank on Google

Few people realise that your SEO success depends on your agency’s sophistication in their research, data collection, and technical competence.

Google evolves so quickly that only a few agencies can get and, more importantly, keep first-page rankings for more and more keywords over time. We are one of the few.

What Is Involved in Your SEO Service?

Imagine participating in a game only to discover that the rules can change anytime. As if locking horns with the toughest players in the world is not crazy enough, now you’ve got a referee who can penalise players for violating a rule that didn’t exist a moment ago.

That’s what we think SEO looks like, and we’ve developed our marketing style to curb the challenge.  

If you’re wondering why most businesses, including the big names in your niche, still “do SEO,” it’s because, if done right, it can be tremendously rewarding. 

SEO Services

Here are some SEO services you can get when you work with us:

Internal Website Audit

This involves thoroughly assessing your business’ website, including its internal links and web content.

Keyword Research

Keyword research requires determining the best keywords for attracting the most relevant traffic to your company’s website to help it achieve its business objectives.

Competitor Analysis

This approach requires evaluating your competitors to determine why their websites rank higher (or lower) than yours.  

Content Creation

Creating a quality content strategy takes more than just loading a webpage with keywords. Keyword intent is a vital feature of thoughtful and meaningful content.

On-Page SEO Optimisation

On-page SEO involves creating a technical strategy to ensure visitors read relevant and insightful website content.

Off-Page (Off-Site) SEO or Link Building

Building links the right way helps create your overall domain authority and relevance for particular topics, which will help increase Google’s trust while also growing referral traffic from relevant sites. Our expert outreach team identifies and determines the right sites to link to.

The final goal for most businesses is to become an iconic brand. Generating authoritative backlinks from reputable websites will help propel you toward that goal.

Monthly Reporting

Monthly reporting, which we consistently provide for clients, is a way to track monthly website performance.

Increase Your Leads and Business Growth

Our team doesn’t offer pie-in-the-sky promises. We’re all about the numbers, so we’re laser-focused on delivering measurable outcomes that drive and sustain your business growth.

You don’t have to take our word for it: our maths-savvy marketing specialists can show you the numbers before you spend a dollar with us. We’re that confident in our abilities.

Targeted SEO

Competent SEO specialists research, identify, and use targeted keywords and content to focus SEO efforts on the most profitable parts of your business.

Google SEO Agency

With our strong on-page SEO, content marketing, off-page SEO, link building, and technical SEO strategies, we can deliver significant SEO results for your business.

SEO Analytics

SEO analytics means the process of data collection and analysis to understand better your site’s performance and how users behave on your site.

Why Do You Need SEO Experts in Sydney?

Many SEO “gurus” claim you can hack your way to the top of Google search results. Just purchase their classes, they say. 

Sure, you can operate your SEO. However, the battle for Google’s top organic ranking requires overcoming complicated algorithmic hurdles. To keep ahead of the competition, you must constantly track and test.

That is why our SEO professionals spend significant time analysing how Google’s algorithm works to improve our clients’ campaigns. It’s what we do every day as search specialists.

Set Targets

Our target-specific and maths-based solutions can help you move from your current status to your desired position. We set attainable objectives for traffic, growth, and ROI.

Partner with Experts
Forget about pushy salespeople. At Digital Spotlight, you will collaborate directly with data-driven experts.

Get Results

We can expand your online presence with long-term organic search visibility.

Generate leads, inquiries, high conversion rates, and sales with our tried-and-tested marketing approach.

What Time Frame Does Good SEO Take?

SEO marketing outcomes depend on your current issues and online authority. In some instances, we’ve achieved page-one rankings in under a month. Clients we’ve achieved this for had a great SEO foundation and a lot of low-hanging opportunities for us to capitalise on quickly.

Can SEO Increase Brand Awareness?

Good SEO practices can help you earn the top position on Google’s organic search results. So, searchers will not only see your products and services online, but you’ll also get a “halo” effect around your brand, making it credible and highly regarded.

How Much Does SEO Cost?

Sydney SEO agencies offer SEO packages at various rates. Typically, agencies measure the amount you’ll pay for their service based on the scope of service, which involves the current issues that need to be fixed and how quickly you want to get results.

 At Digital Spotlight, you’re always in absolute control because we don’t hold you hostage with a long-term contract.

We only want clients we are confident in helping. This is why we have above-industry-average client retention rates (despite clients having the option to leave at any time).

Let’s Get In Touch

Feel free to get in touch with us or if you like, you will
always be welcome at our office, we love visits!


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  • * By providing a telephone number and submitting the form you are consenting to be contacted by SMS text message. Message & data rates may apply. Reply STOP to opt out of further messaging.
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Newcastle Businesses That Trust Us

Below are just a few established Newcastle businesses that we've helped generate leads through Google Ads and SEO

Client-retention rate


Average client ROAS


Number of client campaigns we’ve worked on


SEO Terms and Phrases

Local SEO

Technical SEO

White Hat SEO

Find Us

Suite 2, Level 18, 45
Clarence St. Sydney NSW
2000, Australia


How long will it take to reach the first page of Google?

If a site has deep foundational issues, it will take significant time to fix.

The good news is that, in most cases, we’ll be able to give you a general idea of your site’s current issues and how difficult or easy they are to fix. 

When you talk with us, we’ll offer you our straightforward assessment.

How do I get my monthly results?

Our SEO team constantly monitors our tests’ progress and delivers monthly reports to you on the anniversary of your start date with us. 

Can I do my own SEO?

Yes, you can do your own SEO. That said, if you’re even in a moderately competitive niche, you’ll be competing with industry experts dedicated to studying Google’s increasing complexity. 

We’d recommend leaving this to capable agents with more sophisticated and continually evolving SEO models who continue to spend on research and development. 

What can I expect from my SEO audit?

Specific issues and recommendations on how to fix the issues we’ve identified. You can go to our competitors and verify our findings.  

Does SEO change over time?

Google’s algorithm, like SEO’s rules, is ever-evolving. A good SEO strategy keeps pace with the quick and often sudden updates at Google. 

Work with SEO consultants and specialists who monitor and evaluate real-time data using advanced analytics tools. 

Why is my competitor ranking above me?

Your competitor outranks you for two reasons: they’ve been doing SEO for a long time, or their SEO technique can adapt to Google’s updates.

Although there could be hundreds of specific reasons why your competitor is ranking above you, it will almost always come down to one of three reasons:

  1. Your competitors have a higher domain authority (and more trust from Google) than you
  2. Your competitors’ overall content and topicality are more relevant to the intent of the keyword you are competing for
  3. If one and two aren’t true, then you must have some technical issue stopping Google from properly attributing one and two to you 

When you partner with Digital Spotlight, you will benefit from our 14 years of experience and one-of-a-kind maths-based marketing solutions. 

We’ve got case studies, awards, and testimonials to prove that we can deliver your desired results.

Is it normal for my Google rankings to fluctuate every day?

Yes. This is because Google makes frequent updates to its algorithms. Many might be minor tweaks, but a select few are considered major algorithm updates.

Is SEO still relevant?

SEO done correctly remains a good medium to long-term investment. If you partner with people who can play your cards well, there’s a high probability that you’ll start to see compounded returns with incrementally lower marketing costs. 

For example, our well-rounded SEO approach helped Binnari Property, a top-notch property investment advisory in Sydney, improve its organic traffic by 2,250%.

Is SEO right for my business?

SEO isn’t for every business or industry. Its value depends on what its potential impact is on your bottom line.

That said, most of the time, business owners work with the wrong digital marketing agency, are fed incorrect information, and don’t discover how SEO works. 

As a Newcastle- and Sydneybased agency, we’ve also created SEO campaigns for Brisbane, Melbourne, and global brands. 

What makes you different from other SEO agencies?

Here’s how we achieve excellent SEO results for our clients:

  • We have a dedicated researcher who leads our process by detecting the most significant factors impacting the algorithm and comparing client campaigns to our dependable dataset.
  • Once we have a clue, we assemble our team to test until we have identified the change. If the change is substantial, we refine our campaigns to capitalise on this learning. 
  • We continue to optimise even after we have given you a ranking for a few keywords. We don’t stop optimising. We seek to get you better rankings the longer you are with us.

When can I start my SEO campaign?

You can start working on your SEO campaign today by consulting with us. 

We offer a pitch and pressure-free consultation to help you determine what your SEO campaign needs. 

How do I improve my website's authority?

Domain authority (DA) and relevant content form the foundation of Google’s algorithm. Your chances of taking over the first SERP increase as you gain more domain authority while tailoring your content more specifically to the intent of a keyword. 

In addition to our efforts to get you ranked for keywords, we always work on your foundations. We take into account your current online profile, making it easier for you to rank for new keywords in the future.

Is it worth paying for SEO?

If you’re thinking, “SEO sounds like a lot of work. Can’t I just pay for Google Ads?”

Unfortunately, Google Ads picks up only 30% of searchers online. Seventy per cent skip the ads to click on an organic (non-paid) result. Most of that 70% click through one of the top three results. 

That means the top three organically ranked websites get two-thirds of all internet queries. 

There is no better way to build your online brand than to convince Google that you are one of the best solutions for user searches. 

Why do I need digital marketing?

More and more customers are starting their product/service search online, mainly if they are interested in researching. 

If you don’t want to get left behind, getting your digital marketing foundations right so you are set up for success could significantly impact your bottom line. 

We only partner with clients we know we can add value to with a high probability. That’s why we don’t sell. Instead, we listen, analyse and explain our approach before any contracts are signed.

If you want to speak with a Google platform expert, set up a free no-pitch consultation with us. We offer a free preliminary SEO tech audit to help you identify what is holding your results back.

You can email us at [email protected] or call us at 1300 891 181.

You can also visit us at Suite 2, Level 18, 45 Clarence St., Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia, and discuss your campaign. 

  • We have been working with the team at Digital Spotlight for over five years now. Their expertise, timeliness, and attention to detail have been instrumental to the success of our digital marketing. Most recently they worked closely with us on a complete website relaunch. With a project like this you would generally expect to see a short-term drop in SEO due to the sheer number of changes, however not only did we not see a drop in our rankings, but they actually increased substantially! We cannot thank Digital Spotlight enough for their support and the care they took to ensure this project was a resounding success.
    It has been an absolute pleasure to work with the Digital Spotlight team over the years and I would highly recommend their digital services.

    Iris Lever , CMO at PropertyMe
  • I can’t believe how well PPC works. We can’t keep up. Many thanks for everything You & your team are doing

    Joseph Khoury , Tree and Garden Solutions
  • We have too much work booked and are at full capacity. We are adding staff and resources … Thanks again and I would highly recommend you guys ,you have been brilliant

    Daren , Zeroharm l Fire Protection l Electrical Test and Tag I Pest Management
  • You and your team were able to get us leads for almost half the price we were getting before, and the quality of leads were more than 50% better… in only 4 weeks…

    Yuri Marshall , Visaone
  • I’ve been with Digital Spotlight 6 months, and the results have been terrific… many search terms related to my business, and my rankings have steadily grown each month…

    Director , Eastside Speech Solutions
  • In your industry where many take your money and do very little for it you are a breath of fresh air for small businesses like mine…

    Philip K. Bonser , Goulburn Offroad Carts
  • The outcome was beyond my expectation; we are very pleased with the results and their excellent customer service….I would highly recommend Digital Spotlight’s services for your business!…

    Sophie Sutjiadi , Grace Hotel
  • The first serious website lead we had translated into a 200,000.00 fitout… Digital Spotlight have paid for themselves many times over and I would highly recommend their commitment and service

    Tim Lassig , Director Hospitality Fitout Specialists
  • I now think of how much money I wasted before I contacted your company… and without reservation recommend [Digital Spotlight] to any Organisation or Individual

    Martin Roschach , Director Reach for Life Health
  • Working with Blake and Digital Spotlight has been great, we took the time to figure out a realistic strategy which has helped our organic rankings immensely! We are now on the front page for so many head terms that were previously out of reach!

    Sean Hearsee , Managing Director Sage Painting
  • Blake and his team are brilliant to work with! Great communication and extremely skilled to deliver awesome results. Thank you!

    Jordi Twomey , Twomey Dispute Lawyers
  • We have been very pleased with our decision to engage Digital Spotlight to manage and and improve our SEO. Blake, John and the rest of their team are very responsive and know their stuff. After some bad experiences with other providers in this space, we're not going anywhere.

    Managing Director , Avlaw Aviation Consulting