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Business Owners Trust Us to Deliver Results.

Maybe you’ve advertised through Google and Facebook Ads, but your audience is also frequently on Instagram. So you’ll want to target users on this photo- and video-based social media platform to generate sales.

It won’t be a surprise if some people have tried running Instagram Ads on their own but don’t get it right.

A digital marketing agency like Digital Spotlight can provide Instagram advertising expertise to help achieve the results you want.

Other entrepreneurs may be worried that Instagram advertising may not be worth it.

But our data-driven and maths-based approach can help you look for the right advertising solutions while keeping costs down, so you get more for what you pay for.

Instagram and Facebook are run by mathematicians, the same kind of people who operate our company. And because Digital Spotlight is founded by experts in statistical analysis, we understand how Instagram and Facebook work.

Drive Sales Using an Instagram Ads Agency like Digital Spotlight

In a constantly shifting online environment with ever-changing rules and relentless opposition, it helps to have an ace up your sleeve. And what could be a better trump card than working with people who speak the same language as those who make the rules?

How Do Instagram Ads Reach Your Customers?

Instagram has a plethora of advertising formats like images, videos, explore, carousel, and shopping ads that can seamlessly integrate your brand into its platform. 

Your Instagram ads can look almost as aesthetically pleasing as other posts, opening opportunities to attract potential customers.

Through Instagram advertising, you can place ads in many ways. You can create ads that appear on people’s feeds and even target users who love browsing through Instagram Stories. You can also share your content organically from your account and extend your reach through paid advertising.

Build Your Brand With an Instagram Advertising Company like Digital Spotlight

To start winning leads and sales in Instagram advertising, you need a digital marketing agency that speaks the same language as those who run the social media platform. And that’s where we come in.

When you build your brand with us, you get to experience the following:

  • Sharper returns: Our analysis models depend on accurately tracking advertising spend versus returns, so we can focus on efficiencies that mean lower costs per lead for you.
  • Real audience insights: We can dig deep into Instagram and Facebook data to help you make better marketing decisions, like determining which groups to target to generate better returns.
  • A maths-driven approach: Digital Spotlight is run by experts in statistical analysis, the same maths that built Instagram and Facebook. In other words, how those social media experts think is similar to us.

What Is an Instagram Agency?

An Instagram marketing agency helps your business attract and engage the right audience on Instagram, making this platform ideal for brands wanting to connect with customers on a visual level.

What Do Instagram Marketing Agencies Do to Grow?

When it comes to social media advertising, Instagram marketing companies specialise in different fields. Some agencies focus on Instagram campaigns only. Others mix and match services so the agency can grow and help you build a cross-channel strategy on Instagram, Facebook, and other marketing platforms.

At Digital Spotlight, we offer a wide range of services aside from Instagram and Facebook marketing. We’re a full-service agency that also provides search engine optimisation (SEO), Google Ads management, and Bing Ads marketing services.

What Is Instagram Management?

Instagram is a constantly-evolving platform that helps level the playing field in the digital marketing world. This platform allows even the smallest start-ups to get the same opportunities as the most prominent businesses worldwide.

In 2022, about 50% of Instagram users were documented to follow at least one business or brand. Additionally, the platform has helped 80% of its users decide what product or service to buy.

With these numbers, an excellent content strategy executed correctly on this social media platform could mean better business opportunities. And while getting likes and engagements is a common marketing goal we hear from clients, we can offer more: a stream of qualified leads and sales and return on investment.

Digital Spotlight’s Instagram Ads management expertise can help you turn that potential into reality and let your business reach its desired customer base. Ask us how.

The Benefits of Working With an Instagram Advertising Agency like Digital Spotlight

So what can Digital Spotlight offer you that can benefit your business through Instagram? You can get the following if you let us work with you:

Audience Targeting

Our statistical analysis expertise can help target your audience based on age, gender, interests, location, and specific behaviours in ways the guys running Instagram understand so you can reach the people who want your products.

Intelligent Reporting

We have the proper reporting and management tools to bring your Instagram advertising campaign to the next level. Our analysis tools can offer deep insights into your social media ads to help you uncover what format performs best and earn you more sales.

Conversion Tracking

We implement conversion rate tracking on our Instagram Ads campaigns to help determine which audience and ads provide the best ROI.

eCommerce Campaigns

Our Instagram Ads solutions can work well with eCommerce companies wanting to thrive in the digital marketplace. Our team of experts can help create the right advertising message, run your online campaigns, and streamline effective strategies to achieve your objectives.

Instagram Strategy

We can help businesses that use paid social media advertising to increase their visibility and generate sales. Instagram Ads provide an opportunity to create strategies that can help increase followers, get people to click on links, and buy your products and services.

Boost Engagement

With the right social media advertising strategies, Instagram Ads can help you get more engagement on your page.

Grow Your Business With Instagram Management

The right management tools for your digital advertising campaigns can give you numerous benefits and let you reach new heights. With Instagram Management, you can:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Market your products and services effectively
  • Direct social media traffic to your website
  • Connect with the right audience, like influencers and bloggers
  • Determine what content (text, images, and videos) will work best for your campaign
  • Deliver results through compelling ads and increase sales
  • Generate the best Instagram hashtags that can deliver more engagement

How Can Our Instagram Marketing Help With Your Revenue?

Experts estimate Instagram’s social network advertising revenue to be around $25.05 billion. From this number, you can imagine how powerful this social network can be in driving the marketing results you need for your business.

And Digital Spotlight can help you with Instagram marketing to achieve those results through the following:

Instagram Audit

We’ll analyse your Instagram accounts and advertising campaigns to give you an image of your digital marketing strategy. This way, you’ll know what we can do to improve your reach and increase sales.

Instagram Ads Creation

After identifying your target audience, we’ll create engaging content that can help drive traffic, convert visitors to clients, and build customer trust. With Instagram Ads, you can create video ads, carousels, newsfeed ads, and stories to capture the audience’s attention.

Results Optimisation

We design our Instagram advertising strategies to generate leads and sales for our clients. We use statistical analysis on big data to ensure that our solutions are tailored to your campaigns, turning those hard-earned leads into profitable returns on investment.

ROIDriven Approach

We understand how much ROI (return on investment) means to you and your business. That’s why we create Instagram Ads campaigns with your ROI goals in mind to help us focus on determining the realistic returns for your Instagram ad campaigns.

Powerful Optimisation

We optimise your campaigns by determining the messages or images that are the most effective at converting visitors into sales. Meanwhile, our campaign management can help you coordinate multiple ads on Instagram and Facebook.

Strategic Instagram Advertising

Instagram’s robust advertising platform allows us to develop a strategy focused on your target audience’s demographics to get your ideal customers interested in your content.

Targeting the Right Audience

Unlike other social media marketing agencies, we use a more targeted approach to attract the right people to your account by using extensive hashtags research and engagement strategy.

100% Real Organic Followers

Instagram and Facebook have the technology to “clone” your valuable customers, so these platforms can analyse your customer database and find the users with your preferred demographics and behaviours.

Despite this feature, we strictly don’t use fake accounts. Instead, we grow your Instagram account organically by introducing your brand to thousands of real and targeted users each month.

Convert Fans to Loyal Customers

There’s this concept in marketing called the “rule of seven,” which means a customer must see a message seven times before they make a purchase.

While this concept is already old practice, you can use it as a baseline to see how our highly targeted Instagram marketing campaigns and creative content strategy can convert visitors to loyal customers.

Why Digital Spotlight for Instagram Marketing?

Working with us means you’ll be backed by a team of advertising campaign experts with an extensive understanding of Instagram and Facebook’s algorithms. So even without becoming an Instagram marketing expert, you can continue growing your business.

Instagram Marketing Agency – Guaranteed Results

We won’t promise the moon. But what we can guarantee you is that we only work with clients for whom we know we can generate serious ROI. This way, we can listen to your needs and provide realistic solutions.

And if that’s not enough, we’ll provide you with a no-pitch, no-obligation consultation. We won’t bill you a cent upon initial consultation, so call us today and discover the solutions we have in store for you.

Content Recommendations

If you believe that likes and engagement are a vital part of your Instagram campaigns, we can quickly deliver those for you.

But our real strength—and this is where you find the real value—is in growing your business through a stream of qualified leads and sales.

Even clients who swear by the effectiveness of graphic design, influencer marketing, and web design for Instagram and Facebook can see what we can do for their return on investment.

Deep Knowledge of the Platform

Instagram has many unique features like Instagram Stories and IGTV (Instagram Television) that you should be aware of so you can maximise their use. Each feature requires distinct marketing strategies, which Digital Spotlight can provide.

Industry Knowledge

Digital Spotlight has worked with numerous companies from different industries. So we have a good idea—and the data to back it up—of what sort of online marketing content you need to stand out.

Our deep industry knowledge can also provide you with ideas for hashtag and content creation strategies.

Transparent Reporting

Performance and data-driven reporting can influence your advertising choices. So we make sure to give you all the information you need through high-quality, transparent reporting so you can make informed decisions.

Access to Useful Tools

Digital Spotlight has access to powerful analytical and reporting tools that can provide deep insights into your marketplace and audience to give you the best possible data.

ResultsDriven Approach

Results should be the only thing keeping you tied to a marketing agency, not a piece of paper locking you in despite lacklustre outcomes.

Our Instagram Marketing Process

With Digital Spotlight’s Instagram and Facebook Ads management services, you can reach your audience and keep them coming back by helping you with these three things:

  • Retarget: Put your brand on top of your website visitors’ minds as they continue their buying journey, and let them know that you’re there for them when they convert.
  • Reintroduce: Increase your email list’s open rates by syncing Instagram and Facebook’s retargeting list with your email marketing campaigns.
  • Reappear: Make your potential customers aware of your brand by appearing before them on Instagram, Facebook, their favourite apps, and frequently-visited websites.

Our Difference

We can go on for hours about what makes us different from other Instagram advertising agencies. But what matters most are our offers that can benefit your business and that you won’t just find anywhere else:

  • We don’t leave a lead on the table: Our experts know all the options needed to attract your leads at the lowest acquisition cost, so rest assured that none of your leads gets left behind.
  • Leave it to us or learn something from us: At Digital Spotlight, we’re with you for the long haul. So leave the work to us, and rest assured that we’ll always tell you what we’re doing and how your brand is faring.
  • No lock-in contracts: We don’t lock our clients in because we know we can constantly deliver leads.
  • No secrets: We’ll manage your Instagram and Facebook Ads accounts, and you can see everything we do. And if you need to take back control, you can do so whenever the need arises.

Are You Ready to Hire the Right Instagram Marketing Agency?

You may miss out on potential customers every day you spend without the right Instagram marketing campaigns. So contact us today for a free, no-pitch consultation and see how our Instagram marketing solutions can help you win those leads and convert them to sales.

Instagram Marketing and Management Services

We analyse your Instagram marketing campaign metrics every day. So we’re constantly updated on Facebook and Instagram’s minute-by-minute changes, giving us a high data volume from managing millions of advertising dollars for hundreds of clients.






Want to Go Big With Instagram?

When you work with us, your business has the potential to make it big time on Instagram. One of our clients did, and we turned around their failing Instagram and Facebook Ads campaign to generate an extra $102,580.47 in sales—for no additional cost!

What’s Happening?

Instagram is no longer just about selfies and filtered photos of your comfort food. This social media app has transformed into a worldwide marketing platform where you can get left behind if you’re not on board.

The Current Instagram Landscape

Instagram has become a far-reaching social media platform that traces its humble beginnings to selfies and memes. For every person in Australia, there’s a brand utilising Instagram for its social media marketing needs.

To capture your audience’s attention and keep them interested enough to buy, you should market your business through engaging content, regular posts, and a recognisable brand.

We Don’t Only Offer Instagram Advertising Services

Want to take advantage of Digital Spotlight’s full suite of digital marketing services? Aside from Instagram and Facebook Ads management, we also offer:

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Google Ads Management

Bing Ads Management


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Average client ROAS


Number of client campaigns we’ve worked on


How does Instagram Ads targeting really work?

Instagram users develop behaviours based on their interests and interactions, including likes, comments, follows, shares, and other predefined interests.

Other user details include location, age and other demographic characteristics.

You can set your targeting to be broad or specific depending on these user details to suit your brand, product, or service.

Is Instagram advertising suitable for my business?

Instagram is a platform that any business can utilise because it’s excellent for building brand awareness and refining your brand image.

To know whether Instagram advertising is the right solution for your needs, contact Digital Spotlight for a free consultation.

Why should I use your service? Can’t I run ads on my own?

You can definitely run ads by yourself and set up ads using your research, target audience, and criteria.

But what we have is expertise and years of data that have helped refine our understanding of digital marketing and paid ads.

Is Instagram advertising expensive?

If you think Instagram advertising costs a lot, whether you’re a small business or a large organisation, wait until you see your business’ potential revenue.

In other words, once you see your sales pick up, Instagram Ads won’t seem as expensive as you think.

How much does Instagram advertising cost?

Instagram Adspricing is flexible, depending on what your needs are and what campaign you’re running.

As a comparison, one of our clients spent $35,392.41 for a marketing campaign. Our efforts resulted in 966 sales valued at $223,976.44, with a cost per sale of $36.64.

Can I use Instagram Ads to get more followers?

You can’t buy followers. But you can promote your content to people who don’t follow you yet.

Your ads will appear with a small “Sponsored” label in users’ feeds and explore pages, so users can click these ads and potentially follow your page.

How long does it take for Instagram marketing to get started?

How long it takes for your Instagram campaign to start working depends on your situation and marketing needs. Some clients’ brands can take a couple of months, while others need a year or more before significant results are reported.

Is Digital Spotlight the best social media advertising agency?

We don’t offer any guarantees, but we can deliver results. Results that meet or exceed your ROI targets. And while we won’t claim to be the best social media advertising agency, our case studies and client testimonials can speak for themselves.

Call us at 1300-891-181 or email us at [email protected] for a free, no-obligation consultation to see how Instagram Ads can fit your brand’s needs.

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  • We have been working with the team at Digital Spotlight for over five years now. Their expertise, timeliness, and attention to detail have been instrumental to the success of our digital marketing. Most recently they worked closely with us on a complete website relaunch. With a project like this you would generally expect to see a short-term drop in SEO due to the sheer number of changes, however not only did we not see a drop in our rankings, but they actually increased substantially! We cannot thank Digital Spotlight enough for their support and the care they took to ensure this project was a resounding success.
    It has been an absolute pleasure to work with the Digital Spotlight team over the years and I would highly recommend their digital services.

    Iris Lever , CMO at PropertyMe
  • I can’t believe how well PPC works. We can’t keep up. Many thanks for everything You & your team are doing

    Joseph Khoury , Tree and Garden Solutions
  • We have too much work booked and are at full capacity. We are adding staff and resources … Thanks again and I would highly recommend you guys ,you have been brilliant

    Daren , Zeroharm l Fire Protection l Electrical Test and Tag I Pest Management
  • You and your team were able to get us leads for almost half the price we were getting before, and the quality of leads were more than 50% better… in only 4 weeks…

    Yuri Marshall , Visaone
  • I’ve been with Digital Spotlight 6 months, and the results have been terrific… many search terms related to my business, and my rankings have steadily grown each month…

    Director , Eastside Speech Solutions
  • In your industry where many take your money and do very little for it you are a breath of fresh air for small businesses like mine…

    Philip K. Bonser , Goulburn Offroad Carts
  • The outcome was beyond my expectation; we are very pleased with the results and their excellent customer service….I would highly recommend Digital Spotlight’s services for your business!…

    Sophie Sutjiadi , Grace Hotel
  • The first serious website lead we had translated into a 200,000.00 fitout… Digital Spotlight have paid for themselves many times over and I would highly recommend their commitment and service

    Tim Lassig , Director Hospitality Fitout Specialists
  • I now think of how much money I wasted before I contacted your company… and without reservation recommend [Digital Spotlight] to any Organisation or Individual

    Martin Roschach , Director Reach for Life Health
  • Working with Blake and Digital Spotlight has been great, we took the time to figure out a realistic strategy which has helped our organic rankings immensely! We are now on the front page for so many head terms that were previously out of reach!

    Sean Hearsee , Managing Director Sage Painting
  • Blake and his team are brilliant to work with! Great communication and extremely skilled to deliver awesome results. Thank you!

    Jordi Twomey , Twomey Dispute Lawyers
  • We have been very pleased with our decision to engage Digital Spotlight to manage and and improve our SEO. Blake, John and the rest of their team are very responsive and know their stuff. After some bad experiences with other providers in this space, we're not going anywhere.

    Managing Director , Avlaw Aviation Consulting