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Anish Aryal

Anish Aryal

Blake Horton

Blake Horton

In today’s digitally driven economy, SEO (search engine optimisation) is a no-brainer marketing solution for many businesses — even if they aren’t 100% convinced of its usefulness.

It’s no wonder some business owners treat SEO like an unwanted chore. They do SEO only because everyone else does so, not because they find actual value in it.

But you’re likely here because you view SEO differently. You know (or at least have a well-informed hunch) that it is an important part of your overall marketing strategy to dominate your  market. 

So, you’re willing to spend the necessary time, money, and effort to ramp up your overall SEO strategy. 

If you head a large organisation, there’s a good chance you’ve already tried investing in a corporate-wide SEO effort.

The problem is that you’ve yet to work with an agency that offers the support and delivers the results your business needs to scale. 

Understandably, you might feel that SEO is just a waste of precious resources. Is partnering with an agency to work on an enterprise SEO still worth your investment? 

Short answer: Yes. With a reputable agency like Digital Spotlight, an enterprise-level SEO can catapult your business to heights you never imagined possible. 

We’ll discuss all the whats and hows of our enterprise SEO approach below. But first, let us tell you why we’re unlike any agency you’ve worked with and why it matters for your marketing success.

We’re committed to providing comprehensive, research-driven, tailored solutions that add value to our SEO Enterprise clients.

How committed are we to this principle? Extremely. Before we recommend and ask you to invest your marketing budget in our SEO Enterprise package, we do deep research. We conduct analysis and audits to understand your primary target and assess your current website authority. 

Doing so allows us to develop a bespoke SEO strategy at the corporate level, addressing your business’ unique challenges and goals.

Unlike many agencies that offer cookie-cutter SEO solutions, we have a logical and systematic process of analysis that examines your account, competitive landscape, and current online profile. 

We also provide a free, comprehensive technical analysis (for those who qualify) to give you an accurate picture of your SEO situation so you can have all the facts before you spend a cent on our SEO Enterprise package. 

Plus, we’ve got a team of 70, spanning over five countries, that ensures you get the support you need for your search and social marketing efforts.

If you want to grow your investment and spend based on performance, look no further. Our high-level, scalable, results-focused enterprise SEO approach and solutions are the real deal.

Enterprise SEO Guide

You’ve likely consulted previous agencies regarding enterprise SEO and listened to countless presentations, complete with dense charts and graphs.

But in most cases, you only end up confused or overwhelmed, trying to figure out what to do about all the info and buzzwords you just heard. 

We created this no-nonsense guide to help you understand what enterprise SEO is and how it can help scale your business.  

What Is SEO in Enterprise?

Simply put, enterprise SEO is a large-scale, strategic approach to search engine optimization.

While enterprise SEO may seem like a straightforward concept, the work it takes to develop an effective, corporate-wide SEO strategy is no joke. 

We’ve worked with 1,812 businesses from 355 industries for over a decade and have successfully managed huge accounts.

For example, we’ve helped JMC (John Martin Cass) Academy, Australia’s leading creative industries education provider and a long-time client, achieve impressive SEO results. 

How impressive, you ask? We’ve boosted their organic traffic by 1327% and leads by 1155%.

But we didn’t accomplish feats like these through slick hacks and wishful thinking. We did so by constantly researching, testing, and innovating. 

The Future of Enterprise SEO

A solid enterprise SEO program can help you weather future search algorithm updates and lay a foundation for effective response in a brand reputation crisis.

We have a well-trained team of experts who can place and keep you on the top of search engine results pages (SERPs).

Our work doesn’t end when we achieve first-page rankings. 

We also develop a ranking defence plan. With this maths-heavy and algorithm-informed strategy, you can sleep better at night knowing that current and future competitors won’t take your first-page rankings from you.

From backlink acquisition to content creation, our SEO team only launch initiatives based on the best industry knowledge and practices.

Breaking Silos and Creating a Culture of SEO

Enterprise SEO has unique goals and a broader focus than traditional SEO. A piecemeal approach rarely — if ever — yields quality and sustainable results suitable for companies, especially large organisations.

While we have multiple teams with particular tasks and expertise, they don’t work in silos. They collaborate closely to ensure that your overall SEO strategy is baked into everything you do to promote your brand.

Why Is Enterprise SEO Important? How Can Enterprise SEO Help Your Business?

Our SEO Enterprise package offers the following benefits:

✔️Higher visibility on top search engines via first-page rankings for high-demand key terms in the medium- to long-run

✔️Brand dominance in the digital marketplace by securing the top rankings in search engines

✔️Solid brand image as a market leader

✔️Increased quality traffic and customer visits to your website 

✔️Improved leads and sales

✔️Honest and helpful feedback on your site’s conversion quality and performance 

✔️Improved efficiency with minimal cost of lead generation

✔️Positive online reputation

Enterprise SEO is crucial for your business to scale, keep organic search rankings, and protect your brand. 

Still unsure about the value of enterprise-level SEO? Here are even more reasons to seize the opportunity it offers:

Enhance Your Entire Enterprise Marketing Strategy

Enterprise companies that want to expand their SEO strategy at a corporate level need more than just an SEO provider. 

They need a reliable partner agency to integrate the best SEO practices into their unique and often complex marketing situations.

That’s why we promote a transparent communication culture within our company. We want each department to understand the value of transparency in developing enhanced and holistic SEO strategies.

In fact, one of our core values is “confronting issues for the greater good,” defined as “surfacing and dealing with issues in the company and between staff regardless of hierarchy or fault, even if emotionally difficult, so the company can continually progress and grow.” 

We carry this principle when we work with you as an extension of your marketing team.  

Drive Marketing and Business Results

One of our golden rules regarding client relationships is “We deliver results, or we’re out.” 

Here are some specific results to expect from our SEO Enterprise package:

  • Achieve first-page search engine rankings for Google.
  • Identify and target the most relevant and searched key terms for your business.
  • Focus on relevant pages for these key terms to bring targeted prospects to your business via relevant visitors to your website.
  • Improve branding long-term through first-page rankings for variations of the most relevant key terms your potential prospect could type in the search engines.
  • Improve web visibility through multiple first-page rankings.
  • Work with a development and design team to enhance user experience and supercharge metrics that may help your site’s search performance.

Improve Branding

Brand awareness is a qualitative factor that answers questions like “Are you getting more backlinks, positive reviews, and social mentions”?

That’s why typical branding tactics may focus on messaging, core values, brand personality, and positioning.

Our SEO Enterprise package solution supplements these efforts to bolster brand image by improving the search visibility of branded keywords, such as branded products and brand names. 

When done correctly, branding strategies and enterprise SEO mutually reinforce each other’s marketing impact. 

Fuel PR Initiatives

PR (public relations) is crucial for promoting your brand, creating a solid brand reputation, and ultimately driving sales.

When you build quality relationships with the public, you achieve a high level of trustworthiness and gain the trust of reporters, blogs, and other third-party outlets. 

Given PR’s significance in maximising high-impact ROIs, you likely want to know how we can help with your PR. 

Our SEO expertise empowers your PR by developing share-worthy content optimised for search engines. This effect attracts backlinks and boosts brand awareness. 

Do you want to get your company’s content on the top news and informational sites, like News.com.au and SMH.com.au?

Through our proprietary research and analysis approach, we can help you develop data-informed content that fuels your PR initiatives.

Paid Search and Display Advertising

As you know, SEO services generate organic traffic (non-paid traffic) to your website.

On the other hand, paid ad platforms, like Google Ads and Bing Ads, manage and display advertisements on SERPs (search engine results pages) and partner sites. 

As a paid option, advertising can be expensive. Plus, once you stop running ads, the corresponding traffic also stops. 

Combining enterprise SEO and paid ads can improve your overall marketing returns in three ways. 

First, ads will only be a part of your digital marketing game plan.  

Thus, you won’t have to rely much on paid solutions. You could use your extra budget to focus on the business side of things, like improving your products’ quality or developing new products.

Second, you could extend your online reach by capturing the top spots on organic and paid search results. 

For example, did you know that only 30% of searchers click on Google Ads? The other 70% goes straight to the top three organic search results. 

Targeting solely the 30% while ignoring the 70% won’t work well for your goal to dominate the market, especially if you’re competing against the big names in the industry.

Third, paid advertising focuses on immediate results, like quick leads and sales. SEO can supplement this effort by generating scalable, long-term results with less investment. 

Enterprise SEO and paid advertising have pros and cons, and many clients use both (as they get results from each) to pump up overall ROI (return on investment).

When you consult with us, you won’t talk with smooth-talking salespeople. 

Before pitching anything, we deeply dive into your situation to fully understand what you want and need.  

Then, we help you find the ideal mix of SEO and paid advertising to help you get the most out of each online marketing strategy.

Social Media

Most people use social media (approximately 62% of the world’s population). 

In Australia alone, there are 20.80 million active social media users, with Australians aged 16 to 64 spending about two hours on social media daily. 

These statistics may explain why many businesses dedicate much of their marketing money to social media marketing, sometimes at the expense of other initiatives, including SEO.

But instead of trading SEO for social media, you might want to find how these options can work together to boost your overall marketing returns. 

For instance, John Mueller, a webmaster trends analyst at Google, said that social signals do not directly affect organic rankings on Google.

However, he mentioned that social media content may appear on SERPs, which could drive traffic to your website. 

Additionally, Google’s search quality guidelines mention social media posts as a factor raters use to evaluate the credibility of web pages

Our social media team can share killer content developed by our own content team (with the help of our content strategists and technical specialists) to drive organic traffic and engagement (all positive SEO signals).

Suppose you want to get the best of both worlds (SERPs and social media). In that case, your best bet is to work with an agency with outstanding credentials and expertise in social media marketing (not only in SEO).

Read how we revamped a losing Facebook ad campaign and drove $102,580.47 worth of extra sales in two months for free.

Dominate a Product or Service Category

An effective enterprise SEO strategy positions your business to searchers at every stage of their purchasing journey. 

As your products or services gain familiarity, you become a trusted brand for consumers regardless of where they are in the buying cycle. 

Searchers with different buying intent use various keywords even when looking for the same product or service. 

Say you’re in the plumbing industry. Some might discover your company by putting “plumbing supplies” in Google’s search engine.

Others searching for plumbing products or services might also discover you using a service-based keyword like “water heater installation” or “toilet repair.”

General keywords may drive decent traffic volume, but the more general the keyword, the lower the conversion rate. 

We can get and keep you ranked for product- and service-specific keywords through our unique, maths-based approach and cutting-edge tools and processes.

Holistic On-Page Optimisation

Enterprise SEO offers a comprehensive strategy for on-page optimisation, including high-quality content creation and technical SEO.

Every web page has two parts, and both contain specific on-page factors:

  • The head section, which you can’t see:
    • Title tag
    • Meta description
  • The body section, which you can see:
    • Headings (with Heading 1 or H1 being the biggest heading, Heading 2 or H2 being the second biggest heading, and so on)
    • Text (the only thing Google can read)

    In addition, when it comes to on-page SEO, there are some general rules to keep in mind that help communicate what your web page is all about, such as:

    1. The more important the keyword is, the closer it should be to the beginning of each section.
    2. Stuffing too many keywords on your page is a spammy method that can result in Google penalties.

    We ensure the application of these fundamental rules when improving on-page elements by accomplishing the following tasks:

    • Perform deep keyword research.
    • Create well-researched content briefs that will guide our content specialists. 
    • Conduct regular technical inspections to help Google index and rank your site.
    • Formulate a data-backed content strategy.
    • Check the quality of links to your site.

    Protecting Brand Reputation

    As a veteran business owner, you understand how crucial brand reputation is for engaging your target audience and maintaining a loyal customer base.

    One way to maintain a solid brand image is to appear on top-ranking web pages that feature your brand.

    Some large businesses control web assets, like social media profiles and websites, where they can promote their brand. 

    Others position their brand on third-party outlets, including online review platforms, news sites, and open-source informational pages (like Wikipedia).

    Expanding your digital footprint using these sources can help protect your brand during a brand reputation crisis.

    Our enterprise SEO boosts the search viability of your owned online properties and preferred content from other websites.

    How Important Is Brand Protection?

    We call the SEO effect above the “organic halo”. When Google consistently displays your brand as the ideal match to a search, searchers instantly think you’re the top brand.

    More websites, including highly authoritative ones, will link to your branded content.  

    This improved perception can insulate your brand from the worst effects of bad press (whether factual or misleading).

    Traditional SEO Just Doesn’t Cut It

    As with many other things in life, if you want bigger SEO results, you must expand your efforts and adopt a comprehensive approach. 

    Enterprise-level SEO offers sustainable and scalable results that conventional SEO solutions can’t. 

    For instance, traditional SEO typically optimises for a few long-tail keywords to help small businesses hit their target market. 

    Meanwhile, our enterprise SEO keyword strategy focuses on core longer tail keywords simultaneously at any time in addition to high-value and volume target pages. 

    In many cases, these factors give your site rankings for 40 to over 150 variations of these keywords on Google’s first page, thanks to our proprietary ranking technology.

    Plus, we optimise for as many profitable keywords as possible over time with no additional monthly fee (so long as you’re with us).

    Your Competition Level Is High

    As an enterprise business, you compete against hundreds of companies, including heavy hitters in the industry. And the competition doesn’t get easier the closer you get to the top.

    Traditional SEO can only take your website so far. It lacks the strategic depth that enterprise-level SEO offers.

    But don’t worry, all is not lost. The best enterprise SEO agencies can help you keep up with the unforgiving demands of the competition. 

    Here’s what Daniel Hersee, the director and strategy specialist of Black Lion Digital, a Newcastle-based digital marketing agency, has to say regarding the calibre of our SEO services: 

    “Unbeatable results and customer service. I have a social media agency, and I have used Digital Spotlight for over 10 clients, and they have all had exceptional results for SEO and Google Ads. There isn’t anything this incredible team doesn’t know about search engine optimisation or anything search marketing. Hire them before your competitor does!”

    Your Marketing Is to Scale

    One primary reason to invest in enterprise SEO solutions is to get a growth-oriented marketing strategy.

    Enterprise SEO doesn’t aim for quick or one-time wins. It aims to generate sustainable and scalable results.

    We only team up with businesses where we can genuinely add value. We’ll tell you if we think you have significant growth potential. We’ll also propose ways to transform this potential into reality. 

    From ensuring your site’s crawlability and indexability to developing keyword-optimised content for your web pages, we’ll help you devise an SEO play that grows with your business.

    Enterprise SEO Services

    Achieving and maintaining first-page rankings at a corporate level requires special skills, tools, and resources. Here are some of the services we offer through our SEO Enterprise package:


    SEO is a fast-changing game. The SEO playbook adapts to every shift in online consumer behaviour and advancements in search technology. 

    What worked for you yesterday won’t likely work today. 

    Legitimate agencies like Digital Spotlight specialise in adapting SEO campaigns to search systems and algorithm updates. We understand the latest SEO trends, techniques, and technologies.

    Our agency is founded by a pair of data-loving maths pros. Over the last decade, we’ve grown a massive dataset with information collected from investing millions of dollars for thousands of businesses in various niches. 

    As maths-adept people, we use this dataset to unlock insights that could help you generate hot, qualified leads at an unbelievably low acquisition cost.

    Advanced Technology

    Our SEO team researches, tests, and develops campaigns daily — it’s basically what they do all day. 

    Using our proprietary analysis process and multi-million dollar technology, our SEO experts can detect Google’s core algorithm updates before it publishes them. 

    Rate of Innovation and Development Cycles in Enterprise SEO

    Search platforms constantly innovate to ensure users get the most accurate and relevant answers to their queries. 

    Engineers, statisticians, and mathematicians — not marketers — develop search engines

    Do you want to stay on top of the SEO game? Your best bet is to partner with an SEO team that understands how these tech experts think and speak (maths and numbers).

    Our unique, maths-driven approach enables us to reinvent your enterprise platforms based on tools that are comparable to Google’s analysis.

    We can sniff out even the faintest ranking signals and anticipate search system changes before your competitors even catch a hint about them.

    System Availability

    Enterprise businesses, especially global ones, operate around the clock. If you want to keep pace with the changes, your SEO platforms should be constantly available. 

    Our highly technical SEO strategy ensures you have a fully optimised website with no errors, downtime, and congestion.

    Workflow and Project Management Workflow Resources

    One critical problem that massive websites have to deal with involves workflow management. 

    But this won’t be an issue when you partner with us because we follow a logical, systematic, and multi-step approach when developing SEO campaigns

    Here’s our general workflow for SEO Enterprise:

    1. When a client signs up for our services, we hold a kickoff meeting with the assigned team members and stakeholders to discuss the account’s objectives and deliverables.

    This meeting ensures alignment across all departments regarding the client’s primary goals.

    The deliverables vary depending on the client’s target and situation. For example, some may include link building, content creation, technical audits, and content briefs.

    1. We also develop a keyword strategy tailored to the client’s most profitable terms.
    2. Once we finalise the list of deliverables, the assigned account manager will create a sequence of tasks for involved team members to ensure timely completion.
    3. Then, we maintain a tracking sheet for all enterprise clients to ensure we stay within budget lines while meeting and, if possible, exceeding expectations.

    Sustaining the Health of Large Sites

    Things can fall through the cracks when managing a large enterprise site.

    Usual on-page issues, like broken links, duplicate content, and misleading heading tags, tend to get overlooked due to the sheer size of a website. 

    By the time you realise how unfit your site is for organic search, search engines could have already flagged it as useless and tucked your site away in the obscure parts of the internet.

    Unfortunately, no amount of influencer outreach or creative branding strategy can get you out of this digital quarantine. 

    Think of your site as a digital body. Like a physical human body, your site is what people (searchers) interact with (traffic or conversion). 

    Now, Google is like a vigilant health advisor that evaluates a site’s fitness for interaction based on whether it can meet people’s needs (answers to their queries).

    What happens if you have an ailing and neglected digital body? That’s right. Google won’t endorse you to people.

    It might recommend other viable partners (competitors), but not you. Google will bump you down or drop you from its index.

    Our job is to ensure this unfortunate event doesn’t happen, or if it already did, to help you recover quickly and soundly.

    Prioritisation of Tasks

    If you prioritise everything, you prioritise nothing.

    With so many tasks to do in enterprise SEO, how do we ensure we work on the most impactful projects? We seek to have a thorough understanding of your business’ unique goals, targets, and situation.

    One of our core values is “focusing on the 20%”, meaning we “focus on tasks and inputs that gets 80% of the results” and “remove the 20% of issues that stop us from getting the results.

    That’s why we investigate your case to identify core issues and solutions. Before and while managing your SEO campaigns, we research the most accurate answers to these guide questions:

    • Situation
      • Does the site have any indexing and crawlability issues?
      • What are the primary content, linking, and technical problems preventing the site from ranking for target keywords?
      • What is the ideal plan for solving identified issues? 
      • Are there factors that hinder the plan’s success? If so, what is the optimal way to handle them?
      • What are the primary reasons for the decline in rankings?
      • Can we list the order of issues from most impactful to least impactful, which will support better rankings for you?
      • Does the package include the solutions to these issues?
      • Is the solution within your package scope? 
      • Are there any site or package limitations that prevent us from resolving issues regarding your site’s ranking status?
      • What could be the potential downsides (if any) of your proposed plan in relation to traffic and rankings? How do you want us to handle them? 
      • If we were you, what would we want to know regarding the plan’s impact on traffic and rankings, especially for the keywords you care about?
      • Does your organic traffic and the referring domain count for your site show an increasing trend? If not, what is the primary reason?
      • What can you (as the client) do on your end to support us?
      • If rankings are already okay, how can we improve them?
      • Does your site have published content that thoroughly covers the topic model for your most important topics?
      • Are any other issues with your content preventing the site from ranking for its most important keywords? If yes, what’s the specific problem?
      • Is there a congruency in the site’s trend (for example, domain rating, content, rankings, and traffic)? If not, what is the specific issue?
    • Goals
      • What are the most essential keywords you want to rank for?
      • How long after the plan’s execution do you expect the rankings to improve?
      • Has your domain rating (the relative strength of your backlink’s profile) improved since you signed up with us? If not, why not?

    Data That Scales

    Our SEO strategy digs deep into the numbers. We use data modelling, multi-variant testing, and innovative statistical analysis to help scale your business. Through our maths-driven approach, you can achieve more leads and sales at a lower acquisition cost.

    Operational Scalability

    As an enterprise, you likely look for an agency you can partner with instead of just an SEO service provider. 

    Our agency is fully equipped to fulfil that need. In fact, we have clients who rely on us not only as marketing consultants but also as a strategic partner.

    With our help, you could manage an increasing workload without neglecting reliability and quality. 

    Enterprise-Grade Global Coverage

    Our head offices are in Newcastle and Sydney, and we’ve helped scale many local businesses to dominate their niche.

    But as an industry pioneer, we’ve also helped organisations take their place in the global market. 

    For example, CST Tax, an international tax and accounting firm, went to us because they want a global, lead-generating strategy as they scale. 

    We increased the firm’s organic traffic by 159% and organic leads by 388% within seven months of their partnership with us.

    Whether we’re based in Sydney, Newcastle, or elsewhere in the world, you’d want us to be on your team for the results we can get you.

    Integration With Top Data Sources and Data Integrity

    Enterprise SEO platforms use tools that enable efficient integration with data and analytics providers. 

    Aside from our advanced in-house technology, here are some of the tools we use for SEO:

    Google Search Console: This freemium service lets us do the following:

    • Check whether Google can crawl your website.
    • Discover issues concerning your site’s indexability. 
    • View Google Search traffic information for your website.
    • Get alerts when Google finds spam, indexing or other issues on your site.
    • See which sites link to your website.
    • Screaming Frog: This audit tool enables us to view, analyse and filter the crawl data as it is gathered and updated in the program’s user interface.

    We use Screaming Frog to improve your on-site SEO by extracting data and auditing for usual SEO issues.

    • Semrush: We use this software to check if a Google Penguin hits your site.

    The Google Penguin algorithm knows when you employ manipulative link-building practices. Poor-quality links will only harm your website’s performance in the long run. 

    Semrush also lets digital marketers do the following:

    • Access multiple local and national keywords.
    • Run a full-orbed technical SEO audit.
    • Track SERP rankings daily.
    • Analyse your domain’s backlink profile.
    • Google Analytics: This freemium web analytics service offered by Google monitors and reports website traffic.
    • Ahrefs: This measures your site’s rank and domain rating. 

    Ahrefs also provides a website authority checker, which lets users measure the quality and quantity of backlinks to a website.

    Support and Resources

    We’ve been in the SEO industry long before it became a marketing trend. 

    It is not an exaggeration to say that we’ve seen everything leading up to the current SEO situation — not as mere spectators on the sidelines but as first-hand participants in the fast-growing field of SEO. 

    We record all the data we’ve gathered from more than a decade of experience to develop the unique support mechanism and resources necessary to drive your business forward.

    SEO Research and Thought Leadership

    We’ve won multiple awards and recognitions, including:

    • 2x Deloitte Technology Fast 500 company: This award acknowledges the world’s fastest-growing technology firms.
    • 3x BRW (Business Review Weekly) Fast Starter: BRW’s Fast Starters list spotlights Australia’s fastest-growing, young companies.
    • 2x BRW Fast 100: This list showcases Australia’s fastest-growing, established companies.

    Here’s Ash, our chief executive officer, explaining how we’ve achieved these prestigious awards and gained local and global recognition as a leading agency:

    “[W]e’ve worked with hundreds of clients in over 7 countries… Based on our testing, experience and access, we’ve gained some insights that have helped our clients beat their competitors and dominate their niche. As a result of what we’ve been able to do for clients, we’ve won multiple awards, including Deloitte’s top 500 fastest tech companies two years in a row.

    Training and Certification for Teammates

    One of our core values is to “continually learn, grow, and upskill”. Our agency regularly provides training and check-ins for our staff to help them improve their knowledge and skills.

    Support and Training

    You expect high-level customer service from your partner agency as an enterprise business.

    Aside from quality client support, you want seasoned pros on your side who can resolve issues efficiently and effectively. These SEO experts offer real-world solutions to your unique concerns, including complex situations.

    With an industry leader like us, you’ll get these valuable insights. 

    We’ll help you learn how to spend to hit your profit metrics. But we won’t just help you maximise your budget and generate leads and sales. We’ll also help you understand what we’re doing to improve your SEO and why. 

    Enterprise SEO Keyword Strategy

    Google’s search system and algorithm are far more advanced and sophisticated than most average marketers think.  

    Using old-school keyword strategies such as loading as many keywords as possible on a web page won’t fly anymore.

    Instead of keyword stuffing, you need a maths-heavy keyword strategy and field-tested keyword analysis tools and processes.

    Keyword Research

    When researching which keywords to target and prioritise, we use and analyse these sources:

    • Google Ads and product listing ads (PLA)
    • Competitor’s rankings
    • Google Search Console and other keyword tools

    Our keyword selection process depends on the following factors:

    • Our understanding of your business and products or services
    • Monthly search volume data from Google
    • Competition levels for each key term
    • The customer’s stage in the buying cycle that each key term represents

    Category Keywords

    Category keywords are generic (non-branded) keywords related to your product or service.

    Nearly half (45%) of searchers who use one- to two-word keyterms do not click on a Google search result. They refine their query. 

    Even if these keywords bring a fair share of site visitors, they usually have low conversion rates. 

    Consequently, our standard keyword strategy doesn’t focus on generic keywords. That said, after we’ve ranked you for other profitable keywords, we can still rank you for them (if you still want to).

    We’d be happy to target them if they’re crucial for branding or other industry-related reasons. We aim to rank you for every keyword so you can totally dominate your niche.

    Product Keywords

    These keywords describe what you sell. 

    When selecting core keywords (keywords to target), we evaluate the following factors:

    • The most profitable product or service you offer
    • Projected traffic volumes
    • The searcher’s buying intent

    Bottom-of-the-Funnel (BOFU) Keywords

    The BOFU is the marketing funnel’s final stage, where prospects make their purchase decisions.

    Who better to target than these online consumers with intentions to buy your product? 

    That’s why our keyword strategy focuses on search terms representing users who are entering the market (ETM) and those already in the market (ITM):

    • ETM: Searchers at this stage are interested in a product like yours. They are unsure whether to purchase yet, but they’re very interested. 

    With the right content, these ETM searchers can be a good source of sales-generating traffic.

    • ITM: Searchers at this stage are deep in the buying cycle. They’re ready to buy and will buy from you or your competitor. The ITM population is the optimal source of sales-generating traffic.

    Optimise for Short-Tail Keywords

    Short-tail keywords represent broad topics and are crucial to keyword research since they function as “seed keywords”. They help generate keyword ideas.

    For example, the seed word “public relations” may generate terms like “public relations Australia.”

    When selecting which keywords to target, we search for seed keywords or the client’s product and then see the suggestions provided by Google.

    Branded Keywords

    These domain-specific keywords include your website’s brand name or variations of it. The two types of branded terms are domain and company name. 

    Searchers tend to visit popular or familiar websites. We take advantage of this tendency by placing your brand name at the beginning of your page’s title.

    Improve Content Marketing

    Your content marketing efforts underperform in SEO for various reasons. For instance, many marketers assume content marketing is just cramming as many keywords into a page as possible.

    However, relevant and high-quality content is algorithm-sensitive and data-informed.

    We have dedicated content developers who create original, engaging, rank-ready content. 

    They work closely with content strategists and technical specialists who study a search engine’s first page, extrapolate word count trends, and identify subtopics for your target keywords.

    Controlling the Entire Conversion Funnel

    A conversion funnel refers to the potential route the consumer takes leading to a purchase. 

    The “top, middle, and bottom conversion funnel” is divided into three stages with different priorities:

    • Top of the funnel (TOFU): Raising awareness for your products or services 
    • Middle of the funnel (MOFU): Engaging prospects to nudge them to product or service consideration
    • Bottom of the funnel (BOFU): Validating your products or services to move them from consideration to conversion

    We can put your business website before prospects whenever they search for your products or services, regardless of where they are in their buying journey

    That said, our SEO strategy targets users who are likely deep in the buying cycle or interested in your offer.

    Content Optimisation

    Through content optimisation, you enable search engines to determine what your content — and, by extension, your enterprise — is all about. 

    Search engines use the data in the search results to determine whether to display your content for relevant keywords.

    Our content creation service seeks high-value opportunities based on our keyword universe analysis. Then, we refresh or create additional content based on our deep SEO analysis.

    Our content team writes articles based on our analysis of the top 20 results for your target term. This investigation helps us determine these factors:

    • Word count
    • Terms and frequency (minimum and maximum frequency to ensure natural language)
    • Questions searchers ask 
    • Search intent being satisfied for your target head terms  
    • Content type
    • Clear content to keyword match
    • Cannibalisation analysis (cannibalisation happens when two or more pages compete for the same search term)

    Search Intent

    Whether you offer a superior service or product in the market doesn’t carry much weight if your content doesn’t match searchers’ intent.

    Prospective customers with buying intent won’t see your business first or, worse, know it even exists.

    Search engines rank pages based on content relevance and quality, domain authority, on-page elements, and other ranking factors.  

    But how do search engines quickly assess hundreds or thousands of websites using these metrics? The answer: algorithms

     For example, when searchers “Google” something, its algorithm scans the index. Then, Google displays pages relevant to their query in organic results. 

    Every year, Google makes thousands of core updates to its algorithm. These subtle and sometimes unexpected changes affect your website’s ranking prospects.

     Our SEO strategy can root out the slightest anomalies, indicating crucial shifts in Google’s search system.

    Duplicate Content

    Google penalises duplicate content. Your page’s content must at least be 30% unique. But we go beyond minimum expectations. Our content team writes plagiarism-free content to secure your page’s uniqueness. 

    Content Atomization Through Iterative Content Pieces

    Scaling content production is an ever-present challenge for many large enterprises

    Some companies deal with this issue by atomising their content. They develop and segment a long content piece into additional topics. 

    As for us, we don’t repurpose or reuse existing content word for word when writing an article.

    Content Atomization Through Different Formats

    Some websites atomise content through various content pieces and repurpose the source into other formats, such as guest posts.

    As part of our content strategy, we also produce various content types, like guest posts (articles made to be published on a third-party blog or website). That said, we only write 100% fresh and compelling articles.

    Localising Content

    Insightful and relevant content can attract quality traffic to your website. 

    We develop localised content to drive local leads and attract local backlinks. We use location-based keywords containing location-specific phrases to generate results related to a particular geographic location.

    Shipping Content

    Without content, search engines won’t have anything to rank. Unfortunately, despite the importance of content, enterprises usually struggle to ship (publish) it.

    Our well-trained content strategists can identify high-opportunity keywords to target with new pages and blog posts.

    They make well-researched content briefs that contain this info:

    • Total addressable search volume
    • Projected traffic
    • Recommended title, URL, target keywords, and headers

    Refresh Old Content, but Protect Domain Authority and Backlinks

    One of the primary challenges SEO teams face is creating factual, up-to-date content that follows current SEO standards. 

    However, you don’t want to remove old content that already has a high page authority and backlinks.

    So, we regularly audit clients’ content to determine what action to take to improve its organic rankings. After a thorough audit, we may do the following regarding a piece of content:

    • Rewrite
    • Leave as is
    • Optimise
    • Combine
    • Redirect

    When we refresh your content, we balance the need to update information and maintain the keywords for which your content is ranking.

    Watching Out for Non-unique Content

    We value original, engaging, and high-quality content. Our content specialists and internal editors ensure that articles are plagiarism-free and human-written.

    For example, you likely already know how AI (artificial intelligence) content creation has disrupted the content marketing industry. 

      Like many business owners, you want to be sure you’re getting value for money on unique content.

    We ensure the originality of our content using these well-known AI content detection applications:

    • Originality.ai
    • Copyleaks
    • Corrector App
    • AI Classifier
    • Content at Scale
    • Crossplag

    Our content team integrates your business objectives and unique selling points into every article we make for you.

    Don’t Neglect the Middle-of-the-Funnel

    Enterprise brands tend to value the opposite ends of the marketing funnel. 

    They’re either trying to get their name out there (top of the funnel) or making sales (bottom of the funnel). They often ignore what happens in between. 

    But the MOFU (middle of the funnel) can also be a good source of traffic as it represents online users researching and differentiating products.

    They may be unsure whether to choose your brand, but they’re very interested in making a purchase.

    While we focus on searchers who are ready to buy, our keyword strategy doesn’t neglect those entering the market.

    We can develop insightful, attention-grabbing, and persuasive content that moves searchers from knowing about your products or services to buying from you. 

    Drive Backlinks at Scale

    A backlink is also called an “incoming link” or “inbound link”. It is a virtual bridge between two or more websites.

    Think of these incoming links as an endorsement from one website to another. The more backlinks your website receives from authoritative sources, the stronger its online authority.

    We constantly research, outreach, and maximise linking opportunities. Here are three things we do for our link-building strategy:

    • Develop a strategy to choose your website’s right sites, link types, and target pages.
    • Explore and find fresh link opportunities non-stop.
    • Reach out and maintain communication with opportunity sites, from the first email to ongoing negotiations and placement.


    Publishers want content, so working with them is a smart move. This scenario is a win-win: you get backlinks and online exposure while they get high-quality content

    We tailor your content so it adds value to your and the publisher’s target audience

    Affiliate Programs

    An affiliate website promotes relevant products or services to site visitors in exchange for a sales commission. The marketer earns a commission from the company for every referral that results in a purchase.

    Where SEO Meets Brand: Using SEO to Bolster Brand

    Being a well-known brand is a double-edged sword. Sure, companies with high brand awareness (and quick SEO wins that follow that) may have high online visibility.

    However, these firms might be prone to miss significant opportunities due to overconfidence in their brand popularity or a general lack of insight.

    Our SEO Enterprise package solution doesn’t just aim at short-lived prominence. We want your brand to be trusted, not just recognised. 

    Avoiding an Overreliance on Brand Familiarity

    Search engines may use offline ranking factors such as brand familiarity or popularity. For example, Google ranks local search results based on prominence.

    A business’ prominence reflects how familiar it is to the market. If your brand is prominent offline, Google may display it in top local results.

    One mistake many businesses fall into in marketing is relying too much on brand familiarity. 

    Large and well-known enterprise brands may enjoy search result benefits due to their popularity, but they cannot rest in this alone.

    Google monitors content value with increasing sophistication. It checks whether the words and figures on your site are factual, relevant, and credible.

    Offline popularity is just one of the many factors Google uses to determine which page stays on top. 

    Targeting the “Brand Undecided” Customers

    Many customers today are brand agnostic, meaning they have no preference for one brand over another. 

    As such, searchers typically use non-branded terms to find what they want online. Our SEO strategy also targets this demographic.

    We can identify your most profitable target audience using our state-of-the-art dataset that functions as a multidimensional GPS (global positioning system).

    Enterprise SEO Audits

    Our 360-degree enterprise SEO audit is an in-depth website analysis to uncover penalties and other site errors that prevent your site from ranking well.

    During the preliminary SEO technical audit, we look for the following site issues (if there are any):

    • Thin or duplicate content
    • Indexing and crawlability problems
    • Low PageSpeed scores
    • Redirect checks

    Then, we recommend ways (where necessary) to minimise exposure to penalties. We also conduct monthly technical site crawls and audits to find issues that may be dragging down your website’s ranking and authority. 

    Here are some of the tasks we accomplish under our core SEO technical audits:

    • Gather data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Screaming Frog, and Ahrefs to get an idea about your site’s performance and provide initial optimisations.

    More importantly, we use the data to categorise and prioritise pages for a more in-depth analysis.

    Perform ongoing technical audit analysis and do the following:

    • Create a scorecard for your site. Under the “Summary” tab, we list high-level issues as soon as they’re discovered.

    Under the “Audit Scorecard” tab, grade each checked element, including:

    • A rundown of audit scorecards filled out as soon as it is ready 
    • A separate tab for each issue that lists the affected URLs

    A search console audit to uncover other issues and suggestions, like: 

    • Sitemap check to know which of your web pages Google knows
    • Robots.txt review to see if the search engine can crawl or access your site
    • Past link disavows and link penalty
    • Metadata for priority pages

    Explore your site using a manual review and data from various crawling tools to identify issues and optimisation opportunities based on technical aspects of your site. 

    Monitor SEO Performance

    We continue optimising your site as long as you’re with us. That’s why we track and collect data from your campaigns.

    For SEO Enterprise clients, we monitor and analyse your Google rankings weekly to check for penalties and site issues that are in line with our unique SEO process.

    Enterprise SEO Campaigns

    Developing a well-optimised website is tough work that most amateur agencies with less capacity or resources can’t handle. You need a fully equipped agency with a track record of success in SEO campaigns

    As an industry trailblazer, we have successfully managed over 2,103 client campaigns. We’re your dream team if you want a battle-tested digital marketing agency.

    Enterprise Link Acquisition

    We help key stakeholders understand link-building’s real-world impact. Link-building is all about earning, not buying links (unless you want search engines to penalise your website).

    Our link acquisition process focuses on finding relevant authority websites and blogs using various tactics, including the following:

    • Guest post campaigns
    • Unlinked mentions
    • Broken link-building campaigns
    • Resource page campaigns
    • “Skyscraper” outreach campaigns

    The quantity and quality of backlinks (links to your pages) help Google decide whether you’re a top brand. 

    Artificial, misleading, and manipulative links spell trouble for your ranking goals. They might even set off Google’s zero-tolerance policy for spammy links. 

    Instead of an endorsement, the search engine will penalise you or, worse, ban you entirely from the competition.

    We aim to boost your online authority by helping you develop a natural link profile. Here are additional ways enterprise companies get links naturally:

    Building Links Through Content Creation

    During content audit, we deep dive into your website’s existing content from an SEO perspective. 

    We examine information regarding traffic and impressions from the past 90 days and provide general recommendations for how to manage existing content moving forward, such as:

    • Pruning, refreshing or rewriting blog and resource content that no longer gains traffic
    • Improving existing resource content, especially on pages targeted for brand terms
    • Improving content structure, interlinking and delivery to ensure content credibility

    Then, we follow SEO-focused guidelines for future blog content creation and may do the following (when applicable):

    • Improve internal linking strategy.
    • Improve content tone.
    • Restructure content categories.
    • Improve the content’s general credibility.

    Using Social to Create Awareness Amongst Link Creators

    Social media can be a way to promote your online content. You can also use social profiles to build an audience that will link to you in the future. 

    Maintain Page Speed

    Site speed (how quickly visitors access your website) affects your search engine ranking. 

    While site speed is a ranking factor, it affects your page’s relevance less than other on-page factors, like a title tag, heading tag, body text, and link anchor text.

    Group Content in Subdomains

    Another enterprise SEO strategy is to organise your content into subdomains. 

    Subdomains make it more convenient for enterprise sites to organise its various functions, while also making it easier for site visitors to find said functions.

    Our SEO Enterprise solution provides a visual hierarchy sitemap, which shows how your site will be organised. We design this layout based on competitive analysis and data from our keyword research.

    Technical SEO

    Like preliminary technical audit, our technical SEO audit, gathers data from different sources, including, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Ahrefs, and Screaming Frog. 

    We do so to understand each page on your site, optimise and, most importantly, group and prioritise pages for more in-depth analysis in the following deliverables:

    Technical Audit Scorecard

    • Includes a “Summary” tab that mentions and highlights high-level issues
    • Has an “Audit Scorecard” tab featuring grades of “pass,” “fail,” or “not found” for each checked element
    • A separate tab for all identified issues which shows the affected URLs

    Slide deck

    • Easy-to-understand visuals showcasing the analysis of specific issues, including straightforward descriptions and screenshot images of the problems (if applicable)
    • Recommends immediate action items

    Search Console audit

    • A standalone Google Search Console audit will uncover issues and suggestions. Using this info, we’ll create an itemised checklist of issues and recommended action. 

    We might also implement all the necessary changes, including (but not limited to):

    • Schema review 
    • Messages, issues, warnings
    • Sitemap check
    • Robots.txt review
    • Link penalty
    • Metadata for priority pages
    • Hands-on review and analysis of data from diverse crawling tools to unearth issues and pinpoint optimisation opportunities rooted in the technical aspect of your site
    • Internal link analysis for crawlability and architecture

    Create Templates for Your Pages

    We only have a standard template for landing pages. For other web pages, we design the pages and ask the client for approval before we proceed with the development.

    Tools and Services to Support Enterprise SEO Strategies

    High hopes and good intentions won’t get you to the top of the SEO chain. You need data, numbers, and research to support your enterprise-level campaigns and give you a competitive edge. 

    That’s where we excel. Our experience and expertise in using state-of-the-art statistical tools and analysis to elevate clients’ marketing ROI set us apart from the herd. 

    We have well-developed systems and cutting-edge in-house tools built on more than a decade of solid research that continue to help Australian-run businesses build a strong search presence.


    We use Ahrefs to assess your website’s rank and domain rating.  Ahrefs’ rank tracker lets you monitor ranking progress for up to 10,000 keyword rankings in 216 locations.

    For each keyword, Ahrefs show this information:

    • Search volume
    • Keyword difficulty
    • Ranking position
    • Projected organic traffic
    • Ranking URL

    Google Analytics

    Google Analytics helps us monitor and understand your website’s traffic and user engagement.

    As we develop your enterprise site, we gather increasingly accurate information regarding your site’s performance. We create a report to learn what to adjust in our process and to pull better insights from your Google Analytics account.

    Enterprise SEO vs Traditional SEO: How Is Enterprise SEO Different From Other SEO?

    While enterprise SEO uses similar principles to traditional SEO, the two SEO options differ in scope and growth opportunities.

    Small-scale SEO (traditional) delivers as much growth as possible within budget constraints. 

    Corporate-level SEO (enterprise) focuses on campaign performance and scalability and may not have a fixed budget.

    Different SEO Tools

    Some companies use enterprise SEO tools to manage enterprise websites. 

    Like them, we also have unique in-house tools developed over a decade of investment in thousands of businesses.  

    But even with the usual tools, we follow a unique, maths-based SEO methodology. This approach helps us generate high-quality leads and sales for our clients.

    More Pages

    Enterprise sites hold more pages than typical websites. This fact doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

    More pages could mean more “first-page rankings” — but only if you have an integrated and detail-oriented SEO strategy.

    Our agency prides itself on being a one-stop shop for all your digital marketing needs.

    We have assembled a team of highly skilled and accomplished pros in the marketing industry — from content specialists to design experts to marketing masterminds.  

    Unique Backlink Opportunities

    Enterprise sites can tap into a similar set of link-building tactics to any website. However, they have more opportunities to build backlinks than other websites.

    These opportunities incur extra costs for content writing and placement fees. Note: The fee goes to the website — we don’t take a cent from it.

    The link must also meet these baseline metrics:

    • Domain rating: 15
    • Semrush traffic: 300

    Marketing Teams

    Many businesses have in-house digital marketing teams that handle basic marketing tasks, like entry-level SEO, social media, PPC (pay-per-click), and email marketing. They might be able to do these tasks with ease. 

    However, enterprise-level SEO requires specialised expertise and resources that in-house marketing departments can’t provide.

    Competent agencies like us can supply this need. We live and breathe SEO. We know its ins and outs like the back of our hands. 

    More Complex

    You can try optimising your website yourself. However, the race toward Google’s topmost organic search ranking position involves constantly facing complex algorithmic hurdles.   

    If you’re managing a huge website, things could get more complicated. More pages means more variables to optimise, data to analyse, and content to refresh.

    Constant tracking and testing are crucial to stay ahead of the game. 

    That’s why our SEO specialists dedicate much of their work hours to observing how Google’s search algorithm works to boost our clients’ campaigns. As search specialists, it’s what we do, day in and day out.

    Takes Longer to See Results

    Enterprise SEO is a medium-to-long-term strategy. We can give you a more accurate estimate of when our SEO strategy can take effect once we’ve investigated your situation further. 

    The bottom line is that the timeframe for results depends on your situation. 

    Any agency that guarantees to put you at the top of Google overnight is either clueless or lying.

    In reality, enterprise-level SEO takes time, even if you work with an industry leader like us. 

    That said, we aim to get on Google’s page one for a client’s keyword within four months.

    Requires a More Strategic Approach.

    Investing in enterprise SEO is a strategic marketing move wherein you can reap the rewards in the long term. 

    While you’re willing to spend on performance, you don’t have to break the bank to achieve significant returns.  

    You only need to work with the right team that can read, interpret, and use vast amounts of data to develop a high-level SEO strategy.

    Our CIO (Chief Innovation Officer), Anish, oversees all search research and development. In the SEO world, he’s the guy you want in your corner. Few people worldwide can manage SEO using statistics, segmentation, and data modelling.

    Here’s how we achieve sustained quality results for our clients: 

    • Our full-time researcher heads our process by investigating a significant algorithm change and analysing clients’ campaigns against our reliable dataset.
    • Once we have an idea, our specialists brainstorm and run tests to pinpoint the change.  
    • If the change is substantial, we begin refining our campaigns to capitalise on the boost.
    • We continue optimising after we’ve ranked you for some keywords. Our keyword research and ranking changes never stop as long as you’re with us.

    Case Study

    We have multiple case studies to show the results we’ve gotten for our SEO clients. Our case studies may include these sections:

    • Problem and Diagnosis: We list issues clients have regarding their SEO efforts.

    Then, we summarise our initial audit findings, including missed errors and technical penalties.

    • Approach: We show the steps we took to resolve said issues.
    • Outcome: We list the results we’ve gotten after revamping your SEO campaigns.

    For instance, Secure Parking, one of the largest parking operators worldwide, servicing Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney, only had 395 referring domains (unique domains linking to a website) and 46 keywords included in Google’s top 10 search results.

    Our diagnosis showed that the parking service provider had the following problems:

    1. Duplicate title tag 
    2. Duplicate, short, long, and missing meta descriptions
    3. Crawl errors (pages returning 404 Not Found error)

    Below were our recommendations based on the issues found during the preliminary technical audit:

    1. Create unique title tags and meta descriptions
    2. Redirect pages with 404 Not Found error to pages that exist on the site

    Then the results came in, and as of the time this was published, we’ve gotten Secure Parking these results:

    • A 115% increase in targeted traffic
    • A 241% increase in referring domains

    Secured rankings for 291 short-tail keywords (included in the Top 10), such as:

    • Parking
    • Suncorp parking
    • Goulburn parking
    • Wharf parking
    • SW1 parking

    Nobody likes a person who is all big talk and shows zero results. It can be even more frustrating when their false promises drain your hard-earned dollars.

    That’s why we share our SEO success stories: not to brag but to support our work. Research, data, and numbers are the lifeblood of our SEO approach. 

    Digital Spotlight: Everything You Need to Scale Your Enterprise SEO Strategy

    Our primary business has always been to put the spotlight on good businesses where there’s so much clutter.

    We’re the perfect fit for you if you want a partner agency that prioritises value over band-aid solutions.

    We don’t just aim to profit. In fact, we’re kind of picky when determining which clients to work with. We’ll tell you upfront if we don’t think we can help scale your business or existing strategy.

    When you call us, you won’t hear from slick salespeople. We listen first before suggesting possible solutions. 

    Why do we do so at a high cost to ourselves? Because we think it is only fair to quote you once we genuinely understand your company’s needs and situation.

    Getting Buy-In

    You’ve got a killer SEO idea that could make waves in all the right directions. But when the time comes to act on your plan, you hit a wall. That wall? Red tape. 

    Large companies tend to play safe, especially when money is involved. Often, this scenario means the in-house marketing department has to work hard to get buy-in (support) from the higher-ups before they can proceed with their SEO game plan.

    We understand this caution. A slight error in spending within a large enterprise may damage brand reputation and hurt profits.

    Work with a reputable agency like ours that can capitalise on high-yield opportunities. We’ll help you get compounded returns at minimal marketing costs.

    We’re business people at heart, but we focus on delivering results, not sweet-talking our way out of accountability.

    When you work with us, we’ll never push you to increase the marketing budget without first demonstrating that we’ve maximised the existing budget.

    In fact, we don’t make lock-in contracts. You stay with us because we earn your business monthly, not because of binding paperwork.

    Getting SEO off Its Island

    Integration is a crucial aspect of the enterprise SEO puzzle that most agencies and businesses overlook. Your agency must know how to weave SEO (budget, resources, and strategy) into the fabric of the entire organisation. 

    SEO’s impact is practically ineffective when it operates in isolation from other business and marketing activities. To unlock its full potential, we bridge those gaps and create productive channels between the different departments involved.

    Working Collaboratively With Dev Teams

    We work with an external website development team. We partner with them to ensure the proper implementation of our SEO adjustments.

    For example, when we unravel a new pattern in the search algorithm, we experiment on our own internal sites until we’ve isolated the real change.

    The impact of these changes can be so consequential that our web development partners adjust the way they build sites to capitalise on our discoveries. 

    So, what’s our game plan? We collaborate extensively with our web development partners to avoid unnecessary technical SEO mishaps. 

    Instilling SEO Best Practices in Content Teams

    You know you’ve created high-quality SEO content when it is original, data-informed, and compelling. 

    Our content team writes articles based on a well-researched content brief. Before publishing the content, our writers and editors ensure the article is exceptional, informative, and engaging.

    Many businesses think jamming keywords into new content is a good SEO campaign. They’re dead wrong. Google’s fast-evolving search system and algorithm can filter out clickbait-y posts and non-sensical web copy. 

    How do we write rank-ready articles for Google? Simple. We recognise what Google’s top-notch engineers are saying and follow their updates and recommendations. 


    Automation makes managing and running SEO campaigns more convenient for some. 

    As for us, we use Screaming Frog primarily for conducting audits and the Netpeak tool to see whether the bulk live links are indexed in Google. 

    Then, we send the audit results to the outreach specialist in charge, especially those not yet indexed.


    For enterprise clients, we send a monthly report and analysis detailing the following info:

    • Monthly and yearly organic traffic changes to crucial SEO landing pages
    • Overall periodic changes in keywords 
    • Engagement, conversions, sales and other crucial actions (conversions) from organic traffic
    • A full list of content and links built for that month and throughout the campaign

    We use Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio), an online data visualisation software, when creating our monthly reports. 

    Looker Studio lets us create customisable reports and dashboards using data from various sources, including Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Ahrefs.

    Why Hire Us?

    You know what you want: a steady stream of qualified leads without draining your budget. 

    The problem is that most — if not all — SEO companies you’ve worked with were only good at making bold commitments they can’t keep.  

    What about us? We do things differently. We don’t make promises – SEO has too many variables for anyone to give 100% assurance. But we’ll get the necessary job done and more. 

    You’d want to stay with us for only one reason: results. Whether commercial, medical, or financial — whatever industry you’re in — we deliver the outcome your business deserves.

    More than a Decade of Experience

    Our years of experience make us the ideal choice for enterprise SEO services. When you work with us, you can count on 15 years of industry experience and unique analytics-based marketing solutions. 

    We’ve got awards, case studies, and testimonials showing we can deliver your hoped-for results (you can read them in various sections of this article).

    Extremely High Retention

    Trust tends to be an overused buzzword in the digital marketing world. For us, it isn’t just a term to mix in a sales pitch. Trust forms the foundation of every interaction and decision we make. 

    We’ve been an industry leader for over a decade, helping scale thousands of businesses in major cities like Newcastle, Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne, as well as global brands.

    Our track record speaks for itself: 

    • 95.67% client retention rate
    • 2,103+ client campaigns 
    • 63.4% client average monthly spend

    How do we pull off these achievements? Whether they’re a large, multi-national corporation or a small, family-owned store, we value what our clients value.

    This principle drives us to help the business world’s “Davids” to defeat their industry’s “Goliaths”.  

    Thus, we don’t pitch. We listen, learn, advise (when applicable), and show how our unique, research-driven, and results-oriented enterprise SEO approach can deliver remarkable results you won’t get elsewhere.

    When you come to us, we won’t sweet-talk you into an agreement. We’ll tell you things as they are, not as we think you’d want to hear. 

    In fact, if we think enterprise SEO isn’t for you (and it isn’t for everyone), we’d rather say no than have you use your budget on a service you don’t need.

    Many of our clients appreciate our upfront communication style. Here’s what Philip K. Bonser of Goulburn Offroad Carts, a local distributor of off-road vehicles, says about us:

    “In your industry, where many take your money and do very little for it, you are a breath of fresh air for small businesses like mine.”

    Understand the Client’s Business Inside and Out

    While we’ve shown you why we’re an industry pioneer and leader, we don’t consider ourselves SEO gurus or mavens (nor do we want to be). 

    So, if you think we possess hidden knowledge regarding SEO and how search engines work, you’ll only be disappointed.

    The “secret” behind our agency’s ongoing success isn’t exactly a secret only the chosen few can discover. 

    It is more of a return to a classic business value that many business owners today forget. The forgotten value? Put the client first.

    One of our most important rules is to think of the client’s POV (point of view) first and ours second. 

    After carefully assessing a client’s case, we can give actionable insights and recommendations and develop strategies that generate meaningful business outcomes.

    Keep Up With the Latest Trends and Best Practices

    Few business owners and marketers understand that SEO success hinges on an agency’s research, specialised data management and analysis, and technical expertise. 

    Google evolves so quickly that only a few business websites can achieve, much less maintain, first-page client rankings.

    Our agency aims to make our clients digital marketplace leaders through the latest tools and techniques. This goal may be easier said than done.

    What goes into an effective SEO campaign is a whole other story that only battle-tested SEO veterans like us can tell. 

    Most novice agencies focus on quick fixes and “SEO hacks” and forget the timeless value of “keeping at it” for the long haul.

    Unlike them, we love doing the hard work of research and experimentation. Our SEO strategies are always based on digital patterns, Google guidelines, and the best industry practices.

    Create Customised Solutions

    Everything we do and suggest is tailored to your current situation, budget, and opportunity. We don’t do what most agencies do – put you in an off-the-shelf SEO process and hope the plan works.

    For instance, our SEO team develops a search and keyword plan strategy designed specifically for your business to set you apart from the competition.

    Here’s what we do during the search planning stage:

    • Conduct initial keyword research
    • Finalise keyword queue
    • Prepare keyword suggestions template

    We understand that every client has different needs, so every solution we come up with is based on the collaborative effort of our sales, technical specialists, content strategists and developers, and account management team. 

    Our Team Experts

    Our SEO team doesn’t engage in guesswork and leave the results to chance. As maths-loving SEO experts, they work diligently to enhance your online visibility, drive growth for your business, and put a level of certainty on future outcomes.

    Ensure Additional Staff to Take On the Extra Work

    An enterprise SEO strategy spans hundreds or thousands of web pages that tracking, reporting, and keeping up-to-date. You’ll likely need external help to do these tasks well.

    When you work with us, you’ve got a team of 70 top-performing pros from various parts of the world who are well-equipped to shoulder the extra marketing duties that an enterprise SEO demands.

    Assess Experience Levels

    Enterprise SEO isn’t for everyone. In fact, not every large organisation have the necessary resources and mindset to initiate it.

    That’s why we ensure we understand your experience with SEO and your current SEO strategy before we work with you.

    Our benchmarking analysis snapshots your data before working with us. The custom report includes this information:

    • Organic traffic insights from Google Analytics
    • Existing keyword rankings (branded and non-branded)
    • Indexation and sitemap status checks from Google Search Console
    • Current backlink profile analysis

    Improve Your User Experience

    User experience (UX) also increases your chances of winning in SEO. High-quality content would be less impactful if site visitors don’t have a smooth and enjoyable on-page experience. Google understands this concern.

    For example, mobile-friendliness is a Google search ranking factor. 

    Fortunately, mobile device optimisation is a part of our holistic SEO packages. We use specialised tools, like Core Web Vitals and PageSpeed Insights, to ensure your website meets Google’s mobile usability and ranking requirements.

    Core Web Vitals refers to metrics measuring user experience, specifically loading performance, interactivity, and the page’s visual stability.

    Free Services

    We offer a no-strings-attached consultation (for qualified businesses) and free technical audit. We can analyse your site’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities before you spend a cent on us.

    What Are the Types of SEO?

    Here are four types of SEO with different focus and scope:

    • On-page SEO 

    This SEO — also known as on-site SEO — optimises your website or page to improve organic search rankings and traffic. 

    On-page SEO optimises these factors to ensure your website has a high level of  authoritativeness, expertise, and credibility:

    • Headlines
    • HTML (hypertext markup language) tags, such as title, meta, and header
    • Images
    • Off-page SEO 

    Off-page (or off-site) SEO focuses on SEO factors external to your website, including the number of referring domains and the quality and quantity of backlinks.

    • Technical SEO

    This SEO approach optimises the site or its environment (for example, the hosting account, server, or the domain).

    • Local SEO

    Simply put, local SEO strengthens your local search presence. Local SEO tactics may include optimising your NAP (name, address, and phone number) on every web page and maintaining an accurate Google Business Profile.

    Need Help With Enterprise SEO?

    Many SEO agencies are all talk and no action. They promise the world but will hang your company out to dry when the going gets tough.

    But in SEO, you need a strategic partner agency with real-world experience and know-how to help your company genuinely grow. 

    You need a team that values what you value, has a high level of expertise, and can integrate data-backed SEO into your existing marketing strategy.

    That’s where we come in. We’ve built and run successful enterprise SEO campaigns in Australia and worldwide, so we know firsthand what it takes to establish and boost your online presence.

    We don’t use your hard-earned money in a hit-or-miss approach — we develop realistic strategies that drive actual results for your business.

    Are you ready to dominate in your niche? Email us today at [email protected] or call us at 1300 891 181 for a pitch-free consultation. 

    We won’t sell. We’ll listen and, where appropriate, offer free, actionable insights to help you understand your enterprise SEO needs. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Why should you invest in an enterprise SEO solution?

    An enterprise SEO solution leverages unique and proprietary data to provide valuable insights about the industry and the development of market trends. 

    Enterprise SEO can be worth your investment if you want marketing scalability, bespoke solutions, and high-impact returns.

    It is a non-negotiable marketing strategy if you run an enterprise and want to dominate your niche

    1. Is enterprise SEO necessary? How do you know if you need enterprise SEO?

    You likely need enterprise SEO if you want a customised strategy at the corporate level that integrates SEO, content marketing, public relations, and social media.

    Still, you can book a consultation with us to see whether enterprise SEO suits your situation. 

    Don’t worry. When you call us, you won’t get the hard sell treatment. We listen to our clients before giving suggestions or pitching anything. We only partner with businesses we know we can help scale. 

    Why do we do so at a high cost to ourselves? Because we don’t think it’s fair to quote you before we understand your company’s needs.

    1. How do we develop enterprise SEO strategies?

    We take a realistic and maths-heavy approach when developing enterprise SEO strategies

    We don’t guarantee anything, but rather, we strive to provide the best service possible and work towards sustainably improving your website’s organic search presence.

    Laser-focused analysis, exclusive tools and resources, a wealth of experience, and a record of real-world success — you’ll get all these upsides when you work with a numbers-based and results-oriented industry leader like us.

    1. How long does it take to observe enterprise SEO’s impact?

    SEO results depend on your website’s problems and current online authority. Sometimes, we can help sites reach the top spot in the SERPs in less than a month. 

    The sites we’ve done this for already have a strong SEO foundation and many easy opportunities for us to capitalise on quickly.

    However, if a website has significant underlying issues, it will take a while to resolve. The good news is that we can usually identify your site’s current problems and how difficult or easy they are to fix.

    That said, we aim to reach the top SERPs for a client’s keyword within four months.

    1. Do you actually need to build links?

    Yes. Getting relevant links from authoritative sources will help build your domain authority. 

    Ideally, all SEO enterprise clients should have a link-building strategy to maximise their SEO investment.

    Suppose a link-building strategy does not align with the client’s budget. In that case, we will focus on priority pages, keywords, and content pages.

    1. What’s our process for enterprise-level link acquisition?

    Our outreach team requests a link-building strategy from our content strategists. Through this collaboration, the outreach team will have a list of important link-building pages and know the corresponding target number of links necessary for each page to rank.

    1. Can Digital Spotlight assist with enterprise e-Commerce campaigns?

    Yes. We’ve helped scale many businesses in the eCommerce industry. 

    Once, an eCommerce fashion retailer asked for our help. Its organic traffic was declining despite growth in other marketing areas. 

    In less than nine months, we helped the company achieve the #1 spot for a highly profitable keyword, generating an extra $800,000 in sales.

    Few eCommerce brands understand that SEO success depends on the agency’s data collection, research, and innovation expertise.

    Google evolves so fast that only a few agencies can keep pace. We are one of the few. 

    Our unique maths- and research-driven SEO strategy has helped grow businesses as large as international organisations and as small as family-run online stores.

    1. Are your services safe and compliant with Google requirements?

    Yes. We only use tactics that comply with Google’s core policies. 

     Any agency guaranteeing an instant number-one ranking on a SERP is probably using black hat (unethical) tactics. They will ditch you as soon as Google penalises your website, leaving you with the overwhelming task of damage repair.

    How about us? We don’t make grandiose promises. Instead, we depend on data-driven strategies and our technical expertise to identify the most promising opportunities for your business.

    1. How do we collaborate with our in-house marketing team?

    We act as an extension of your marketing team

    Our main offices are in Australia (Sydney and Newcastle), but our team is spread worldwide. Our team comprises people from Australia, the United States, the Philippines, and Germany.

    But we don’t “outsource” our services to random people online who don’t understand SEO and are not accountable to us. 

    Instead, we train our people. We have a global team of seasoned and highly qualified professionals who undergo our training, work for the agency full-time, and meet our qualifications.

    We’d love to help, but if we think SEO isn’t right for you – and it isn’t ideal for every enterprise business – we’d rather say no outright than have you spend thousands of dollars on something that would not work.

    Want to figure out whether our SEO Enterprise package solution is for you? Book a no-pitch consultation today and discover how our unique enterprise SEO approach can help scale your business.

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