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If you're a local business in Sydney, you've probably had your fair share of digital marketing agencies talking about their Local SEO service and promising that they can solve all of your marketing, lead and sales problems.

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Sydney Business Owners Trust Us to Deliver Results

Here’s where many local businesses get it wrong: they gauge their local SEO’s success based on a one-time win. 

But staying on page one of Google is equally important as getting there.

Maybe you’ve been experimenting with local SEO (search engine optimisation) to capture the Sydney market. 

The problem is that even with all the time, effort, and money you’ve put in, the steady flow of sales-generating returns still seems like a far-off dream.

You’ll be glad you found us. 

As an industry pioneer, our agency has helped thousands of businesses take and maintain the top spots on SERPs (search engine results pages).

Over time, they get more leads (and sales!) with less investment.   

What sets our digital marketing strategy apart? Our commitment to maths-driven, results-focused, and tailored solutions. 

You’d be surprised at how much work we can do for you before you even spend a cent on us. 

We’ll help define your agenda, measure the overall “strength” of your website, and devise a case-by-case optimisation strategy to hit your local SEO targets. 

Unlike most agencies, we don’t want you to gamble your hard-earned dollars on a fly-by-night approach.

We follow a systematic, multi-step process of analysis designed to help you understand your competition and current online profile. 

Our full-orbed technical audit will give you all the info you need before you sign up with us. 

From top to bottom, you’ll know what we’re doing to improve your local SEO campaign and why.

Here’s Anish, our CIO (chief innovation officer), detailing how our proprietary process works: 

By comparing real-world performance against our ever-evolving SEO models, our researchers are continuing to evolve our models to pattern what Google is ranking today. We do segment this analysis by niche, and even by sub-niche in some cases. We’re essentially looking out for small shifts (that go undetected to most agencies) that lead to long-term SEO results.”

If you aim to lead the local scene, you’d definitely want him and our team of experts to be on your side.

What Keeps You Up at Night?

We think we know why you’ve been pacing back and forth in your room until late at night.  

As a business owner, you likely wonder why you’re not getting the ROI (return on investment) you expect from the money you’ve spent on your local SEO efforts.

You’ve been pumping more gas into your marketing engine, but your business still won’t take off. In fact, you worry it might crash and burn.

Fortunately, things don’t have to end that way. 

We’ve been in the SEO industry for over 15 years and have helped transform 1,812 businesses across 355 niches into digital marketplace leaders.

We know what it takes to boost your online presence and generate a steady stream of highly focused traffic, leads, and sales.

Here’s a recent example from our work with Avlaw Aviation Consulting, an Asia-Pacific leader in aviation consultancy:

In less than two years, we’ve skyrocketed Avlaw’s organic traffic by 201% and increased its top 10 keywords from 60 to 146. 

We’ve catapulted keyphrases like “airspace construction” and “helipads advisor” from obscurity straight to #1. 

Avlaw was so happy with the digital lift-off the company has gotten through our SEO efforts that its managing director said:


“We have been very pleased with our decision to engage Digital Spotlight to manage and improve our SEO. [The team members are] very responsive and know their stuff. After some bad experiences with other providers in this space, we’re not going anywhere.”


Avlaw’s case is just one of the many success stories we’ve helped create. With us, you can sleep better at night knowing that your local SEO is in capable hands.

Do You Want to Climb the Google Ladder in Sydney?

The climb to the top of Google’s local SERP is more brutal than most people think. It’s a relentless battle for online visibility. 

Consider this fact: with over 600,000 businesses of various types and sizes, Sydney hosts the largest local economy in Australia.

As Australia’s only global city, Sydney may offer higher market potential than other cities. But, of course, more opportunities mean more and tighter competition.

Willpower alone won’t help you ascend to the peak of the Google ladder. So, what would? A battle-tested, numbers-based local SEO approach.

That’s where we come in. Our founders graduated with top grades from Macquarie University, where they specialised in maths- and statistics-heavy fields. 

They’ve developed a multi-million dollar dataset for over a decade to track even the subtlest search algorithm changes. We’ve used this in-house tool to propel our clients to great heights.

Here’s Diana Norris, the marketing and web assistant from Dural Irrigation, an Australian online irrigation megastore, thanking us for our work with them:

“We have used DS for over 15 years for all our SEO, remarketing adwords, analytics and much, much more! Their customer service is impeccable and is always quick to respond to any issue or enquiry we may have. Our business has grown at an incredible rate thanks to [this] team. We will never use anyone else, highly recommend.”

Search Engine Optimisation Service: Sydney SEO Services for Local Businesses 

We offer the following SEO service packages:

  • SEO Entry
  • SEO Premium
  • SEO Corporate
  • SEO Corporate Plus
  • SEO Enterprise
  • Lite

These packages offer similar services with varying scopes. They differ primarily regarding audit frequency and the number of keywords to target (core keywords). 

Here’s what we can do to help scale your Sydney business:

  • Ensure ongoing keyword research and key terms selection based on these criteria:
    • Your business and products or services
    • Monthly search volume data from Google
    • The degree of competition for each key term
    • The customer’s buying cycle stage, as represented by each key term
  • Perform a preliminary SEO technical audit of your site and recommend (when necessary) ways to reduce penalty risk factors, including:
    • Thin or duplicate content
    • Redirect checks
    • Indexing and crawlability issues
    • Low PageSpeed scores (PageSpeed Insights is a Google tool that analyses the page speed of a website on desktop and mobile devices)
  • Conduct periodic technical site audits (when necessary) to identify possible ranking issues
  • Evaluate on-page factors to improve target pages’ relevance
  • Give a competitor site ranking report (upon request)
  • Develop a strategic plan to beat competitors for their ranked keywords (upon request)
  • Craft and execute an inbound one-way citation or linking tactic to boost authority and rankings for high-value terms
  • Target a specific number of core keywords (keywords to target at any time simultaneously), which will rank your site for a particular number of derivative keywords on Google’s first page using our proprietary ranking technology
  • Optimise an unlimited number of keywords over time with no addition to the monthly fee
  • Register your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business or GMB), claim unverified listings, upload photos, and optimise to get multiple first-page rankings and crank up your Google visibility for every branch with an offline address
  • Set up Google Analytics (where necessary and applicable) to provide insights into your business and website
  • Set up Google Tag Manager (where necessary and applicable) to conveniently manage and update measurement codes and related code fragments (known as tags) on your website
  • Register your site with GSC (Google Search Console), and create and submit a sitemap for easy crawling and indexing (for compatible sites)
  • Use GSC to find and correct errors and ensure no minor penalties undermine your first-page ranking viability
  • Optimise your anchor texts by re-calibrating link strength for keywords to avoid over-optimisation penalties
  • Fine-tune on-page optimisation factors, including:
    • Title tags (element specifying the title of a webpage)
    • H-tags (heading tags to separate subsections of your content)
    • Web page content
  • Rank additional variants of targeted key terms for past and probable future searches
  • Note: 50% of key term searches in Google are new every month.
  • Solidify a ranking defence plan to keep competitors from taking your first-page dominance
  • Conduct internal weekly monitoring and analysis of your Google rankings to check for Google penalties and site issues using our proprietary SEO process
  • Send monthly account summary reports to help you get a bird’s eye view of account strategy and progress, including the ranking progress of core and derivative keywords
  • Work closely with developers to investigate and suggest the best ways to optimise on-site factors
  • Offer specific advice regarding SEO requirements for a new site if you want to re-develop or re-design your site during an SEO campaign

What Should You Expect From an SEO Agency?

There’s more than one way to judge an agency’s overall worth. But if you ask us to single out one thing you should expect from an agency, we’ll say, “Results.”

Many agencies brag about generic positive qualities they claim they have as if those traits mean something to business owners.  

But they only repeat clichéd adjectives, like “innovative”, “strategic”, and “revolutionary”, which say absolutely nothing about how they can add value to local businesses

Likewise, we can say we’re a “results-driven” agency without end. However, that would be a lie if we can’t produce data and case studies to prove our claim.

That’s why we work the other way around. We don’t start with fancy words and hope to match them with passable outcomes.

Instead of giving sweet-sounding guarantees, we deliver real-world results and let the numbers speak for themselves. 

Here’s one recent example from our work with Secure Parking, one of the world’s largest parking operators servicing Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne. Through our tailored SEO Corporate services, we’ve achieved the following:

  • Increased targeted traffic by 115%
  • Improved or maintained rankings for over 290+ keywords (included in Google’s Top 10 as of September 2023)

We’ve got many other success stories from our work in different industries. Contact us to learn more examples of how we’ve won in the toughest SEO niches.

Local SEO in Sydney With Digital Spotlight

A quick Google search will show you hundreds of local agencies to choose from. You’ve probably already worked with some of them in an effort to revamp your local SEO efforts. 

The problem is that you aren’t happy with the results they deliveror if they even do. 

You don’t have to settle for less than what your business deserves. Here are five reasons why switching to us is a smarter move for you:

1. Full commitment to your objectives: We’re more interested in understanding our client’s unique cases than talking about ourselves.

That’s why when you come to us, you’ll talk with people who ask detailed questions about your current situation and problem.

We want to know your specific goals. This way, we can give you an idea of what results could add value to your business.

Before pitching anything, we seek to understand what you’re trying to achieve.

2. Clients stick with us: Some of our clients have been with us for more than 5 and 10 years. 

Many of them were just like you — searching for better options. They stay with us once they’ve experienced first-hand what we can do for their business.

3. Confidence in our methods: We don’t lock clients into long-term contracts. We’re confident we can deliver impactful returns and stand by our work. Results, or we’re out.

4. Industry trailblazers: Business publications, like Anthill and Financial Review, have featured our agency multiple times. Start-ups and multi-billion dollar organisations seek our advice regarding search patterns. 

Why? We don’t just keep pace with trends. We help move the industry forward.

5. An agency like no other: Our firm’s founding directors aren’t just accomplished business people. They’re also high-calibre mathematicians.

They’re the kind of maths pros who use the same advanced statistical analysis that Google uses.

That’s why our SEO specialists don’t set up campaigns based on gut feeling. We follow the numbers where they lead.

Customised Local SEO Services and Packages in Sydney: How Our Local SEO Services and Packages Can Help You

You deserve to know whether an agency knows what it is talking about before it takes your hard-earned money. 

Does it have your best interest at heart? Can its consultants give you quality input on your current strategy? Or does it only provide generic advice?

Before we take on a client, we assess whether we can improve your SEO and provide you with better results than what you get from your current agency.

If we think we can, we create a customised, actionable strategy that suits your unique situation, budget, and goals. 

One of the primary questions our technical specialists ask when handling a client’s campaign is, “Is the solution within the package scope of the client?”

Each package has a different scope of service. The primary difference  between them lies in the number of core keywords (keywords to target simultaneously at any time):

SEO Package General and City-based  Suburb-based and Model-specific
Initial Month 2 onwards Initial Month 2 onwards
SEO Entry 3 5 5
SEO Premium 6 10 8 14
SEO Corporate 9 15 12 20
SEO Corporate Plus 12 20 15 25
SEO Lite N/A 3 N/A 6

We also offer SEO Enterprise, a large-scale, strategic SEO approach for results-focused clients who want to grow their investment and are willing to spend based on performance.

Large websites use SEO Enterprise because they want a bespoke, corporate-wide marketing strategy that links SEO, content marketing, and social media.

SEO Growth in Sydney

Sydney aims to be a leading hub in smart digital transformation. If you want to dominate the local digital scene, your best bet is to get a head start. 

The principle of growth is a primary driving force behind many successful SEO efforts. 

Strategies that stick to a methodical process, where every step, even small ones, compound into significant results, are more likely to outperform the competition.

In short, you should be willing to play the long game. 

How Can We Help Your Business Excel in Sydney Using SEO?

Here are some of the primary benefits to expect from our local SEO services:

  • Higher visibility on major search engines through first-page rankings for your highly searched keywords in the medium- to long-term
  • Brand dominance in the consumer market by securing the top rankings in search engines
  • Strong brand perception as a market leader
  • Increased targeted traffic and potential customer visits to your website 
  • Improved leads and sales
  • Feedback on your website’s conversion quality and performance 
  • Improved efficiency with less cost of lead generation
  • Positive online reputation

You can reap all these rewards without any binding long-term contract — just a hassle-free month-to-month commitment.

More Digital Spotlight SEO Campaigns in Sydney

Here are more examples of Sydney-based businesses we helped scale using our maths-based SEO campaign strategy:

  • PropertyMe: The client is a property management service provider. We’ve worked with them for over five years. As of November 2023, we’ve gotten them these results:
    • 406% increase in domain rating
    • 882% increase in targeted traffic
    • 45% more leads
    • 471% increase in the number of targeted keywords ranked in Google’s Top Three 
  • Bird Control Australia: This company offers innovative bird and common pest solutions. We helped them get these returns:
    • 337.39% increase in traffic
    • 411.94% improvement in leads
    • 411.61% increase in the number of targeted keywords ranked in Google’s Top 10 

Here’s what Joe Bavaro, Director of Bird Control Australia, has to say about partnering with us:

I have worked with [Digital Spotlight] for several years now and cannot speak more highly of them. Like most, I have experienced several other companies over time, but am sticking with these guys. Their response time is super fast, even if it is the smallest of questions. I used to micro-manage my accounts, but now I feel very confident in stepping back and letting [the] team do what is best. I honestly could not ask for more.”

Local SEO You Can Trust

Trust is an overused buzzword in the marketing world. For us, it isn’t just a term to weave in a sales pitch. 

Trust underpins every interaction and decision our agency makes. 

We’ve been an industry leader for over a decade, helping scale thousands of local businesses in major cities like Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane, and Melbourne.

Our track record speaks for itself: 

  • 95.67% client retention rate
  • 2,103+ client campaigns 
  • 63.4% client average monthly spend

How do we accomplish these feats? We value what our clients value, regardless if they’re a big, multi-national corporation or a small, family-owned shop.

This principle drives us to help the business world’s underdogs topple their industry’s heavyweights.  

Thus, we don’t pitch. We listen, learn, advise (when appropriate), and demonstrate how our unique, research-driven, and results-focused local SEO approach can give you stunning results you won’t get elsewhere.

When you contact us, you won’t be talking to slick salespeople. We’ll tell you things as they are, not as we think you’d like to hear. 

For instance, we’d love to take every business as a client. But if we think local SEO isn’t for you (and it isn’t for everyone), we’d rather say no than have you spend a cent on a service you don’t need.

Many of our clients value our upfront communication style. Here’s what Philip K. Bonser of Goulburn Offroad Carts, a local distributor of off-road vehicles, says about us:

“In your industry, where many take your money and do very little for it, you are a breath of fresh air for small businesses like mine.”

Local SEO Services That Convert: Helping Businesses in Sydney Thrive

Conversion rate is one of the most important SEO metrics. An effective SEO campaign aims to improve this factor.

Conversion is a clearly defined action that website visitors take, like filling out forms, calling, making a purchase, and signing up for a newsletter.

A sleek and appealing web design may help with branding, but SEO isn’t a matter of aesthetics. 

You don’t use SEO to entertain site visitors. You use it to expand your reach and target potential customers in Sydney.

Our local SEO aims to engage searchers ready to take action, like those deep in the buying cycle. 

Revenue Over Rankings

Discussions about how SEO works and what SEO agencies can do are a total waste of time if you don’t get what your business needs: more sales.

Increased organic traffic, higher online authority, and more established brand awareness  we can help you reach these targets. 

But ultimately, we care about your bottom line. Instead of overwhelming you with showy metrics, we focus on getting high-quality, sales-generating leads.

Once, an eCommerce fashion retailer came to us for help. Its organic traffic began to drop off despite growth in other marketing areas. 

In less than nine months, the company claimed the #1 spot for a highly profitable keyword, generating an extra $800,000 in sales.

Be Where Your Customers Are Looking

Competent SEO specialists can focus your SEO campaign on targeting potential customers

Our SEO strategy targets people entering the market (searchers who could be interested in your product) and those advanced in the buying stage (searchers who are ready to buy).

We aim to put your website before potential customers whenever they search for a product or service you offer.

Tap Into the Local Search Mobile Phenomenon

Fun fact: There were more mobile phone subscriptions (8.58 billion in 2022) than people on the planet (7.95 billion global population in 2022).

In Australia alone, there may be 32.71 million active mobile phone users. This figure is equivalent to 124.3% of the country’s population.

No wonder global web traffic from mobile devices has skyrocketed in recent years. Studies also show that mobile visitors tend to revisit mobile-friendly sites.

Google has an algorithm that checks whether a page is mobile-friendly or not. Just because a webpage appears mobile-friendly on a mobile device doesn’t necessarily mean it meets Google’s mobile-friendly standards.

To capitalise on this mobile phenomenon, we ensure your website is friendly to mobile visitors and meets Google mobile usability standards.

Do You Want to Know What Our SEO Secret Is?

We’re maths-inclined business people. We’re neither SEO gurus nor wizards (nor do we want to be). So, if you expect us to drop some esoteric knowledge regarding how SEO and search engines work, you’ll only be disappointed.

The “secret” behind our agency’s success isn’t exactly a secret only the chosen few can discern. 

It is more of a return to a foundational business principle that most business owners today forget. The forgotten principle? Put the client first.

One of our most important rules is to think of the client’s POV (point of view) first and ours second. 

After carefully assessing your case, we can give solutions and recommendations and craft strategies that generate meaningful business outcomes.

What Exactly Is Search Engine Optimisation?

Simply put, SEO aims to rank your website higher organically (non-paid) in SERPs.

You can quiz our specialists about SEO terms, even technical-sounding ones, like header tags, canonical pages, 404s, and meta descriptions. And they’d likely get a perfect score.

But we don’t lure potential clients with trivial knowledge and tech speak. We want them to understand our process before they move forward with us. 

That said, what goes into an effective SEO campaign is a whole other story that only battle-tested SEO veterans can tell. 

Most amateur agencies focus on hacks and shortcuts and forget the timeless value of “keeping at it” for the long haul.

Unlike them, we don’t shy away from doing the hard work of research and experimentation. Our SEO strategies are always based on digital patterns, Google guidelines, and the best industry practices.

How Exactly Does SEO Work?  

SEO is at the mercy of ever-updating search systems and algorithms. It is a simple but often forgotten concept.

A gap needs to be filled between marketers and Google’s engineers. They seem to speak different languages.

One side is fluent in complex maths, while the other speaks plain English the everyday consumer language.

We aim to close this language gap. We can translate Google’s computational logic into actionable business strategies.

How Do You Optimise My Website for Local SEO?

Here’s how our local SEO process works: 

  • Our full-time researcher does double duty as he leads our team’s expedition into Google’s search system.

First, he excavates the top local SERPs to uncover a broad range of topics and their corresponding keyword sets. Afterwards, he narrows down his search to client-specific topics and keywords.

Then, he digs through each website to find patterns across content, topics, keywords, online authority, and other important digital terrains.

He does all these tasks (and repeats the entire process) to unveil Google’s current preferences, both broadly and within specific topics and keyword sets. 

  • Second, our researcher tracks internal campaign data and runs them against our predictive model. 

This dataset — honed over a decade of experience working for 1,800+ clients — acts like a digital Rosetta Stone, helping us decipher Google’s algorithmic shifts. 

  • Whenever a new pattern emerges, our team collaborates to develop a hypothesis and conduct experiments on our internal sites to isolate a significant algorithm update.

Through relentless testing and optimisation, we gain the necessary insights to drive tangible results for our clients.

This down-to-the-last-detail approach and the unparalleled results it generates make our clients confident in working with us.

Here’s Iris Lever’s appreciation for the way our SEO efforts added value to their company: 

“We have been working with the team at Digital Spotlight for over five years now. Their expertise, timeliness, and attention to detail have been instrumental to the success of our digital marketing. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with the Digital Spotlight team over the years and I would highly recommend their digital services.”

What Is Local SEO?

This SEO strategy amplifies your local search visibility. 

A well-made local SEO tactic can do wonders for your bottom line if you operate a brick-and-mortar shop or serve a particular geographic area.  

Say you search Google using keywords related to what you offer and add a location-based modifier to your query.

In that case, the search giant will show you a list of location-specific results, known as the local pack or Google map pack. This SERP feature usually displays the top three local search results above any ads.

As a business owner, you know what this feature means: whoever gets the coveted top three slots gets greater online visibility and, ultimately, more leads and sales.

 Local search results rankings depend primarily on these three factors: 

  • Relevance: How well your Google Business Profile matches a user’s query
  • Prominence: How popular your business is in the offline world
  • Distance: How far your location is from the location term used by the searcher

Did You Know That Over 90% of All Searches on the Internet Begin With Google?

Google remains the number one search engine worldwide, processing billions of searches daily. 

As of January 2024, the search platform has a global search engine market share of 91.47%. 

If you want to know where most potential customers are, they’re likely on Google.

Is Almost Everyone Using Local Search? Report Says Around 40% (Almost Half) of Searches on Google Feature Local Intent

A considerable volume of Google searches adds location-specific phrases in their queries (for example, “hair salons in Sydney”). How huge, you ask? Approximately 40% use local keywords. 

Despite the rise of eCommerce, more and more people now intend to buy from, eat at, or visit local establishments.

Local SEO Conversion Rates Are Ridiculous

Some suggest that local searches convert at 28%. In other words, more than one in four customers who use localised search intent could make a purchase.

General keywords generate a fair traffic volume, but the more general the keyword is, the lower the conversion rates to leads and sales. 

Searches That Include “Near Me” Have Exploded

“Near me” searches are crucial for businesses. People who use the phrase in their queries are likely potential customers

A 2021 report says that “near me” searches surged 900%, and local search traffic spiked 400% in preceding years. Here’s what these figures could mean for your local business:

Suppose a newlywed couple asks Google where to buy an induction cookware set near them. In that case, Google will show them kitchen supply stores based on location.

The couple likely searched “induction pots and pans near me” because they are eager to set up their modern kitchen. They’re ready to buy or very interested in buying. 

So, through the local pack, Google shows them the top nearby suggestions. 

Say you run a physical shop, but your business site doesn’t appear on Google’s top three local listings. You’re missing a significant market opportunity.

Whether you offer a superior product or service in your local area doesn’t carry much weight. Online consumers with high buying intent won’t see your shop first or, worse, know it even exists.

Your Competitors Don’t Understand the Power of Local SEO

Although local SEO can help scale your business in various ways, here are the crucial advantages:

  • Organic halo: When Google sees your brand as the ideal match to a local query, searchers also feel you’re the top brand.
  • Lock out your competition: Where’s the best place to hide a dead body? The page two of Google!

But seriously, if you rank high in organic search results, your target market won’t even know your nearby competitors exist.

  • Win today’s toughest niches: We only work with businesses we know we can help scale. We have real-world examples of how our local SEO campaigns are dominating the most challenging niches right now.

Local SEO Builds Businesses

Consider these facts highlighting local SEO’s importance for local businesses:

  • Google Ads only gets 30% of searchers. 70% skip the ads to browse an organic search result.
  • Around 40% of online searches use localised keywords. 76% of these searches indicate local buying intent.

These figures show that local searches represent a significant market local businesses should not neglect. 

What Are the Key Factors That Can Help With Local SEO?

Here are some of the crucial factors we optimise when doing local SEO:

  • NAP: This acronym stands for name, address, and phone number.
  • Google Business Profile (GBP): GBP is a free, Google-enabled business listing.
  • Citations and backlinks: These factors refer to mentions or links from other websites
  • On-page factors: These on-site elements, including HTML (hypertext markup language) tags and web content, should follow Google’s basic guidelines and match Google’s recommendations for improving local search rankings.

How Can Local SEO Improve Sales and Visibility?

Done right, local SEO can target particular regions and demographics. 

By ranking high in the SERP, you could reach potential customers when they’re ready to buy or book an appointment.

Unlike most agencies, we follow a multi-layered, methodical approach to getting qualified leads (which helps boost revenue).

This logical and systematic style is why we consistently beat the competition. In fact, we rake in over 200M in tracked yearly revenue in SEO alone. 

Local SEO vs. Normal SEO – What’s the Difference?

Local SEO is a type of SEO strategy. SEO seeks to improve these organic ranking factors:

  • Content quality and relevance
  • Backlink quantity and quality
  • On-page or technical SEO

Local SEO optimises these additional factors:

  • NAP (your business’ name, address, and phone number)
  • Local citations and backlinks
  • Google Business Profile listing 

Our Local SEO Sydney Strategy

Legitimate local SEO experts use time-tested, data-informed, research-based techniques to optimise campaigns and generate long-term results.

Our strategy doesn’t only place your local enterprise in the purview of your target market. We also aim to establish your brand as an authority in the local scene.

Keyword Research

Generally, we focus on location-based targeting before general targeting. This priority doesn’t mean we won’t optimise your site for general keywords. 

As marketing pros who take pride in our mathematical prowess, we’re thorough and systematic in our keyword research and overall local SEO approach. 

We follow an evidence-based process. We also have proprietary tools and analysis built on 15 years of solid research that continue to help local and global businesses build brand awareness. 

Don’t think we do? Here’s another example to back up our claim:

Through our technical audits and comprehensive solutions, we increased Communicate Speech Pathology’s organic traffic by a staggering 13,300% and leads by 66%.

Our client, Communicate Speech Pathology, is Sydney’s largest home- and school-based therapy sessions provider.

Competitor Analysis

We perform this procedure depending on your needs. 

We’ll identify which keywords your competitors currently rank better. Our technical specialists will target keywords related to your products or services and align them with the data you’ll give us via the client questionnaire.

We know exactly why the competition is currently at the peak of the Google SERP, and we’ll help you take their place and stay there.

The strategy we implement isn’t just for winning a one-time SEO race. We aim for long-term returns to help build your business the most fruitful way possible.

Local Link or Backlink Building

Link building
is crucial to a winning SEO strategy. Our link-building strategy focuses on links that improve your online profile. 

A backlink is also called “inbound link” and “incoming link”. It acts as a digital bridge between two or more websites.

Think of these inbound links as votes of confidence from one website to another. The more backlinks your site receives from authoritative websites, the greater its online authority. 

Localised link building slightly differs from traditional link building for other sites. Here, your business physical address is relevant.

So, our local SEO focuses on targeting your particular region. We create localised, rank-ready content to drive local links and use localised anchor text to generate the ideal outcomes, like higher domain ratings.

Our Content Strategy: Quality SEO Content Creation

Google envisions a world where information is “universally accessible and useful”. The tech giant strives towards this goal by constantly fine-tuning its search

Google also trains search quality raters to check whether your web content has a strong E-A-T (expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness).

If your content consistently answers search queries, the search giant will see you as an authority in your niche. In short, Google only values content that it thinks adds value to its users.

What happens when Google recognises your brand as an authority? It displays you at the peak of its first page.

More searchers will think you are the number one brand. More websites, including high-authority ones, will link to your pages, boosting your overall domain rating.

Our technical specialists, content developers, and strategists work closely to create original, high-quality, and algorithm-informed articles.

We use an advanced tool that analyses your keywords and the competitor’s content to help us craft rank-ready articles for you.

Title Tag Optimisation

The title tag is one of the most important on-page SEO factors. That’s why keywords should be added to the title tag.

Our optimisation technique only applies the best industry practices, such as using relevant keywords, finding the optimal title tag length, and eliminating uninformative title tags.

On-Site Audit and Optimisation

On-page factors include images and HTML tags, like meta, title, and header.

Poor on-site features prevent Google from crawling your website and ranking its usefulness and relevance.

Our full-scale on-page SEO health scans every aspect of your website to diagnose the problem accurately. We use the data from this technical audit to recommend and implement sound fixes.

Internal Linking

Internal links direct online visitors from one page of your website to a target page within the same

Organising internal links within your website helps users find particular topics and access your most relevant pages efficiently.

We ensure all your pages have a link from another page on your site to ensure Google crawls, indexes, and ranks your website.

Location-Specific Page Creation

SEO specialists
(with the help of developers) design location-specific pages to rank in local organic searches

Like in standard SEO-ready pages, the content on localised pages must be informative and targeted to your potential customers (local searchers).

Here are ways we craft localised landing pages:

  • Optimise H1, H2, and H3 headings for location- and service-specific keywords.
  • Write rank-ready, keyword-optimised body text
  • Fix internal links

Mobile-Friendly Websites

Mobile-friendliness is a
Google search ranking factor. 

Mobile device optimisation is a part of our comprehensive SEO packages. We use specialised tools, like Core Web Vitals and PageSpeed Insights, to ensure your website meets Google’s mobile usability and ranking requirements.

Core Web Vitals refers to metrics measuring user experience, particularly loading performance, interactivity, and the page’s visual stability.

Page Speed Optimisation

Site speed (how quickly visitors notice and access your web content) affects your search engine ranking. 

While site speed is a ranking factor, it impacts your page’s relevance less than other factors, like a heading tag, link anchor text, title tag, and body text.

We measure your page’s speed using Google’s PageSpeed Insights (PSI) tool. PSI scores range from 0 to 100. Our optimisation process helps your website to get a page score of 90 and above.

Reporting and Tracking: How We Manage Client Expectations

We value
integrity. We collect data from our optimisation campaigns to gauge the effectiveness of our SEO efforts. 

Our SEO team tracks the test results nonstop and sends reports to you during your first year with us.

We also send clients a monthly account summary report. These briefs give them essential information to set expectations and help them understand our progress on their local SEO campaign.

Once we’ve finished the report, we’ll send it to you through your preferred channel. 

We can talk with you via Zoom meetings and phone calls if you need updates or have questions.

Sustainable Local SEO Solutions for Businesses in Sydney

Many agencies use yesterday’s solutions to solve today’s problems. 

But by the time they’re ready to implement their strategies, Google’s algorithm has already marched on into the next phase. 

Our specialists monitor Google’s movements to stay in sync with its updates. The insights they gather from their in-depth research enable us to craft local SEO campaigns that could generate sustainable results for your Sydney-based enterprise.

About Digital Spotlight Marketing’s Local SEO Specialists in Sydney

Many marketers claim to be specialists — some even profess to be “gurus”. They’re usually quick to boast about a few certifications they have (some of which are from pretty obscure organisations). 

These self-professed SEO ninjas may repeat the same old worn-out stories about their two or three SEO wins from 5 or 10 years ago. 

Our Sydney– and Newcastle-based multi-awarded agency has launched thousands of successful SEO campaigns. We have a long list of winning case studies, including those from recent SEO works we’ve done.

All these achievements cement our status as an industry leader. Still, we don’t dwell on past accomplishments. 

After launching a campaign, we continue to test and research, always looking for ways to pin down Google’s elusive algorithm updates effectively. 

We evolve our data models and statistical analysis based on these hard-won discoveries. 

A certain kind of obsession with research, numbers, and digital patterns undergirds our being local SEO specialists.

Why We Are a Top SEO Provider in Sydney

 Our agency has won multiple awards and recognitions, including:

  • 3x BRW (Business Review Weekly) Fast Starter: BRW’s Fast Starters list recognises Australia’s fastest-growing, young companies.
  • 2x BRW Fast 100: This list features Australia’s fastest-growing, established companies.
  • 2x Deloitte Technology 500 company: This award recognises the world’s fastest-growing technology companies.

Ash, our chief executive officer, explains how we became a top agency not only in Sydney but also worldwide:

“[W]e’ve worked with hundreds of clients in over 7 countries… Based on our testing, experience and access, we’ve gained some insights that have helped our clients beat their competitors and dominate their niche. As a result of what we’ve been able to do for clients, we’ve won multiple awards, including Deloitte’s top 500 fastest tech companies two years in a row.”

We Walk the Talk

We all know people who talk a big game but don’t follow through. 

While their love for hyperbole can sometimes be amusing, we don’t entrust these individuals with tasks dear to our hearts, especially those that involve money.

Instead of relying on people who run their mouth, we get people who can get things done. 

Our agency doesn’t guarantee anything. We only focus on generating realistic but profound results. 

If we say we’ll deliver “X” results within the timeframe “Y”, you best believe we’d dot every “i” and cross every “t” to keep our word.

Rank in Google Page One

Here’s some free advice: avoid agencies that promise first-page rankings the first time you meet them.

The race to page one of Google isn’t easy. The track isn’t a straight path with no hurdles. 

In reality, the game’s rules (search algorithms) change almost every day, and many businesses run hard for the same prize.

You’ll likely find yourself competing against long-time SEO runners who are determined not to let anyone, especially upstarts, outpace them to the finish line.

Can you still sprint past the competition and claim victory despite this scenario? The short answer is “Yes”. But you don’t need to beat the game outright. 

You only need to work with people who track and test like madmen, dead set on outwitting Google’s numbers-based playbook.  

Our SEO specialists devote ample time digging into Google, deciphering every algorithm tweak to determine its significance. 

Their extensive research and hard-earned learnings give our client’s websites the leg muscles to win the SEO race.

Unlock Your Website’s Full Potential

Think of your website as your business’ virtual home. 

Like a physical house, it is a place where visitors can swing by (traffic), engage with the host (you, the business owner), and walk around (browse) for interesting things and experiences (your products and services).

Now, Google is like an ever-evolving local guide or a map service that ranks virtual spaces based on their usefulness to visitors. 

The ranking system helps people explore the web and find the most helpful and relevant content.

What happens if you have a difficult-to-locate, run-down digital house? The answer: Google won’t recognise and display you as a must-visit site.

The platform might recommend your next-door neighbour (a local business rival) but not you. Google might demote or even remove you from its index.

Our technical SEO team makes your website friendly and helpful to Google and its users. With our maths- and research-heavy approach, your website can fully realise its potential.

Understanding Your Customers’ Search Behaviour

Tracking online consumers’ possible routes before purchasing is crucial to local SEO.

Our in-house tools and freemium services like Google Analytics give us insights into customer preferences and projections on future search behaviours. 

The data gathered from this analysis help us find areas that require adjustment or develop targeted campaigns for potential customers.   

Unbeatable Pricing

We don’t offer the cheapest or the most expensive services. But our SEO packages are designed to give you the best value for money.

We have more resources and experience to offer than a random SEO freelancer. We are also more agile than an amateur agency.

Our monthly fee is also flat. As you rank higher in Google SERP, the lead acquisition cost decreases. 

No Long-Term Contracts

We don’t make long-term contracts because we are confident in our approach and process. You can walk out on us – no hard feelings – if you don’t think you’re getting the desired results.

Google My Business (Now Google Business Profile) Management Experts

Our technical experts can set up your Google Business Profile (GBP) if you don’t have one. They will ensure your GBP contains essential info, including business hours, payment methods, an address, and company pictures. 

A Google Business Profile is a free local listing displaying basic business information. 

It displays your local business in the map pack (if you’re a top match) with a Google Maps-powered guide to your physical address. 

Quality Plus Values

One of our agency’s core values is “value-focused”, defined as “constantly increasing both perceived and real value to clients and our community”.

We take this principle to heart. That’s why we focus on delivering high-quality results that could add value to clients’ businesses.

Quick Turnaround

We don’t want to overpromise and then underdeliver. So, we always try to find the ideal blend of efficiency and effectiveness.

But we’ll focus on the latter if we must pick between these values. We’d rather take the time to do things right than do them quickly but poorly.

So, if by “quick turnaround” you mean “right on time” and “just exactly what I need right now”, we’re the real deal. We’ll get you the results that suit your current needs. 

Communication and Complete Transparency

In our agency, honesty isn’t just an internal policy. It bleeds into our interaction with clients. We strive to always be clear and transparent with them about what we can (or can’t) do

We also don’t impose hidden fees. The price we agreed on for the service you chose when you signed up with us stays the same, even when we’ve ranked you for profitable keywords.

More importantly, we record the steps we’ve taken to boost your SEO efforts. We’ll send progress reports to you monthly so you’re in the loop at every campaign stage.

Results-Driven Attitude

We don’t just want people to notice your business. We want you to get business-impacting results. We’ll help you turn Google into a rock-solid source of steady revenue and leads.

Win-Win SEO

Your win is also our win. Say you:

1. Get optimal outcomes with efficient spending
2. See more and more value in our services
3. Find more time to focus on your business because we’re doing our job properly

In that case, we consider our work with you a great success. 

Discover Your Business Objectives

“We treat your business like our own”. You’ve likely heard this pitch countless times. 

For us, it isn’t just a tagline to use in a sales presentation. We want an in-depth understanding of where you’re coming from and where you plan to go. 

What’s your current problem with your SEO? What are your primary and secondary business objectives? We ask many questions like these before we take you on as a client and during your stay with us.

Set Honest, Realistic Targets and Goals

We like a challenge as much as the next agency does. And we’ve got multiple examples of near-impossible feats under our belt. 

But we didn’t get to where we are now because we were a reckless, wide-eyed group of people who risked hard-earned dollars on moonshot projects.

We thrived (and continue to do so) because our SEO approach is logical, systematic, and grounded in data and numbers.

We won’t hype you with unrealistic goals to get you on board. We’ll only aim at targets we can achieve with the time, money, and status you currently have.

Meet Our Founders

Ash, our CEO (chief executive officer), and Anish, our CIO (chief innovation officer), are the co-founders of Digital Spotlight and Quantumlinx.

They’ve been in the digital marketing industry long before it became mainstream. 

They co-founded QuantumLinx in 2008 with $1,000 seed capital, three computers, and a garage phone line. The company grew into a multi-million dollar, multi-awarded organisation with clients across five countries worldwide in just over four years.

Over time, Ash and Anish determined that what they really love is to help businesses shine in an increasingly cluttered digital world. 

So, in 2018, they registered Digital Spotlight as a business. 

Since its founding, the agency has helped ramp up client revenue by over $100 million (the figure far exceeds $100M, but they just stopped tracking) through SEO, Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Facebook Ads.

Aside from helping local businesses thrive, Ash, Anish, and the entire Digital Spotlight team also support and occasionally help raise funds for OzHarvest, Australia’s leading food rescue organisation that feeds millions of people annually.

Ready to Move the Needle?

Are you ready to be a household name in your local area? Email us today at [email protected] or call us at 1300 891 181 for a no-obligation consultation. We won’t pitch. We’ll listen and, where appropriate, give you free, actionable insights to help you understand your local SEO needs. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will local SEO cost businesses in Sydney?

The cost depends on your Sydney-based business’ SEO needs. Our SEO packages have different but fixed monthly rates. We’ll help you decide on the ideal SEO service for your business.

We don’t tie you with locked-in contracts, so you have 100% control over your budget.

We also don’t impose a performance bonus fee. Your lead acquisition costs drop as you climb the rankings.

Is finding a local SEO agency in Sydney important?

Our headquarters are in Sydney and Newcastle. You might prefer working with us for geographical ease if you run a Sydney-based business.

We’ve helped boost the SEO efforts of many Sydney-based businesses from diverse industries, including:

  • PropertyMe (finance)
  • JMC Academy (education)
  • Prime Steel Frames and Trusses (home improvement)
  • Avlaw (consulting)

But we’ve also crafted and managed SEO campaigns for companies in Newcastle, Brisbane, Perth, and Melbourne. 

Our work even extends to global organisations. For instance, CST Tax, an international tax and accounting firm, came to us for help, wanting a global, lead-generating strategy as they scale. 

We increased the firm’s organic traffic by 159% and organic leads by 388% within seven months of working with the client.

Whether we’re based in Sydney or elsewhere in the world, you’d want to team up with us for the results we can get you.

Will local SEO work for your business in Sydney? How do you know if you need local SEO?

Whether you run an eCommerce business or a brick-and-mortar shop in Sydney, local SEO can significantly improve your reach in your local area

But local SEO isn’t for everyone. Your industry, situation, and goals are some of the factors that determine whether you can get value from it.

As a business owner, you must learn to select a reliable local marketing agency and recognise the full potential of what local SEO could do or mean for your enterprise. 

Talk to us for an honest and expert evaluation of your SEO needs. If we think SEO suits your case, we’ll tell you what it takes to win your niche.

What are the benefits of local SEO in Sydney?

A well-executed local SEO campaign is an excellent medium- to long-term investment. 

If you work with specialists who can play your cards well, you will likely get compounded returns with incrementally lower marketing costs. 

For instance, our comprehensive SEO approach helped Montara Wealth, a financial planning company in Sydney, improve its domain rating by 400% and leads by 433%.

How do I get started with local SEO in Sydney?

Determine first if you need local SEO for your business in Sydney before signing up with an SEO company. Many agencies will sell off-the-shelf solutions that don’t match your business goals and model.

Unlike them, we listen first. In fact, we offer a free, no-strings-attached technical audit to help you decide whether local SEO will add value to your current strategy.

Is local SEO still worth it?

Whether savants or newcomers, people in the technology and marketing industry often have something to say regarding the relevance of local SEO.

But here’s what we know from experience: despite what doomsayers say, local SEO is here to stay.

Each business might need different SEO strategies depending on its overall objectives. So, don’t just pay the first Sydney SEO agency you contact to manage your campaigns.

Work with a reputable marketing agency like ours. We have a full-scale understanding of the best SEO practices.

What is SEO consulting?

Search engines today are much more discreet regarding their operational procedures than in the early days of the internet.

Top SEO consultancies have the tools, resources, and experience to generate profitable, client-customised solutions and offer clarity.

Laser-sharp analysis, a goldmine of exclusive resources, a wealth of experience, and a stack of real-world wins — you’ll get all these upsides when you partner with a maths-based and results-oriented industry leader like us.

How long has local SEO been around?

Local SEO has been around for over two decades. It surged around 2004 as Google refined location-based results.

By 2006, Google released Plus Box, which lets you see maps for local businesses within SERPs.

In 2015, Google introduced Local Pack, a SERP feature spotlighting top local business listings with Google Maps display.

We’ve been in the SEO business for years before these developments and have kept pace with every Google update.

How long does local SEO require to take effect?

We aim to get on page one of Google for a client’s keyword within four months.

But we can give you a more accurate timeline of our SEO process and results once we have a fairly in-depth understanding of your case.

The bottom line is that the timeframe depends on your goals, situation, and expectations. 

Anyone guaranteeing a first-page ranking in no time is either dishonest or clueless about how SEO works

SEO usually takes time, even when you partner with a reputable industry leader like us. 

Building and optimising a website requires ongoing work. It’s a medium- to long-term task that demands detailed monitoring and multiple technical adjustments.

Can I just do my own SEO?

Sure, you can manage your SEO campaign. But the chances of you taking the prime spots on organic search results will be slim. 

Today’s digital market isn’t a place for rolling dice and crossing fingers, hoping your hit-or-miss strategy will land you the SEO jackpot. 

Working with legitimate SEO specialists can improve your odds of winning the SEO game.

Say you want to get to page one of Google. Your business needs SEO experts with highly specialised skills, advanced statistical analysis, and hands-on experience. 

Our agency, Digital Spotlight, is a one-stop shop for all your digital marketing needs. 

We have assembled a band of top talents — veteran and accomplished players in the marketing scene. We’ve got everything a successful SEO agency needs, from creative content specialists to technical specialists to marketing masterminds.

What other digital marketing services does Digital Spotlight offer?

Aside from SEO, we offer our clients the following digital marketing services:

  • Google Ads management
  • Facebook and Instagram Ads management
  • Bing Management


How will I know if the SEO strategy used is working?

The answer to this question depends on what metric you want to improve, such as conversions, organic traffic, and keyword ranking. 

You can’t slap a one-size-fits-all label on SEO success because SEO isn’t just about numbers. 

For example, increased brand awareness, a qualitative factor, also shows the ongoing value of SEO.

Aside from using our proprietary tools, we use Google Analytics, Semrush, and Ahrefs to monitor the progress of your local SEO campaign.  

Why is local SEO so important for small businesses?

Did you know? Small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) comprise over 95% of all Sydney’s businesses and contribute around half of the city’s annual output.

If you run a small business, more power to you. You’re the backbone of Sydney’s economy.

But to expand your reach and customer base, you must take your marketing strategy to the next level.  

You can boost your online search visibility and generate non-paid qualified leads by leveraging local SEO, a cost-effective, non-PPC (pay-per-click) marketing option.

Over time, you attract and retain more local customers for less and less marketing costs.

What is local search in digital marketing?

A local search is when searchers use an online search engine to locate businesses or establishments around their area using geo-specific (for example, city- and suburb-specific) search terms or keywords.   

What type of companies do you work with?

We’ve helped scale thousands of businesses, including local and global brands, in various cities worldwide across 355 niches.

For example, we’ve done SEO for medical, home improvement, financial, and education businesses.

Whatever niche you’re in or the service type you offer, we’ve likely worked with similar clients.

How do I get my monthly results?

We can give you a comprehensive monthly report regarding the SEO results we’re getting via email, Zoom conferences, and phone.

We use Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio), a digital data visualisation tool, when summarising our monthly reports.

What can I expect with my SEO audit?

We perform periodic technical audits on your website with feedback from Google and our proprietary dataset.

Our SEO audits dive deep into your site to examine the following:

  • Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business): How is your Google Business Profile displayed in SERPs? Is the information on your profile accurate and uniform?
  • Google Search Console: Are any HTML issues, like nondescriptive title tags and duplicate meta descriptions, impeding your site’s crawlability and indexability?
  • Competition report: How does your website stack up against your competitors? 
  • Client ranking status: How are the core keywords ranking?
  • Algorithmic penalties: Does your website follow Google’s Webmaster guidelines? Have you incurred any penalty from Google?
  • Other on-page elements: Does your site possess all the necessary technical on-site SEO elements to rank effectively?


Does SEO change over time?

Yes, and in SEO, things change regularly, if not all the time. That’s why SEO strategies that worked yesterday won’t likely work today.

Before, search engines used clear-cut formulas to determine website rankings. 

Back then, marketers could churn out mediocre content jampacked with keywords, roll them out online, and wait for the traffic to flow in.

Today, Google makes thousands of system changes annually (nearly 5,000 in 2022), rendering the type-until-your-fingers-ache strategy useless. 

The subtle and sudden algorithm changes determine whether your site matches search terms and where your page should rank for each query.

Some algorithm updates were so intense that they crushed once-dominant websites to oblivion.

That’s why our SEO tacticians study data, statistics, and search algorithms nonstop.

We ensure we have sufficient expertise to hunt down the tiniest system updates that signal a fundamental change in Google’s algorithm

My Google rankings are fluctuating every day. Is this normal?

Yes. Google makes frequent updates to its algorithms. There may be minor tweaks. Still, many others are considered core updates. 

If your rankings fluctuate daily, you can ask our technical team to guide you through our monitoring process. 

We’re more than willing to explain what we’re doing with your current SEO campaign and the status of your website. 

What does NAP stand for?

NAP means name, address, and phone number

NAP citations help users find your business online. They’re usually seen in directories, review sites, and social media profiles. 

Local SEO done rightly is an excellent marketing investment if you work with an agency that cares for your bottom line. 

Over time, you’ll get more leads and sales while investing less money.

Want to know whether you need local SEO services? Interested in learning ways to get ahead of your competition in your area? 

Book a pitch-free consultation with one of our experts. You can email us at [email protected] or call us at 1300 891 181.

You can also visit us at 24 Alma Road, New Lambton, New South Wales (NSW) 2305, Australia, to discuss your campaign.

  • We have been working with the team at Digital Spotlight for over five years now. Their expertise, timeliness, and attention to detail have been instrumental to the success of our digital marketing. Most recently they worked closely with us on a complete website relaunch. With a project like this you would generally expect to see a short-term drop in SEO due to the sheer number of changes, however not only did we not see a drop in our rankings, but they actually increased substantially! We cannot thank Digital Spotlight enough for their support and the care they took to ensure this project was a resounding success.
    It has been an absolute pleasure to work with the Digital Spotlight team over the years and I would highly recommend their digital services.

    Iris Lever , CMO at PropertyMe
  • I can’t believe how well PPC works. We can’t keep up. Many thanks for everything You & your team are doing

    Joseph Khoury , Tree and Garden Solutions
  • We have too much work booked and are at full capacity. We are adding staff and resources … Thanks again and I would highly recommend you guys ,you have been brilliant

    Daren , Zeroharm l Fire Protection l Electrical Test and Tag I Pest Management
  • You and your team were able to get us leads for almost half the price we were getting before, and the quality of leads were more than 50% better… in only 4 weeks…

    Yuri Marshall , Visaone
  • I’ve been with Digital Spotlight 6 months, and the results have been terrific… many search terms related to my business, and my rankings have steadily grown each month…

    Director , Eastside Speech Solutions
  • In your industry where many take your money and do very little for it you are a breath of fresh air for small businesses like mine…

    Philip K. Bonser , Goulburn Offroad Carts
  • The outcome was beyond my expectation; we are very pleased with the results and their excellent customer service….I would highly recommend Digital Spotlight’s services for your business!…

    Sophie Sutjiadi , Grace Hotel
  • The first serious website lead we had translated into a 200,000.00 fitout… Digital Spotlight have paid for themselves many times over and I would highly recommend their commitment and service

    Tim Lassig , Director Hospitality Fitout Specialists
  • I now think of how much money I wasted before I contacted your company… and without reservation recommend [Digital Spotlight] to any Organisation or Individual

    Martin Roschach , Director Reach for Life Health
  • Working with Blake and Digital Spotlight has been great, we took the time to figure out a realistic strategy which has helped our organic rankings immensely! We are now on the front page for so many head terms that were previously out of reach!

    Sean Hearsee , Managing Director Sage Painting
  • Blake and his team are brilliant to work with! Great communication and extremely skilled to deliver awesome results. Thank you!

    Jordi Twomey , Twomey Dispute Lawyers
  • We have been very pleased with our decision to engage Digital Spotlight to manage and and improve our SEO. Blake, John and the rest of their team are very responsive and know their stuff. After some bad experiences with other providers in this space, we're not going anywhere.

    Managing Director , Avlaw Aviation Consulting