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Business Owners Trust Us to Deliver Results.

Over the years, Google has always maintained the highest market share among search engine platforms in Australia. In January 2024, Google’s share reached 94.41%, surpassing other platforms like Bing, Yahoo!, and DuckDuckGo by a large margin.

Given this figure, it’s unsurprising that many business owners turn to Google to get their businesses in the search results, hoping to land on the highly-coveted first page to attract valuable leads and drive traffic to their websites

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is one way to help you achieve these results.

Other digital marketing companies may have promised you leads and sales with their SEO services but failed to deliver on any of those promises despite the amount of money you’ve invested. 

Some may have even tried selling you SEO services you don’t need, negatively impacting your business’ revenue and growth. 

After all the empty promises you’ve been given, you might wonder if Digital Spotlight is the real deal. 

What makes us different? We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to SEO. Different businesses face unique challenges and have different goals, so we offer customisable SEO packages that fit your needs.

Before we take any client on, we do an overall competition and technical analysis, investing thousands of dollars in analysing and auditing their website. We can do this for you, too, free of charge and with no strings attached.

Using the results of our analyses and audits, we give you a clear picture of your situation and what you really need. We provide you with the facts so you can decide how you want us to manage your SEO campaign.

“What Is an SEO Agency and Why Do I Need One?”

We understand if you want to do SEO by yourself, especially when you want to keep costs down. But if you don’t have the time and expertise to do it alone, consider working with us at Digital Spotlight. 

We’re an Australia-based, award-winning SEO agency with 15+ years of experience in the industry. By partnering with a digital marketing agency like ours, you can focus on running your business while we do the SEO heavy lifting. 

Keep reading to know how we can make SEO work for you to help your business grow.

What Does an SEO Company Do?

Other SEO companies will tell you they’ll deliver the leads and sales you want while lowering your acquisition cost. But you already know that. Still, many SEO digital companies fail at those points.

What makes us different is that we deliver results. Our maths-savvy experts eat numbers for breakfast and focus on data and results to help you achieve your business goals.

Why Is SEO So Important?

You may sell in-demand products on your online store, have fantastic customer support, or have a user-friendly web design. But without SEO, your customers might not hear about or notice you, no matter how great your offers are.

Overall, SEO can help your website become more visible to your target customers and turn your brand into an authoritative source.

If you want an online marketing campaign that provides significant medium- to long-term returns on your investment, SEO is one of your best options.

No Extra Investment

We’ll perform a free technical audit that might cost you thousands of dollars with other agencies. While this may seem like we’re giving away valuable information, we believe it’s fair to quote you only after knowing your issues and needs.

Plus, we don’t charge extra when your website performs well. We’re simply doing our job. In other words, your website gets cheaper to run as its value increases.

Save Your Time and Energy

For some business owners, the time spent not managing the business is the time they’re not earning.

If you’re one of these owners, spending time and energy learning and doing SEO may be challenging since you also have a business to run.

Fortunately, we have the SEO expertise with over a decade’s experience to deliver an amazing and ongoing return on investment (ROI). This allows us to take ownership of our role as SEO specialists so you can focus more on your work.

What Types of SEO Services Do You Provide?

Are you targeting clients within your city or region? Do you cater to customers in various places across Australia? Do you run an online store? The following SEO services we provide can be tailored to fit these unique business needs:

Local SEO

We provide local SEO services to help your local business rank high in Google’s local search results. When doing local SEO, we look at customer reviews, local citations, your Google Business Profile (GBP) information, and other essential elements affecting your local business ranking.

Enterprise SEO

Our SEO Enterprise service is a large-scale, strategic approach that uses core SEO fundamentals with advanced tactics to help boost the number of conversions on your business website.

Many corporations running large websites prefer the enterprise package because it allows them to create high-level strategies that connect SEO with content marketing, P.R.s, and other social elements.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is one way to educate your target audience about your business. High-quality content that leverages SEO allows you to maximise your search engine visibility.

National SEO

National SEO targets customers across the country. This strategy can work best for businesses where location is irrelevant.

A national SEO strategy also requires more general keywords to reach a wider audience. This strategy can be challenging, primarily when many similar businesses already target those keywords.

eCommerce SEO

Are you running an online store and want to improve your visibility and organic ranking in search engine results? If so, eCommerce SEO is an excellent solution for you.

eCommerce sites can benefit from SEO because it can help drive up website traffic, boosting sales. And when your online store shows up high in search results, more potential customers will likely see your products, leading to higher sales.

Other Services

SEO isn’t just the only digital marketing service we’re good at. We also offer the following services to give you more options to benefit your business:

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing (SEM) is about leveraging search engines, such as Google, to help enhance your brand’s online visibility by combining SEO techniques and paid search ads.

Instead of choosing whether to use SEO or Google Ads, SEM allows you to use both solutions simultaneously.

Social Media Marketing

As the term suggests, social media marketing (SMM) is about utilising social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to engage your target audience. SMM can also use organic posts and paid ads to help establish brand awareness and boost traffic to your website.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

We optimise conversion by determining how your site’s conversion rate and average cost per click (CPC) can significantly affect your cost per conversion.

For example, when your average CPC increases, and the conversion rate decreases, your cost per conversion goes up.

Conversion happens when users click or view your ads or free product listings and take actions valuable to your business, such as buying your product online or calling your business from their mobile phones.

Online Advertising

When you want to market your products online, our online advertising services, such as those on the Google Ads platform, let you bid to display product listings, ads, videos, or service offers to your target market.

One of the best things about advertising through Google is that we can place your ads on search engine results, non-search websites, videos, and mobile apps, giving you multiple avenues to reach your potential customers.

Digital Analytics

Performing digital analytics on your website, such as through Google Analytics, lets us monitor and understand your site’s traffic and user engagement on your apps and website.

For instance, analytics lets us know how many users visit your site and what they do there. The information we get allows us to measure your online performance and determine how effective your digital marketing campaign is.

Our Approach to SEO in Australia

As advanced maths experts, we’ve invested millions of dollars for clients in some of the most challenging niches, including many businesses in Australia. 

Our SEO approach, which typically involves statistics, data segmentation, and modelling, contributes to our success. 

Discovery and Audit

Before doing any actual work on your website, we thoroughly assess your pages, including their content and links. Some of the items we audit are as follows:

  • Client ranking
  • Page speed test
  • Google algorithmic penalty
  • Security issues
  • On-page elements (e.g. title tag, header tags, meta description, body text, and thin content)
  • Internal linking structure

Competitor Analysis

When you see your competitors ranking in the search results, you can assume they’re using SEO, too. The question is, whose SEO strategy is more effective?

By analysing your competition, we evaluate other industry players to determine what makes their sites rank higher or lower than yours. 

Ultimately, the most effective SEO strategy results in achieving your business goals.

Market Research

We do market research to analyse your target market and learn your potential customers’ needs, preferences, and behaviours when they use search engines. These elements are essential when we do keyword analysis or create content briefs.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is all about targeting keywords that attract relevant website traffic.

Keyword research helps us determine how many users are searching for your product or service, whether your target market is likely to purchase, and how fast your page ranks in the search results.

On-Site Optimisation

On-page or on-site SEO optimises your pages to increase organic traffic and improve search engine rankings.

We don’t only publish relevant, high-quality content. We also optimise various page elements, such as headlines, images, title tags, header tags, and meta tags.

By optimising your pages, we can ensure your website has authority, trust, and a high level of expertise.

Technical SEO

Does your website have high-quality content and authoritative links but cannot rank high? Your site may have technical issues you aren’t aware of.

A technical SEO audit can help uncover penalties and other technical elements that may keep your site from ranking better.

On-Page Content

Your page content fills up your website, much like how you fill up your room with furniture to provide function and character.

Similarly, content can appear as text, videos, images, or interactive elements that give your page purpose. Content also determines the user’s experience, like how a visitor feels when visiting your home.

Keyword Usage

When targeting keywords to use in your website, we usually focus on those with the following qualities:

  • Entering the market (ETM): Searchers under this category are interested in your products but are still looking for alternatives or unsure whether to buy. Examples of ETM keywords are “Sydney restaurants” and “wedding planning Melbourne”.
  • In the market (ITM): Potential customers under this category are ready to buy from you or a competitor. Examples of ITM keywords include “contact plumbers Adelaide” or “buy house in Brisbane”.

By focusing on keywords with ETM and ITM qualities, we can target customers intending to buy or are already deep in the buying process.

Meta Data

Meta tags contain information about your page’s content. The description you see under a web page’s title on the search results page comes from the meta description.

Meta tags are part of the optimisation factors we use to perform on-page SEO. We do this to help ensure your page is authoritative and trustworthy.

U.X. Factors

We look into the following essential factors to improve your site’s user experience:

  • Content relevance and quality
  • Speed and performance
  • Navigation and accessibility
  • Website security, including addressing Google penalties, security issues, and server errors affecting user trust and safety
  • Mobile optimisation, especially for users using mobile devices to access the internet
  • Content presentation and structure
  • Sitemaps and robots.txt files to facilitate smooth navigation for search engines and users
  • Image and video optimisation
  • International and multilingual aspects
  • SEO and technical health, including avoiding duplicate content
  • Mobile usability or core web vitals to help improve mobile user experience

Internal Link Strategy

Through internal linking, we connect one page to another within your website’s domain and ensure to pass link equity effectively and efficiently.

We update links pointing to non-indexable pages, optimise anchor text, and enhance crawl depth for your most essential pages.

URL Structure

The uniform resource locator (URL) is your website’s address. Depending on its structure, your URL affects user experience.

For example, excessive dashes and unrendered emojis can make your URL look unnatural, adversely affecting users’ perception. To fix this, we redirect your pages to simple, easy-to-understand URLs to help build your customers’ trust.

Information Architecture (I.A.)

Information architecture is how we structure and organise your website’s content. Through I.A., we create a logical flow in your site to help search engines and users find what they want.

I.A. can also help improve the following website features:

  • User experience
  • Search engine crawling or indexing
  • Content discoverability or organisation
  • Link equity distribution
  • Scalability

Information architecture is vital for creating a user-friendly, searchable, and scalable website, directly impacting its success in search engine rankings and user engagement.

Off-Site SEO Approach Explained

Aside from analysing and making changes to your on-site elements, we also look into off-site factors to help improve your site’s SEO. These factors are discussed below.


One way to get referral traffic to your page and improve SEO performance is to have backlinks or links that one website gets from another. 

We can determine your site’s authority by measuring your backlink profile’s strength and comparing that strength to others on our database.

Local Citations

Potential local customers searching for your store in Australia will likely want to know your business name, address, and phone number (NAP). 

In local SEO, citations are mentions of essential business information, such as the following, to help your target market find your business fast:

  • Website URL
  • Email address
  • Office hours
  • Service descriptions

Citations use these pieces of information to help boost your online visibility and traffic and achieve your local search ranking goals.

Google My Business (GMB)

Optimising your Google Business Profile (GBP), formerly Google My Business, helps users find your business easily when they perform local searches.

We optimise your GBP listing by ensuring it has complete and accurate business information, consistent NAP details, relevant photos and videos, and accurate operating hours.

Social Media and SEO

Aside from doing SEO, we also engage in social media marketing (SMM), which uses popular platforms like Facebook and Instagram to help build brand awareness.

Contact us if you want to improve your organic ranking through SEO and engage your target market through paid social media ads.

Brand Mentions

We perform brand mentions in SEO by strategically placing references to your brand throughout the internet. 

Since brand mentions are related to outreach or link building, our prospecting or outreach team works on the task.

Guest Blogging

Our guest posting service involves writing and posting articles on other blogs or websites. Guest blogging helps to generate high-quality backlinks and referral traffic. 

Content Strategy

Keyword research is part of our content strategy, as this action allows us to determine the best keywords to target for your SEO campaign. When deciding what keywords to use, we consider the following factors:

  • Quality: Will the searcher buy your product?
  • Quantity: How many potential customers do you have?
  • Competition: How challenging will it be for your page to rank?

Content Creation

A quality content strategy isn’t just about filling your webpage with relevant keywords. We must also consider the keyword intent, which is essential if you want your content to be meaningful to your target audience.

Our content creation support service involves analysing keywords to help us identify high-value opportunities. Our SEO analysis process can help us decide whether to create additional or replacement content.

Building Brand Authority

Think of brand authority as the level of trust your customers have in your brand. When they see you as trustworthy, won’t they likely choose your products and services over your rivals?

One of the ways we help improve your brand authority is by providing public relations recommendations on high-authority domains, like Forbes and Huffington Post. This helps control and protect information associated with your brand, business, and personnel and mitigate negative reviews.

Reputation Management

One of the SEO-related digital marketing services we offer is reputation management through Google.

This service lets us determine what web properties are hurting your reputation. We identify and repair the key terms that negatively impact your online reputation, considering predictive traffic and the importance of those keywords to your business.

Tracking and Reporting

We’ll send you a monthly account summary report that details your website’s SEO performance in the search engine rankings. We’ll also send a progress snapshot email so you can track the rankings of your keywords.

The Digital Spotlight SEO Company Difference

Sure, we can say that we can help your business generate the highest flow of leads at the lowest acquisition cost. That’s what everyone says, anyway. 

But we’re not like everyone. What makes us stand out from other SEO service providers? Find out in the following sections.


Australian founders have led the way in delivering quality products and services for our clients. Established in 2008, Digital Spotlight entered the digital marketing business with SEO as its leading service.

If you’re doing business in Australia, visit our main office in Sydney or Newcastle to get up close and personal with our team. We’d be happy to talk to you and answer your questions.

Multichannel Expertise

We don’t just do digital marketing through SEO only. We can also help generate new leads for your business through the following channels, giving you more
options for your SEO needs:

  • Google Ads
  • Google Shopping
  • Google Remarketing
  • Google Display Network (GDN)
  • Facebook and Instagram
  • Bing

ROI-Driven SEO Agency

It has been our mission to highlight your business’ potential by
focusing on ROI when executing our digital marketing solutions.

Partner with us, and we’ll help you achieve your marketing goals. We deliver results!

Google Partner Agency

Handling over a billion clients can be a tall order, even for Google. So, the search engine giant has to be selective in choosing which ones to prioritise and give its phone numbers to.

Fortunately, we’re one of a select few Google Premier Partners with exclusive hotline access to Google’s support experts. The trust we earned to achieve this recognition is no small investment, but the top-level Google information you gain through us is something others cannot offer.

Certified Professionals

As a certified Google Premier Partner,
we have a Google agency team dedicated to us, inviting us to exclusive training and providing us with confidential competitor data. 

But that’s not all. We also have access to new products not yet released to the public, giving our clients an advantage over their competition. 

We Walk the Walk and Rank on Page

We don’t just boast of our ability to deliver without the achievements to back it up. The 1,812 clients we’ve helped reach Google’s
first-page rankings are a testament to the results we delivered. And we can do the same for you.

We Provide Result Timelines and Estimates

Google estimates that SEO takes about four months to a year for your business to see improvements. However,
results can vary from client to client, so the timelines and estimates we provide can also vary.

Because Google’s algorithms constantly evolve, we may find it necessary to adjust your SEO strategy. These frequent changes can potentially impact the timeline.

Your competition and starting point can also affect timelines and estimates, especially in highly competitive industries where your website’s ranking for specific keywords can take several months.

Additionally, implementing best SEO practices and having a solid foundation, such as high-quality content and decent links on your website, can help generate quicker results than starting from scratch.

We Have Social Proof From Happy Clients

Our satisfied clients have commended our
SEO services through testimonials and reviews. 

Iris Lever, PropertyMe’s chief marketing officer in Sydney, had the following to say about us:

“We have been working with the team at Digital Spotlight for over five years now. Their expertise, timeliness, and attention to detail have been instrumental to the success of our digital marketing.”

Another client, Avlaw Aviation Consulting, also praised our service:

“We have been very pleased with our decision to engage Digital Spotlight to manage and and improve our SEO. [The Digital Spotlight] team is very responsive and know their stuff. After some bad experiences with other providers in this space, we’re not going anywhere.”

Establish Goals

Whatever your business is, call us to let our experts help you
create an actionable plan and set realistic, attainable goals for your traffic, growth, and ROI needs.

When you have maths specialists capable of delivering innovative solutions, such as isolating keyword intent, split testing, and proper segmentation, you have a better chance of achieving your sales goals.

Reduce Acquisition Costs

When your organic
rank increases, you don’t need to pay more because we’re doing what we’re supposed to do. In other words, we won’t charge extra for improving your website’s performance. 

Your acquisition costs decrease when you rank better, making your site cheaper to manage while becoming more valuable.

Improved Conversion Rates

don’t just want visitors to view your products online. You also want them to buy or at least make an inquiry. 

The goal is to convert your visitors into buyers by convincing them to take a desirable action. 

We can help you increase conversion rates through our tested and proven SEO solutions. For instance, implementing SEO to help boost your website’s organic visits can result in more leads, purchases, and other actions that benefit your business, leading to conversions.

Improved Online Presence

If you want to increase your
online presence with long-term organic search visibility, our SEO solutions can help you get the desired results.

One method is to ensure your site appears on the Google Map Pack algorithm, which looks into your online presence, local and proximity relevance, GBP listing, citations, and reviews.

Enjoy Long-Term Traction

We want to see your
SEO campaign succeed and maintain that success for a long time.

If you want medium- to long-term compounding returns, SEO is one of your best online marketing options.

Unlike pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, which stops your site from appearing in the search results if you run out of budget, SEO lets you keep planning and forecasting free traffic as long as your site remains optimised.

Think of this difference as similar to real estate; SEO lets you own property (in this case, online traffic), while PPC only allows you to rent it.

Grow Your Customer Base

A well-executed SEO can help you optimise your site and identify your target audience by giving them relevant information your competitors cannot provide or match.

This feature allows you to grow your customer base and expand your market reach, especially when your target market views you as an authority and asks you for help on relevant subject matters.

No Lock-In Contracts

Instead of lock-in contracts that put you at a disadvantage if we cannot deliver, we maintain our partnership with you through month-to-month agreements. You can walk away if our SEO solution doesn’t get your desired results.

Complete Transparency

When you work with us, our
SEO team will consult with you throughout the entire process and provide monthly reports regarding your SEO performance.

Part of our transparency policy is to ensure that the monthly reports you receive contain details that matter to you. These details include the following:

  • An overview of planned and completed tasks and analysis by our technical specialists
  • Organic traffic performance
  • Organic traffic breakdown
  • Rankings
  • Keyword visibility

Customised Solutions

Your business needs are unique from your competitors. If so, why settle for a common solution that’s no different from other businesses?

In particular, our SEO Enterprise solution offers a strategic, high-level SEO approach that considers ever-changing demands and is customised per client. The free audit we provide lets us know what you need so we can tailor-fit our solutions for you.


Do you want to dominate the search ranks and win in the competitive online marketing world with more leads and sales?

Then, work with an ROI-focused agency like Digital Spotlight. We use scientific methods such as data modelling, multi-variant testing, and advanced statistical analysis to dig into the numbers and deliver the following:

  • Increased leads
  • Higher sales
  • Reduced acquisition costs
  • Confidence in your marketing results

Who We Are

As a full-service digital marketing agency, we’re confident in our ability and our arsenal of SEO services. We’ll help you get the results you want from your marketing campaigns, ensuring it’s worth every dollar you spend.

With our expertise in maths—the same language Google speaks—we can deliver those results at such an incredible acquisition cost that we won’t even need a lock-in contract.

Our Philosophy

We’re all about the results, and clients stay with us because we help them achieve their SEO goals.

Plus, we don’t believe in charging you for a service before knowing what your needs are. That’s why we do a technical audit of your site and quote you only after knowing what should be fixed or improved.

How We Work

We aren’t salespeople who sell you products and services you don’t need just to make a quick moolah. After all, you wouldn’t want to pay for a product you can’t use, right?

Instead, we listen to you first. The technical audit we perform lets us identify the issues and help save you money that could have otherwise eaten up a significant portion of your marketing budget.

Do you want to learn more about SEO or boost your website’s rank in the search pages? Book a no-pitch consultation with our experts by calling 1300 891 181 or emailing us at [email protected].

The 3 Core Pillars of Effective SEO

While each of our SEO packages comprises several services that help optimise your web pages for the search engine results pages (SERPs), the thought behind these services boils down to the three core pillars discussed below.


When your web pages contain information your target audience is looking for, there’s a good chance that they’ll stick around and find your content relevant.

Keyword research is one essential SEO component that lets us determine what keywords will likely draw the most relevant traffic to your website.

Proper link-building can also help increase topical relevance and traffic from relevant websites while improving Google’s trust in your site.


Suppose you’re a medical equipment supplier in Australia. Wouldn’t it be great if people looking for such equipment also came to your website to learn what medical issues these products can address?

It would even be better if prospective clients visited your site first before checking out your competitors. 

With a well-implemented SEO campaign, we can help make your target market view you as an authority in your industry by getting ranked on Google’s first page.

User Experience

Think of user experience as part of your website’s design to help online visitors interact with your pages. You can compare user experience to how you implement house rules for guests visiting your home.

One way we can help enhance user experience and relevancy is by optimising keywords in your page’s title tag, which usually appears in the search results. For example, placing important and competitive keywords near the title’s beginning can help your page rank.

Who Is a Good Candidate for SEO Services?

Are you an Australian business owner who wants to market your products and services online? Do you want to be relevant to your target audience and become an authoritative brand? If so, you are a good candidate for our SEO services.

SEO is suitable for any business looking to increase the quality and quantity of leads it gets through search engines.

However, SEO isn’t a magic potion to solve all your business problems. In fact, not all businesses need SEO.

SEO’s usefulness depends on your business goals and needs. If our audits and analyses show that SEO isn’t going to benefit your enterprise, we’ll tell you right away so you avoid wasting your money on the wrong SEO solution.

Considering Your SEO Options

Whether you’re a small business in Melbourne or a large corporation in Sydney, we have customised SEO packages to fit your needs and budget.

These packages vary according to the initial number of keywords you want to target. Still, regardless of your chosen SEO service, there’s no limit on how many keywords we’ll optimise over time. We also won’t charge extra on your monthly fee despite the additional keywords.

SEO: What the Numbers Tell Us

According to Google Trends as of January 2024, most searches for “SEO agencies” in Australia come from New South Wales and Victoria. This suggests a high demand for SEO services in these regions.

However, the National Retail Association’s 2023 statistics showed that the percentage of Australian small businesses using SEO efficiently was only 36%. Many small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the country still struggle to understand how SEO can benefit them.

Despite these figures, you might encounter salespeople who are a bit too eager and will try to convince you to buy their SEO services regardless of whether you need them.

That’s not how we work. Instead, we listen to what matters the most to you and show you the numbers. 

If you want to join this list of satisfied customers, call us, and we’ll give you a free consultation without the sales pitch.

Play the SEO Game Better Than Your Competition, Otherwise You’ll Be Left Behind

With Google’s subtle but ever-changing algorithms, what you did to reach the first page of the search results yesterday may no longer work today.

Work with us, an SEO digital company that speaks Google’s language, and leverage our expertise before your competitor does.

Our SEO work involves deciphering Google’s code to uncover significant algorithm shifts and optimise your marketing campaign. By utilising this information, we can help improve your online visibility and authority to help you dominate your industry.

Google Ads’ Average Cost per Click Has Increased in Years!

Between 2020 and 2021, many Australian industries doing Google Ads search advertising experienced an increase in the average monthly cost per click (CPC). 

For example, the insurance industry’s CPC went from $7.5 to $8.64, online banking from $1.91 to $2.19, and legal services from $1.55 to $1.71.

However, CPC started dropping again in 2023, with some sectors decreasing by more than a dollar since their 2021 performance. Insurance CPC pricing dropped from $8.64 to $7.64, marketing from $3.57 to $2.42, and cryptocurrency from $3.02 to $0.69.

These figures show how much you might pay for Google Ads search marketing. Such costs should help you plan your strategy, especially when you want to combine Google Ads with SEO for your Australian business under the abovementioned industries.    

Most SEO Agencies Have It All Wrong

Some self-proclaimed SEO “gurus” will tell you to get as many likes or tweets from your audience lost in your content with keywords thrown in randomly.

Unfortunately for these pseudo-experts, Google has always known this. In fact, Google has seen online users getting overwhelmed with content that doesn’t provide the right answers. 

So, while these gurus were busy churning out obsolete advice, Google moved on and adjusted its numbers. The result? Headline-making algorithm changes that caused many once-popular websites to shut down.

But don’t worry, you can avoid facing the same fate as those websites. 

Our SEO experts can analyse your site’s real-world performance and compare it to our ever-evolving SEO models based on what Google ranks today.

We look out for algorithm changes, no matter how subtle, and use them to deliver long-term results to your business.

SEO Doesn’t Work Anymore, and “Tricking” Google Into Ranking Your Site Is Impossible 

SEO can be a complex process, and some may find Google’s rules tough to follow. But just because following the rules is hard doesn’t mean SEO no longer works. 

Partner with us, and we’ll show you how we can make SEO work for your business. And in case SEO isn’t for you, as it’s not for everyone, we’ll readily tell you so. 

Our specialty lies in four major areas that significantly impact Google’s algorithm:

  • Technical SEO
  • Enterprise-level keyword research
  • Well-planned editorial content
  • Link building

A well-executed SEO process in these four areas can help you attain greater authority for the keywords that matter to you.

Aside from ranking your website for your target keywords, we improve your domain authority (D.A.). When your D.A. goes up, ranking for additional keywords in the future becomes easier.     

It’s Only a Matter of Time Until Google’s Crawlers Find It, and It Detonates

If you think Google’s high standards make it difficult to rank in the SERPs, you are right. 

Unfortunately, some SEO agencies take their chance and resort to black hat techniques—practices that violate the search engine’s terms of service. 

Sure, these agencies can get you to the top of the ranks as promised, and you may even stay there long enough to enjoy some traffic. 

However, once Google finds out and penalises you, those agencies will likely pack up and leave. Steer clear of such agencies.

As a Google Premier Partner, we do SEO according to Google’s guidelines. We use white hat SEO to optimise your website and improve your ranking in the search results while following Google’s terms of service.     

Google’s Ranking Algorithm Has Recently Been Put On Steroids!

Remember when we said Google modified its algorithm to address the subpar content the searchers were getting? That wasn’t just a one-time event. The search engine giant continues to tweak its algorithm.  

By the time the “gurus” catch up and start talking about these changes, the initial shockwave will have already been long past, and Google will have turned the page to the next chapter.

How to Finally Rank on Google’s Page 1 and Truly Explode Your Sales Beyond All Belief

While SEO can help boost organic traffic to your website, it’s not a fixer-upper for everything. SEO depends on the context of your marketing campaign.

To truly maximise your digital marketing strategy and boost your ROI and rankings to new heights, consider mixing SEO’s organic marketing with paid advertising, such as through Google Ads.

We’ll Help You Show Up Where Your Customers Are Looking

Think of SEO as similar to using a global positioning system (GPS) tracker instead of relying on an old-fashioned paper map and compass. Using a GPS makes it easier for people to find your exact location. 

Similarly, with SEO, your customers, including would-be customers, can easily find you when they search online.

Get More Leads and Sales Than Your Business Can Handle Using Amazingly Good SEO

A well-executed SEO can help bring in leads and sales with numbers you won’t believe are possible.

Take, for example, Instant Brands, an Australian business-to-customer (B2C) eCommerce site famous for selling products like Corelle and Pyrex.

Within the first three years of our partnership with the company, we helped increase its organic traffic by an eye-popping 20,328.83%! Not only that, we also helped boost the company’s online leads by 5,690.91%!


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How do I get started with an SEO digital company?

If you think you’re ready to join the 1,800+ businesses that chose Digital Spotlight and are now reaping the benefits of our SEO strategies, give us a call. One of our SEO consultants will listen to you, answer your questions, and provide assistance pitch-free.

How much does hiring an SEO digital company cost?

The cost of hiring an SEO digital agency will depend on your business needs and budget. If you run a small business, your budget allocation for SEO may differ from that of a large corporation.

Contact us for a pitch-free consultation to determine how much you’ll spend on our customised solutions.

Why is hiring an SEO digital company important?

As a business owner, most of your time and energy are likely focused on running your enterprise.

However, doing SEO to reach Google’s top organic spots on the search results page requires constant tracking and testing to overcome complex algorithmic hurdles and keep ahead of your rivals.

If you have no time and energy for such tasks, you may find SEO too much to handle by yourself.

By hiring and investing in us, we can help generate leads and achieve high conversion rates and sales using our battle-tested and proven marketing approach. 

As SEO experts, our job is to monitor and analyse Google’s algorithm to improve our clients’ campaigns.

Will hiring an SEO digital company work for my business?

As much as we want to fix your issues, we won’t say that SEO will work for you if we know it’s not right for your business.

So, instead of making you spend thousands of dollars on an incompatible solution, we’ll tell you what works and what doesn’t before you decide to work with us.

What are the benefits of hiring an SEO digital company?

The best benefit you can get from hiring an SEO digital company like us is results. It’s why our clients stay with us despite having no lock-in contracts.

As a digital marketing agency, we deliver constant, qualified leads from Google. We’re focused on hitting your ROI and helping you succeed in your online marketing campaign.

Do you have in-house content writers to optimise my pages?

We have in-house writers who create SEO-optimised content. Our content creation service includes the following tasks:

  • Content type analysis and content brief creation by content strategy assistants
  • Content writing done by writers
  • Title tag and meta description recommendations by copywriters

Have you worked with similar businesses in my industry?

We’ve helped more than 1,800 clients from 355 industry niches reach Google’s first page, so there’s a good chance we can work with an industry like yours. Call us to know how we can add significant value to your business.

How much time will you spend working on my campaign?

Google’s estimate of four months to a year before seeing positive results from implemented SEO strategies isn’t a fixed timeline. Several factors can affect how long we’ll work on your campaign.

For example, Google’s frequent and significant updates can sometimes require us to adjust your SEO strategy, thus affecting our timeline.

SEO takes time. As long as your website remains optimised for the search engines, you should be able to see consistent progress over time.

Are you unable to rank for certain keywords even though your competitors are?

We won’t guarantee that specific keywords, even those you deem important to your business, will rank high. So, if a particular keyword doesn’t rank, we’ll tell you.

However, among the businesses we’ve helped achieve first-page rankings, 79% have over 200 nonbranded keywords that have landed on page one of Google’s search results.

Should I hire an SEO agency?

If you want to turn search engines like Google into a profitable channel, consider working with an SEO agency like ours, with 15+ years of experience and scientific data to help you gain leads and revenue for your business.

Should I pay for SEO services?

To have a better chance of succeeding in SEO, consider hiring experts with the skills and experience that can bring you results worth your time and money.

If you want to cut back on marketing costs, you can do SEO yourself. But know that SEO can be a complex task, and the time and money you spend learning and doing it can mean time and money spent away from running your business.

Is Digital Spotlight amongst the best SEO companies in Australia?

We won’t claim to be the best. However, we have the numbers to back our success.

Where else can you find an SEO company that has helped over a thousand businesses hit the first page of the search results? Plus,  by boosting these clients’ organic rankings, we’ve helped them earn over $130 million in extra annual revenue!

If you believe we can do the same for you, contact us today.

What’s it like to work with you?

We’re confident we can get you awesome SEO results for the money you spend on us. In fact, we don’t even have lock-in contracts, and yet, 95.67% of our clients stay with us for years!

Moreover, you’ll receive monthly progress reports that show how your site is performing. So, you’re always in the loop on what’s going on with your campaign.

How do I know I’m hiring the right SEO partner?

Simply put, you know you’re working with the right SEO agency when it delivers the results you need. Ask our clients about what they can say about us; most likely, they’ll say we have the ability to deliver results to them and explain things in simple English.

What size businesses do you work with?

Whether you’re a small startup or a large establishment, we can work with you as long as we believe SEO is the right solution for you. 

Each of our SEO packages below is tailor-fitted to cater to your budget and needs, regardless of the size of your business:

  • SEO Entry
  • SEO Premium
  • SEO Corporate
  • SEO Tailored Corporate
  • SEO Corporate Plus
  • SEO Enterprise

Am I locked into a contract period?

We don’t have lock-in contracts; you can leave anytime. We maintain our partnership through month-to-month agreements.

Do you outsource your SEO work overseas?

Our main offices are in Sydney and New Lambton in New South Wales (NSW). 

We have committed, motivated, and service-focused individuals from Australia, the United States, and the Philippines, totalling over 80 staff providing high-quality service.

Do you service clients Australia-wide?

Yes. We service clients from anywhere in Australia, including NSW, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

What is SEO?

In simple terms, SEO is about establishing your business’ online presence to help you rank in the organic (non-paid) results on the SERPs.

SEO also involves discovering changes in the search engine algorithm and utilising those changes to boost your marketing campaigns and bring long-term success.

Does SEO really work?

SEO definitely works, as evidenced by 1,800+ businesses that have benefited from it.

Take CSO Group, an Australian cybersecurity provider, for example. After working with us in July 2022, it gained 299% in organic traffic sessions and 358% in the number of organic traffic users in just over a year.

Another client, Bird Control Australia, started working with us in April 2019. By November 2022, it had a 411.94% increase in leads and a 337.39% increase in organic traffic users.

Is SEO worth it?

If one of your goals is to reach the first page or even the top rank in the SERPs, SEO should be worth your investment. Being in the business for 15+ years, we have the experience and skills in using SEO to help you reach or exceed your target ROI.

How long does SEO take?

Although Google says you’ll start seeing results in four months to a year, SEO doesn’t have a set time to work. Also, the results can vary according to your needs.

If you want an SEO solution that fits your timeline, call us for a free consultation without the sales pitch.

How long does it take for you to rank a website?

The time it takes for us to get your site ranking in the SERPs depends on various factors, such as whether your website has too many foundational issues that may take long to fix.

If you want a general idea of the time it takes for us to fix your site’s issues, call us, and we’ll provide a realistic assessment.

Can I do my own SEO?

You can perform SEO by yourself, even with basic knowledge. 

However, Google’s algorithm changes frequently; some changes are subtle, while others become headliners that can cause your website to fall off the ranks.

You can eliminate the guesswork by partnering with an award-winning agency like ours. We have 15+ years of SEO experience and have helped 1,800+ businesses reach page one of Google’s search results.

Can SEO generate leads and sales?

Using our tried-and-true SEO marketing approach, we can help you achieve results by providing you with long-term organic search visibility to expand your online presence and generate leads and sales.

What is the difference between SEO and PPC?

SEO focuses mainly on ranking your website on the SERPs by bringing in organic or free traffic. Meanwhile, PPC involves displaying paid ads on SERPs.

Organic traffic takes time to increase through SEO. However, PPC makes your paid ads visible immediately.

Why choose search engine optimisation over paid ads?

Paid advertising, such as Google Ads, is a great way to get instant results. The downside is that you’ll disappear from the list when you stop paying.

Besides, searchers only click on Google Ads around 30% of the time. The rest goes straight to the organic results. 

If you want to pick up that remaining 70%, consider SEO as your preferred option. 

SEO doesn’t require you to pay for every click coming to your website, unlike paid ads, so, you earn significant returns over the medium to long term.

Still, whatever service you choose depends on your business needs. You can even consider doing both! Call us for a consultation to help you decide which service can best serve your needs.

Do you guarantee first-page rankings?

We don’t make promises or guarantees of getting you ranked on Google’s first page. We’ll be lying if we do. 

If anyone promises you guaranteed results, they’re probably using shady tactics that can harm and penalise your website when Google finds out.

Is it safe to do SEO on my website?

When done correctly, SEO can help improve your website’s ranking on the SERP. 

However, over-optimisation can happen, such as when your page has too many keywords or other optimisation elements. This can cause your page to appear spammy and drop in rankings.

If we think your page is over-optimised, we’ll perform deoptimisation to help restore the balance of your pages and improve your ranking and credibility.

How do I measure my ROI?

Your ROI varies from other businesses and depends on your needs. So, we collaborate with you in determining your goals using various metrics, such as the following, to measure ROI:

  • Organic traffic growth measures the number of users visiting your site from search engines.
  • Keyword ranking determines whether your essential keywords are climbing the Google ladder.
  • Brand awareness determines whether your site receives more social mentions or backlinks.
  • Conversion measures the leads generated, purchases made, and other desired actions during organic visits.

To give us an estimate of the potential return on your SEO investment, we use various formulas, such as the following:

ROI = (revenue from organic conversions – SEO campaign cost) ÷ SEO campaign cost x 100%

How important is content for SEO?

Google places significant weight on web content. The search engine giant checks your site to see whether your pages have relevant information helpful for your target audience.

When the intent of your SEO content is relevant to the keywords for which you want them to rank, that content will also likely rank in the search results.

Do you work with eCommerce websites?

Yes. We can help with your SEO needs, including addressing duplicate content due to products’ several URLs (filter options such as prices, categories, colours, and sizes).

How do I know if SEO is working or not?

You’ll know that SEO is working for you if it achieves the business objectives you set for seeking SEO in the first place. In other words, SEO works when you get results.

What do I ask an SEO agency before I engage them?

Before working with an SEO agency, consider asking the following questions:

  • Is the agency committed to what you want to achieve?
  • Does it provide quality, tailored advice?
  • Are its clients happy with its services?
  • Is it confident in its ability to deliver results without lock-in contracts?
  • Does it have exclusive access to its own Google team?
  • Does it have something unique to offer?
  • Does it offer expert advice that people seek?

Should I do SEO in-house or outsource?

If your company has a staff with the skills and data to help you succeed in SEO, you can choose to go in-house. If not, consider working with a digital marketing agency with proven SEO expertise that can help boost your search engine rankings.

How does an SEO agency’s traffic guarantee work?

We can’t guarantee or promise that your website will gain traffic. However, with keyword research, we can help your site get the top rankings and stay there for the profitable keywords.

Rather than making guarantees, we show results. Take, for example, Enthusiast Motor Insurance, a premier car insurance company based in Sydney. Through our comprehensive SEO solutions, we increased its organic traffic sessions by a staggering 4,343%.

What is domain authority?

Domain authority is one of two significant elements—the other being relevant content— that form the foundation of Google’s algorithm

As your domain authority increases and your content becomes more tailored to keyword intent, your chances of hitting page one of the SERP increase.

How do backlinks impact SEO ranking?

Backlinks are essential to SEO because they help establish your domain authority. Backlinks link relevant, authoritative websites to yours, helping to increase traffic to your site and potentially improving your search ranking.

What’s the difference between black hat and white hat SEO?

Black hat SEO comprises techniques that violate Google’s guidelines, causing your website to get penalised.

Meanwhile, white hat SEO comprises strategies that adhere to Google’s service terms, helping to improve your website’s search engine ranking.

Do you implement any black hat tactics?

We don’t use black hat tactics, as doing so can cause Google to penalise your website and damage your reputation. After all, the last thing we want is for Google to make your website disappear from the search results.

As one of the highest tiers of Google Premier Partners, we don’t just provide Google services. We also abide by Google’s rules when doing SEO to deliver results for your business.

Will I have to make changes to my website?

When you come to us for consultation, we’ll do a technical audit to determine your site’s issues. This way, you’ll know what problems are likely preventing your site from ranking high in the SERP and see our proposed site changes to help address those problems.

In a case study featuring one of our Australia-based clients, Twomey Dispute Lawyers, we discovered several site issues during one of our online audits. The company website had thin content and problems with the title tags and meta descriptions.

We resolved the issues by making the following changes:

  • Modification of title tags and meta descriptions to reflect what Google and potential users want to see
  • Creation of a sitemap link introduction to help guide Google bots
  • Enhancement of content to improve the client’s reputation
  • Prioritisation of invaluable pages for indexing

What third-party tools are used during your SEO audits?

Just like a doctor who uses diagnostic tools to determine your medical condition, we use various third-party tools when performing SEO audits to discover potential issues in your website. Some of these tools are as follows:

  • Ahrefs
  • SEMRush
  • Screaming Frog
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • Google PageSpeed Insights

Can you help my business recover from Google penalties?

Part of our consultation is performing penalty assessments to analyse your website for things to fix or improve. When we discover issues like Google penalties, we suggest solutions based on our analysis to fix and recover your website.

Which is better for my business, push or pull marketing?

The marketing strategy you select depends on your business needs.

If you want to use push marketing, you must bring your product directly to your customer. Display ads and direct mail are push marketing techniques.

While this method can help generate immediate leads, your lead pool can quickly evaporate if you can’t sustain the flow.

If you prefer to use pull marketing, you must “pull” your target customers towards you. Examples of this method are content marketing and SEO.

Pull marketing gives you long-term lead generation, which is preferable if you want long-term customer relationships.

What is a Google algorithm update?

Search engine algorithms constantly evolve, and updates can impact your website’s ranking in search results. For example, when a recent algorithm change affects your site, you may experience a decrease in organic visibility, leading to fewer organic sessions.

What is topical authority?

When your website has topical authority, people will likely perceive you as having credibility and expertise on a specific subject.

Topical authority also helps build trust, especially when you have high-quality content associated with a subject related to your business.

What kind of SEO guarantees do you offer?

We don’t make any guarantees or promises of getting you to the first page or top rank of the search results.

However, we can guarantee no sales pitches when you book a free consultation with our experts, who will listen to your needs and offer realistic solutions.

What link-building techniques do you use to help with my ranking?

One of our SEO outreach or link-building tasks is performing brand mentions by strategically placing references to your brand online. Consider this activity similar to placing billboards along high-traffic areas around the city.

How many keywords do you optimise for?

The number of keywords we target for your website depends on the SEO package you choose and can increase the longer you stay with us. To give you an idea, we have packages that have the following initial keyword targets:

Package Number of initial keywords to target Keywords to target from the second month onwards
SEO Entry 3 5
SEO Premium 6 10
SEO Corporate 9 15
SEO Corporate Plus 12 20
SEO Enterprise 9 To be determined

How do you choose the correct search terms?

We perform keyword research to choose the best keywords or search terms to help you achieve your objectives. Not only do we ensure your pages reach the top rankings, but we also ensure those pages stay up there for highly profitable keywords.

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