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Daniel Studdert

Daniel Studdert

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Ash Aryal

With so many online marketing agencies in Australia making endless pitches and guarantees, there’s likely one thing you want more than ever: a search engine optimisation (SEO) agency at the top of its game.

There’s nothing like working with the right company and seeing massive improvements in your website’s ranking in the search results.

The problem is that other digital marketing companies you’ve worked with haven’t delivered on their promises. The mediocre results you’re getting just aren’t worth the money you invested.

Some may present themselves as experts, but you don’t know if you can trust them. You’re not even sure your expectations of them are reasonable enough.

And even if you want to do SEO yourself, you’re likely too occupied with running your business. You may not have the time and experience to manage your online marketing campaign.

At this point, seeing another agency pitch to you again will likely make you give up and say, “No thanks.” Either you get a top SEO specialist in Australia or not at all.

Fortunately, there’s a company that doesn’t just offer a free, no-pitch consultation. It also does things differently and—this is important—delivers results.

Cue in Digital Spotlight.

When you work with us, we’ll perform the same advanced statistical analysis Google uses, so we know what works best for your website. This maths-based approach lets us create an SEO solution that fits your budget and needs.

We’ll demonstrate how we are a top SEO company in Australia that can get the results you desire. With our skills and years of experience, we concentrate on our role so that you can focus on your business and have peace of mind.

We also ensure that the SEO package we provide is tailored to your business requirements.

It’s time to pull the plug on the marketing budget allotted on guesswork and services you don’t actually need. Our SEO involves a comprehensive analysis and audit of your site’s performance even before you invest a dollar in an SEO company like ours.

Working With Top SEO Agencies in Australia

What makes a digital company one of the best SEO agencies in Australia? Is it the capacity to provide a constant flow of leads and sales? Or is it the ability to lower your acquisition costs?

Almost every SEO firm will tell you they’ll deliver on those goals. But despite all the bravado, many of these agencies still fail on their promises. But not us.

So, what should you look for in a top SEO agency like Digital Spotlight? Here are seven ways to determine how well a leading SEO company can help your business:

  • Commits to focusing on your issues and needs
  • Provides quality, tailored solutions to resolve your problems and achieve your goals
  • Has a roster of satisfied clients
  • Possesses the confidence to deliver exceptional results
  • Enjoys the support of a dedicated Google agency team
  • Boasts of maths experts who can effectively find data patterns, helping build the case on why clients should choose this firm over other agencies
  • Offers organisations sought-after advice

You can even try this seven-step test on us! And when you find yourself ticking all the boxes (because we’re sure you will), we’ll leave you with one word we focus on that will mean the world to your business: results!

Establish Goals

The reasons for choosing SEO may vary.

Do you want to achieve high organic search engine rankings? What about getting an alternative source of leads and traffic to augment your marketing efforts? Would you prefer national or local SEO to target your preferred customer base?

You may even want an impressive website design, exceptional content marketing and copywriting, competitive mobile app development, and other digital marketing services.

Whichever your reason, our maths-based online marketing solutions can help you set attainable traffic, growth, and ROI (return on investment) goals and improve your rank in the search results.

Partner With Experts

Although Google offers digital advertising services, it doesn’t talk sales. Instead, it speaks maths.

If you want to launch winning SEO campaigns, why not partner with experts who understand Google’s language? Fortunately, our founders, Ash and Anish, are advanced mathematicians who speak this language.

Our process involves comparing our constantly evolving SEO models against real-world performance to determine what Google ranks today.

This analysis lets us uncover small algorithmic shifts leading to remarkable long-term SEO results. And keep in mind that many other agencies often cannot detect these subtle changes.

Get Results

We believe results should convince you to work with an award-winning SEO company like us. Our ability to deliver results is one reason clients enjoy working with us and continue doing so.

In fact, we have a 95.67% client retention rate. Our customers stay with us not because they’re forced to but because they’re happy with the results they’re getting.

Do you want to expand your online presence through long-term organic search visibility? What about generating leads and enjoying high conversion rates and sales?

Whatever your goals are, our proven and tested digital strategies can help you get the results you seek.

Considering Your SEO Options

Your business needs are unique, even from your competitors, so you need tailored SEO solutions to address those needs.

For starters, we offer different SEO packages based on the number of keywords you want to target. These options and their corresponding target keywords are as follows:

SEO package Initial number of keywords Number of keywords from month two onwards
SEO Entry 3 to 5 5 to 7
SEO Premium 6 to 8 10 to 14
SEO Corporate 9 to 12 15 to 20
SEO Corporate Plus 12 to 15 20 to 25
SEO Tailored Corporate Varies Varies
SEO Enterprise Varies Varies


Our SEO packages aren’t fixed. The services that come with these packages can vary depending on your requirements. We’ll perform a free audit to help us determine what you genuinely need and create a customised solution.

Who Is a Good Candidate for SEO Services?

SEO isn’t a miracle solution that can solve all your company’s digital problems. That said, if you want to dominate your industry-related search engine results and increase traffic to your site, you’re a potential candidate for SEO.

We’re here to help, but if we know that SEO isn’t the right match for your needs, we’ll tell you rather than keep your hopes up.

Our free technical audit will show you how before you even spend a single dollar on your SEO campaign.

Digital Spotlight Is a Name You Can Rely Upon

We’ve been in the digital marketing business for over 15 years. Using a scientific and evidence-based approach, we can help you generate leads and sales by making Google a profitable online marketing channel for you. 

So, why rely on us (and be one of the hundreds of companies to do so) to help you with your SEO needs? Keep reading.

We Walk the Walk

Our clients, some of whom belong to the toughest SEO niches, have experienced success because we invested millions of dollars for them. And that’s not all. We use statistics, segmentation, and modelling—not guesswork—to help you win your SEO campaign.

Even better, we deliver excellent results without locking you in a long-term contract. Does that mean you can leave any time? Yes! That’s just how confident we are; you stay because you’re happy with our service, communication, and capacity to provide results.

We Provide Result Timelines and Estimates

Four months? A year? Google’s estimates suggest you can start seeing SEO’s benefits within these estimated timelines.

However, results can vary based on numerous factors. For instance, Google updates its search algorithm frequently. We must adjust your SEO strategy to keep up with these changes, and doing so can affect our timeline.

We also consider your starting point. Suppose you already have a solid website with high-quality content and proper links before we start working with you. The results might come quicker than if we make your website from scratch.

Competition is another factor affecting the result timeline. Does your industry have numerous players? They may have competing websites that may cause your site’s ranking for specific keywords to take longer than several months.

We Have Social Proof From Happy Clients

It’s easy for SEO companies to promise you first-page rankings for your website. However, such claims may fall on unconvinced ears if the agency can’t show proof of success. If you’re about to invest hard-earned money in SEO, you want to entrust that money to a company with a proven record.

Take the following testimonial of Sean Hersee, managing director of Newcastle-based company Sage Painting. This proof shows the client’s satisfaction with our SEO services:

“Working with Digital Spotlight has been great, we took the time to figure out a realistic strategy which has helped our organic rankings immensely! We are now on the front page for so many head terms that were previously out of reach!”

Another client, Twomey Dispute Lawyers, has the following praises for our agency:

“We’ve been working with the team at Digital Spotlight on our SEO strategy for a couple of years, and have just recently brought across our Google Ads. A great team to work with, with great communication and who creates great results!”

The Digital Spotlight SEO Company Difference

We know what matters most to our clients and to you: results. But how can we achieve those results when everyone else says they can give you the highest possible flow of leads and sales at the lowest acquisition cost? What else can we offer?

Here are a few more things that make our SEO services different:

  • Instead of talking fast and trying to sell you things you don’t need, we listen to you and speak slowly, even offering a free audit where applicable.
  • We don’t guarantee you the number one spot, and no one should. Any agency making such promises is likely lying or using black hat SEO that violates search engine guidelines. To keep your site ranking legitimately, stay away from such agencies.
  • We strengthen your website’s foundations by improving your domain authority (D.A.), which Google uses to help you dominate the first page of the search results.

Our Approach to SEO in Australia

Are you a local business in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, or any other Australian city that wants to get to the top ranks of search engine results? Chances are, you have heard such promises from several SEO agencies but are still waiting for those long-overdue results.

We take a detailed approach to SEO to help you achieve your goals for your business in Australia. Let’s take a look at our SEO practices:

On-Site SEO Practices Explained

When we optimise your web pages to help improve your site’s search rankings and boost organic traffic, we refer to this as on-site or on-page SEO.

With on-site SEO, we don’t just publish high-quality content relevant to your target audience. We also optimise your on-page elements like headlines, hypertext markup language (HTML) tags, and images.

Let’s take a look at the following processes that fall under on-site SEO:

Website Audit

We conduct a technical audit to assess your website’s links and web content thoroughly. Our audits also involve checking your site’s search engine accessibility, Google’s crawling or indexing capacity, and other issues that may cause penalties.

Market Research

Market research is about collecting, analysing, and interpreting data about a specific market, including your competition.

Depending on your needs, we can perform competitor analysis to show where you stand among your rivals and how to improve your SEO strategy.

Ahrefs is one of the market research tools we use. When performing competitor analysis, this SEO tool lets us check your site’s organic keywords according to the target country.

We then check which non-branded keywords have a high volume and which terms are common between you and your competitors.

Keyword Research

Suppose you run an eCommerce website. When buyers look for your products in the search engine, you want your pages to match the keywords the buyers use.

Through keyword research, we determine which keywords can best draw relevant traffic to your site. One way to do so is by using keyword universe analysis. This lets us identify competitors currently leading Google rankings for your industry’s core keywords.

On-Page Content

Part of our on-page SEO is analysing your pages and their content and optimising them for search engines and users. With optimised content, your pages can drive more organic traffic and rank higher on Google.

Below are some of our primary processes and considerations when optimising your on-page content.

Content Strategy

An SEO content strategy involves using optimised content to support your business goals. To do so, we must consider the following elements:

  • Topics that potential customers are likely to search for
  • A keyword’s ranking potential
  • A keyword’s business potential or value
  • High-quality content that matches search intent

Additionally, we don’t end our content strategy by simply publishing content. We must also maintain the relevance of these articles. In other words, updating or rewriting content is also a necessary task.

Content Creation

Our content creation service involves writing search-engine-optimised articles for our clients. It’s an ongoing service wherein we ensure your content has a certain number of target keywords monthly.

When we create content for you, we do the following tasks:

  • Content type analysis
  • Content briefs creation
  • Content writing
  • Title tag (webpage title) and meta description (short webpage summary) recommendation

On-Site Optimisation

What do we do when we optimise your site or page? What do we look for to fix or improve besides keywords and content? In the following sections, we discuss other elements we look into when optimising your website.

Technical SEO

Having great content can help attract customers. But if search engines can’t access your site, it won’t appear in the search results, regardless of how helpful and relevant your content is.

Here’s where technical SEO comes in.

We perform technical SEO to improve your website so search engines can discover and understand your content more easily.

Aside from making your site more accessible, technical SEO helps improve user experience (U.X.) factors, such as making your pages load faster.

Overall, a well-executed technical SEO can help make your site more visible in search results.

Meta Data

We use meta tags to provide information about your webpage’s content to search engines and users. These tags usually appear in the <head> section of your page’s HTML code.

One essential thing we do with meta tags is to add a meta description to them. This element, which typically describes your page’s content, usually appears below your page’s title in Google’s search results.

How can a meta description benefit your SEO campaigns? A well-written meta description relevant to your page content and unique from other such descriptions can convince users to click on your page link in the search results.

U.X. Factors

You want your users to have an informative, safe, and satisfying experience while browsing your site. By performing a technical audit on your pages, we check numerous factors affecting user experience (U.X.).

In particular, the U.X. elements we evaluate are as follows:

  • Content quality and relevance to target keywords
  • Website security (no Google penalties, server errors, or security issues affecting user trust and safety)
  • Updated and error-free sitemaps and robots.txt files for smooth navigation
  • Mobile optimisation through mobile-first indexing, optimised mobile pages, and mobile sitemaps
  • Speed and performance, such as server uptime and page speed
  • Navigation and accessibility, such as breadcrumb navigation, HTML-coded linking, and page load error handling
  • Image and video optimisation
  • SEO and technical health using correct redirect implementation, meta robots directives, canonical tags, and duplicate content avoidance
  • International and multilingual aspects
  • Mobile usability issues, such as viewport settings, text size, and spacing between clickable elements
  • Content structure and presentation, such as optimised title tags, meta descriptions, heading tags, and thin or duplicate content avoidance
Internal Link Strategy

Internal links are how we link one page to another within your website.

If one of your pages doesn’t have internal links, Google won’t find that page. As a result, the search engine can’t index and rank it.

For our internal linking strategy, our best practice involves putting internal links on all your pages. This lets Google follow the links to find your pages as it crawls and indexes your site.

URL Structure

Quality, relevance, and U.X. can significantly determine your page’s organic ranking. Aside from content and links, your uniform resource locator (URL) structure should demonstrate such factors.

That said, placing numerous dashes and emojis in your URL won’t directly affect your site’s SEO performance.

However, they can make your URL look unnatural and affect U.X., which can indirectly affect SEO.

One way for us to resolve this issue and improve your visitors’ U.X. is by redirecting your pages to URLs with a simple, easy-to-understand structure.

Information Architecture (I.A.)

Information architecture is how we structure and organise your website’s content to guide users and search engines through your site.

When you have a well-structured I.A., they can easily find what they’re looking for on your pages. I.A. benefits you by improving on the following elements:

  • Search engine crawling or indexing
  • User experience
  • Content organisation or discoverability
  • Link equity distribution
  • Scalability

For us to make your website user-friendly, searchable, and scalable, we implement I.A. as an essential part of our SEO process. Doing so helps improve your site’s user engagement and search engine rankings.

Off-Site SEO Approach Explained

A well-rounded SEO strategy doesn’t just look at on-site elements such as content and internal links. We must also look at other factors outside your website’s domain.

In other words, we also perform off-site SEO.

This approach is about improving your website’s organic (nonpaid) search engine rankings without making on-site changes.

Let’s discuss our processes and the elements we check during off-site SEO:


Is there an external website that links to one or more of your pages? If so, that external connection is called a backlink.

Think of backlinks as similar to the windows in your house. As your windows offer a view of the outside, external links also connect your website to the wider internet.

These links can benefit your site’s SEO performance and boost referral traffic and brand awareness.

Backlinks can also be a way for another website to recommend its readers to visit your page. You also get plus points if those links come from authoritative and reputable websites.

Local Citations

Citation building involves creating and managing business listings across online directories and platforms. These citations usually feature the following details:

  • NAP (name, address, and phone number)
  • Website URL
  • Business email address and hours
  • Service descriptions

The primary objectives of citation building are to improve local search rankings, enhance online visibility, ensure consistency across the web, establish local relevance, and boost website traffic.

Google Business Profile, Formerly Google My Business (GMB)

Sometimes, potential customers within your city or local area will search for goods and services you offer. This is an opportunity for you to appear on the local search results.

We can help enhance your business’ visibility in local searches by optimising your Google Business Profile (GBP).

Our GBP optimisation helps ensure that your business listing has complete and accurate information, such as the following elements:

  • NAP details
  • Photos and videos
  • Customers reviews
  • Operating hours

Social Media and SEO

SEO leverages the power of search engines to market your business, but they’re not the only platforms for digital marketing. Social media can be a powerful channel for showcasing your products and services.

Through social media marketing (SMM), we help you engage your target audience through well-known social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

SMM also lets us create organic posts and paid ads to help build brand awareness and boost traffic to your website or online content.

When used together, SMM and search engine marketing (SEM) can help expand your brand’s reach. They can also help further attract potential customers and develop meaningful online connections.

Brand Mentions

You gain brand mentions when people talk about your product, service, or business on various online platforms such as social media.

By using SEO to encourage brand mentions, we can help your brand gain strategically placed references online. Brand mentions can also create interest in your brand and increase your online engagement.

Guest Blogging

Guest posts (or guest blogs) are articles that we write for other websites to help promote your brand.

Writing these blogs is one way for us to improve your site’s authority and gain high-quality links.

Guest blogging also allows us to create content wherein you can share your expertise with relevant audiences. Plus, well-written blogs can provide the following benefits:

  • Establish your personal profile
  • Boost brand awareness
  • Increase traffic to your site

Ongoing Reporting

When you work with us, we provide ongoing reporting services that include sending you a monthly account summary report. This report shows the detailed work of our SEO efforts to improve your website’s rankings.

Some of the information included in our monthly reports is as follows:

  • An overview of our technical specialist analysis and planned and completed tasks
  • Keyword visibility
  • Rankings
  • Organic traffic breakdown
  • Organic traffic performance

Another report we send you is a progress snapshot email showing a visualisation of the rankings for your essential keywords. The frequency at which we send these reports monthly depends on the SEO package you choose.

Is SEO Worth It?

What is it about SEO that makes businesses spend hundreds, even thousands, of dollars for a chance to reach the top ranks of Google’s search results?

Your reasons for wanting to try SEO out can vary. But whether you’re running a small business in Adelaide, an eCommerce store based in Perth, or a large corporation in Sydney, SEO is worth it because, if it’s what your company needs, it can help you achieve your business goals.

Do you want to be a top answer to your customers’ queries? Our SEO services can help create an organic “halo” when Google sees you as the best answer.

Because people are likelier to trust Google, if they see that your content is the number one answer to a question, they’ll also perceive you as the number one brand.

What about outperforming your competition? By placing you at the top spots of the organic search results, SEO can help lock out your competitors from those positions.

In turn, your customers might not even know or hear about your rivals, allowing you to dominate your niche.

What the Numbers Tell Us

Around 30% of online search users click on Google Ads. These pay-per-click (PPC) or paid ads give you immediate results. The downside? Google will drop your listing once you stop paying. If you’re after short-term success, paid ads are a great option.

However, the remaining 70% skip those ads and click on organic search results.

What does this statistic tell us? This means that your target customers are likelier to click on your site when it appears as an organic result than as a paid ad.

Additionally, most of the 70% will click on one of the top three search results. SEO can help you reach these spots.

Does SEO Really Work?

We can say everything nice about SEO. But if we can’t show you that it works, we’ll be no different from salespeople who keep pitching empty promises.

Fortunately, we have over 1,800 clients whom we helped reach the first page of Google’s search results and a dataset generated from over a decade of SEO work.

In other words, we’re a digital marketing agency with the experience and skills to help you succeed with SEO.

As proof of SEO’s effectiveness, let’s look at Avlaw Aviation Consulting, a leading aviation consultancy company that sought our expertise to improve its SEO strategy.

The company wanted to soar high in the search engine rankings but couldn’t take off the ground because of the following issues:

  • Slowly crawling website traffic instead of climbing
  • Online invisibility in the search rankings
  • Underperforming keywords

After rescuing the website from a potential crash landing, we devised a flight plan to overhaul the site’s SEO. The results of our efforts were as follows:

  • Increased organic traffic by 200%
  • Dominated the top spots in the search results for keywords like “airspace assessments” and “airspace construction”
  • Increased the number of top 10 keywords from 60 to 146

An effective SEO campaign can also help increase your company’s revenue. In fact, our clients have earned over $130 million in extra revenue annually due to our efforts to improve their organic search engine rankings.

Want to read more of our success stories? Check out the testimonials from satisfied clients and case studies on our winning SEO campaigns.

Why Is SEO So Important?

If you want your site to gain visibility in organic search queries, make SEO a vital part of your online marketing strategy.

SEO also helps improve your search ranking for queries relevant to your products, services, or content, leading to increased website traffic.

This result is significant because it provides a revenue opportunity, especially when visitors convert into customers. Better yet, SEO offers a lower pricing than if you were using paid ads.

In other words, as your website ranks higher and becomes more profitable, its cost decreases, leading to potential savings. That’s like hitting two birds with one stone!

How Long Does SEO Take?

Generally speaking, it may take about 4 to 12 months to see the SEO results on your site.

However, we can’t rely on this estimate because the timeline depends on numerous factors, such as the following:

  • Business goals: What SEO results are you looking for?
  • Resources: How much time and money can you invest?
  • SEO strategy: What tactics will we use in handling content, backlinks, and technical issues?
  • Competitors: How difficult is it to rank for specific keywords?
  • Website history: How long has your website’s domain existed?

Additionally, SEO works best for your digital marketing campaign if you’re after medium- to long-term compounding returns.

Want to learn more about how top SEO companies in Australia can help boost your website’s search results rank? Book a pitch-free consultation with our SEO experts by emailing [email protected] or calling 1300 891 181.

SEO Agency FAQs

  1. What does an SEO company do?

As an SEO company, we specialise in the following SEO services:

  • Internal website audit
  • Keyword research
  • Competitor analysis
  • On-page SEO
  • Content creation
  • Off-page SEO or link building
  • Monthly reporting

Furthermore, we’re not just limited to SEO. We’re a full-service agency providing other digital marketing services like Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram Ads, and Bing Ads.

  1. Is SEO in demand in Australia?

Google has been Australia’s most used search engine, with about an 88% usage rate as of December 2023. Bing, the country’s second most used platform, only had a 19% usage. Such figures create an opportunity for Australian businesses to engage in SEO.

Because most search queries come from Google, businesses will likely create organic content and compete for the top rankings within Google’s search results. Let our SEO services help you achieve these goals.

  1. Is Digital Spotlight amongst the best SEO companies in Australia?

We won’t say we’re the best, but we know we can deliver results. Just ask any of the 1,812 clients we helped succeed in SEO.

One of our clients, Melbourne-based company The Hobby Australia Cards and Collectables, has complimented our SEO efforts, leaving the following words:

“The team at Digital Spotlight has been fantastic at improving the searchability of our website and improving our traffic significantly. Highly recommended!”

Another client, PropertyMe, has these praises from Iris Lever, the company’s chief marketing officer:

“We have been working with the team at Digital Spotlight for over five years now. Their expertise, timeliness, and attention to detail have been instrumental to the success of our digital marketing.”

  1. Can I do SEO by myself, or should I hire an SEO agency?

If you have the time and skills to do SEO, you can definitely do so. Some self-proclaimed SEO “gurus” may even encourage you to.

However, things may get challenging if you’re a business owner. For one, you may not have access to Google’s nonpublic data, which may be necessary to make informed SEO decisions.

That won’t be much of a problem if you work with an SEO agency like us. Not only do you get access to competitor data, but you also benefit from getting access to Google’s new products before they are even released to the public.

  1. How can I identify and choose the right SEO partner for my needs?

Aside from choosing SEO consultants who can deliver results, consider whether they practice white hat SEO.

Agencies that engage in white hat practices adhere to search engine guidelines and rules when implementing SEO on your website.

On the other hand, companies using black hat SEO exploit algorithmic loopholes to achieve high rankings. This practice violates the search engine’s service terms, so avoid such companies.

Now that you know the difference, you’re correct if you assumed we follow white hat practices. We want you to trust us as much as Google does.

SEO Costs FAQs

  1. How much does SEO cost?

While many clients invest thousands of dollars in their marketing campaigns, there’s no set price for SEO. Many factors can influence the cost, and it can vary among SEO providers.

For instance, your goals, target audience, and industry competition can affect your investment.

Your target keywords and things to improve or fix in your website can also determine your measurement metrics.

Call us for a consultation to get an estimate of your potential SEO costs and possible return on investment.

  1. Do I have to pay each month?

Each of our SEO packages has a corresponding monthly fee. However, the longer you stay with us, the more keywords we can secure in the top 10 rankings. While this helps increase traffic to your site, your monthly fee won’t increase.

In other words, even as your website’s performance improves, your costs remain flat, leading to an increased profit margin due to our SEO work.

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