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Perth Business Owners Trust Us to Deliver Results

Despite having 2.1 million residents, there were only 12,375 registered businesses in Perth. In contrast, Queensland’s Gold Coast, which has around a third of Perth’s population, had 76,262.

Fewer business owners to contend with means you have more chances of capturing your target audience— all that’s left for you to do is market your products or services.

However, promoting your Perth-based enterprise, particularly online, is where the challenge lies. Most of your competition is likely using digital marketing strategies to stay ahead.

So, what do you do? You fight fire with fire. But what if you’ve invested time and money in SEO efforts before and never saw your desired results?

If you’ve reached a point where your Perth business is struggling to generate the leads and sales essential for growth, even after paying a Perth SEO agency your hard-earned money, it’s understandable to feel disheartened and frustrated.

To that, we say, “Don’t give up! You just haven’t found the right digital advertising company to work with.” So, how will working with us— Digital Spotlight — be different?

For starters, we won’t charge you a single cent until we understand the barriers your Perth venture is facing and, most certainly, not until we’re 100% sure we can deliver the SEO results you’re looking for.

We understand that you’ve probably heard promises like these before. That’s why we won’t pitch. That’s not us. Instead, we’ll let the numbers speak for themselves.

“Working with Digital Spotlight has been great! We took the time to figure out a realistic strategy, which has helped our organic rankings immensely!

We are now on the front page for so many head terms that were previously out of reach!”

Sean Hersee | Sage Painting

How Highly Relevant Traffic Increases Conversion

What qualities do you think a high-performing business website should have? If you answered, “It generates internet traffic,” you would be correct. Unfortunately, not all web traffic is created equal.

Marketing your business’ products or services to a broad audience can mean more visitors to your web pages and content. Doing so is essential for improving brand awareness and establishing a robust online presence.

However, high quantities of traffic alone might not be enough to grow your Perth business. For this reason, you must also work on getting high-quality traffic.

So, how do you do that? Simple— you advertise to people searching for businesses like yours and interested in similar products or services. These individuals are likelier to become customers, resulting in more leads and conversions.

Grow Your Perth Business With Our SEO Agency’s Holistic Approach

While we make getting highly relevant traffic seem straightforward, the process can be significantly complex.

Google and other search engines never stop tweaking their algorithms to match user search queries with the most relevant websites. In other words, your marketing strategies must align with these changes. Otherwise, you won’t get results.

The question is: “Can you make your business web pages and content relevant to your potential customers faster than search engine engineers make code amendments?”

Fortunately, you don’t have to. Our experienced search engine optimisation (SEO) team will do the heavy lifting for you. We use statistics, segmentation, and modelling to find patterns and use that information to ensure your ideal customer can find you online, anytime and on any device.

Rank in Google

Try searching for your business, products, or services on Google. Now, what do you see? Are any of your web pages on the first page of the search engine results?

If not, it means that Google doesn’t see your content as relevant as the ones on the top of the list are. Unfortunately, when Google ranks your content low, searchers can’t help but believe that your offerings aren’t for them.

Generally speaking, the higher a page is on Google’s search engine results page (SERP), the more relevant it is to the user’s query.

For this reason, our approach to SEO involves reverse engineering Google’s ranking system and identifying the elements that increase a website’s favourability towards the algorithm.

The Best Perth SEO Services

Many SEO agencies will tell you that the secret to getting highly relevant website traffic is to pump out as much content as possible. While this strategy may have worked, that’s no longer the case.

As mentioned, Google and other search engines continually evolve their algorithms. Some of the changes they make can turn websites that once raked in thousands of potential customers daily into ones that now barely get any visitors.

With us, you won’t ever have to worry about your Perth business getting wiped off the internet. We’re not gurus promising results based on outdated strategies and gut feelings.

Instead, we focus on maths. With over 15 years in the industry and more than 2,100 client campaigns, we’ve developed a winning formula using advanced statistical analysis to get you the traffic and, by extension, the conversions your business needs to dominate the Perth market.

The Importance of a Leading SEO Partner

Working with a “leading” online marketing company with a proven SEO system to handle your Perth-based business’ SEO can be beneficial for various reasons, including the increased likelihood of higher website rankings and conversion rates.

However, the most significant advantage of relegating SEO work to a trusted partner is that doing so lets you focus on running your venture.

Unfortunately, many SEO agencies claim they’re the “best.” So, we understand how it can be challenging to determine who’s telling the truth and who’s making false assertions and unrealistic promises.

Fortunately, there are seven questions you can ask to evaluate whether you’ve found the right SEO partner or not. These critical inquiries are the following:

  • Is the firm you’re considering more focused on explaining why it’s the “leading” SEO partner instead of understanding your business goals and challenges?
  • Is this “leading” digital marketing agency offering cookie-cutter solutions instead of crafting an approach tailored to your business’ unique problems?
  • Is it claiming to have X number of successful SEO campaigns but doesn’t have the data or testimonials to back this statement?
  • Is the SEO company asking you to sign a lock-in contract?
  • Does it lack certifications and access to insider information from the search engines you’re trying to optimise your website for?
  • Is the online advertising outfit spouting lines you’ve heard numerous times before while not offering anything unique or new?
  • Is its so-called “expertise” not even considered by financial experts and multi-billion dollar organisations?

If you answered yes to some or all of the seven questions, you may want to look elsewhere for your Perth businessorganic traffic and search engine ranking needs.

Are SEO Services Going to Work?

Having worked with an SEO company before that promised the world but failed to deliver is something you most likely share with many other businesses. So, we understand if you’re doubtful of SEO’s effectiveness in boosting your organic search rankings.

But the truth is that SEO services do work. We have a list of over 1,800 satisfied clients during our 15 years in the digital marketing business and a 95.67% client retention rate to prove this statement.

That said, all businesses are unique. Hence, our first job is to conduct a technical SEO audit. We do this to understand whether SEO is the appropriate marketing strategy for your Perth business.

If it isn’t, we’ll be the first to tell you. We don’t do what other agencies do. Instead, We’d let you walk away rather than convince you to invest your advertising budget into something that we know won’t work for your business.

“In [an] industry where many take your money and do very little for it, [Digital Spotlight] is a breath of fresh air for small businesses like mine.”

Philip Bonser | Goulburn Offroad Carts


Call us at 1300-891-181 or email us at [email protected] to talk to our SEO experts about the best course of action for your Perth business’ growth.

What Is SEO?

When people are searching for a product or a service on the internet, where do you think they go? You’d think they’d visit online marketplaces and classifieds websites like Gumtree, Tradingpost, and Facebook Marketplace.

However, the statistic that says 93% of all online traffic comes from search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, suggests otherwise. In other words, if your business offerings don’t appear on search engines, they’re unlikely to be found by potential customers.

Search engine optimisation or SEO solves this problem by making your website content more easily searchable on the World Wide Web. This process includes improving your web pages’ technical configuration, creating high-quality content, and targeting relevant search terms or words.

What Is Local SEO?

Google started indexing or keeping a copy of websites in 1998. Since then, it has made countless updates to how it matches relevant content with user queries.

At some point, Google realised that searchers prefer results from their immediate area. After all, how would products or services halfway across the globe apply to you if you’re looking for a local option?

Enter local SEO, a strategy that focuses on helping your business’ online visibility within a specific geographic area. In your case, the City of Lights, Perth.

An example of local SEO is improving your Google My Business (GMB) listing, now known as Google Business Profile. This tool acts as a directory for your business across Google Search, Google Maps, and other Google platforms.

What Is the Difference Between SEO and SEM?

Although SEO and search engine marketing (SEM) are sometimes used interchangeably, they are distinct approaches to elevating your website’s search engine rankings.

As mentioned, SEO involves raising your web page rankings on SERPs through organic means, such as crafting content or targeting specific words and phrases relevant to your target audience.

On the other hand, SEM is an online marketing strategy that utilises paid advertising, such as pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. However, SEM can also include SEO. SEM can give you immediate results, as it “literally” lets you buy your position on SERPs.

Depending on your business challenges and goals, one might be the superior choice. Do understand, however, that SEM strategies like Google Ads campaigns pick up only 30% of users. In other words, 70% of searchers prefer organic search results.

Fortunately, you can use SEO and SEM simultaneously. In fact, some SEM approaches incorporate SEO techniques. Contact us if you want to determine which digital marketing method is appropriate for your Perth business.

Who Needs SEO Services?

If you’re a business owner who wants to promote your business products or services to a specific target demographic like Perth residents, you’ll benefit from SEO.

Still, every business, regardless of size or industry, can use a little search engine optimisation. After all, working with an experienced SEO team with a tailored strategy can help you rank higher in search engines, increasing traffic and boosting leads and sales.

How Our SEO Service Works

We don’t make promises— at least, not ones we can’t keep. If we can promise one thing, it’ll be our commitment to transparency. Unlike other SEO agencies, we won’t hide and hope you forget you’re paying for our SEO services.

We want you involved in every step of the journey to SEO success. With that in mind, here’s what our plan of attack will look like if you decide we are the ideal digital marketing firm for you:

Strategies Based on Content and Structure

Many SEO firms’ content strategy revolves around creating as much content as possible and hoping that some of them will hit the first page of SERPs. Unfortunately, this approach doesn’t work.

For this reason, our content and structure strategies rely on maths. Our SEO team looks for patterns in search engine algorithms to determine and match content creation efforts to what your target audience is searching for.

Website Authority

Google’s ranking system emphasises domain authority (DA). The greater your credibility, the higher the odds that your web pages become one of the first search results.

That said, Google considers various factors, such as content quality and backlinks, to determine how much authority to assign your website. When you work with us, you can be sure we’ll always work on raising your DA.

High Return on Investment

SEO services pricing can vary depending on market competitiveness, the project scope, and your chosen SEO provider.

Despite this variability, many firms say that SEO often provides a better return on investment (ROI) ratio than other online marketing strategies. Unfortunately, that’s only true if you get your desired outcomes.

If you ask our clients to describe us using a single word, we’re confident with what they’ll answer: “Results.” Businesses invest in our SEO services because that’s what we bring to the table: outcomes worth every cent.

On-Going Outcomes

With other digital marketing approaches like PPC, you only get results when you have an advertising budget. In contrast, SEO can provide leads and sales even after your campaigns end.

This sustainability is possible with our data segmentation strategy. We analyse niches, sometimes even sub-niches, to look for shifts in search engine algorithms— changes typically unnoticed by most SEO companies.

Cut Out Your Competition

With more and more searchers relying on search engines to find products or services, the battle for SERP real estate is becoming significantly fierce. However, you can reduce your competitors by keeping them out of the top organic results.

By working with us, you can do just that. We have the highest level of Google partnership and hotline access to its developers. This exclusivity means our SEO team receives training, features, and insights before anyone else, including other digital marketing firms and your competitors. 

Future of Web

The digital landscape is constantly evolving. In other words, digital marketing strategies that work today might be less effective tomorrow. Therefore, it’s essential to anticipate and adapt to the changes.

With mathematicians as our agency’s founders and a team of full-time researchers carefully monitoring patterns in search engine algorithms, we can isolate shifts in SEO patterns and optimise our client campaigns to capitalise on them.

Enhanced User Experience

Put yourself in your target audience’s shoes momentarily. Now, be honest: what experience does your website provide? Can you easily find content relevant to your search?

One of our guiding principles is to provide visitors with the best possible user experience. We accomplish this task by testing strategies on our internal websites before rolling them out to our clients.

Better Site Performance

Your business website’s speed and responsiveness impact your target audience’s experience when perusing your offerings. Unfortunately, unruly web pages can drive potential customers away.

If you decide to partner with us, we’ll identify and rectify the harmful elements affecting your website’s performance, from duplicate content and page loading speed to search engine crawlability and indexing.

SEO Tools: What Are They?

Utilising the right tools is essential for any effective SEO campaign. After all, these instruments let SEO agencies like us conduct website audits, analyse data, track performance metrics, and stay up-to-date with trends.

Some of the prominent tools we use include the following:

Ahrefs Google Search Console
Google Analytics Semrush
Google PageSpeed Insights Screaming Frog

Understand that we also have proprietary SEO tools for statistical data analysis, segmentation, and modelling— instruments that allow us to deliver results you won’t get anywhere else consistently.

What Are the Different Types of SEO?

Search engine optimisation involves tweaking various elements of your business’ web pages. The goal is to make your website more easily searchable on search engines like Google and, by extension, your target audience.

However, there are various types of SEO, each focusing on improving a specific aspect. For instance, local SEO aims to rank your content higher in Perth-related search results. On the other hand, on-page SEO tackles elements within your website, like title tags and metadata.

What Do Our SEO Services Include?

Some digital marketing agencies specialise in one or two types of SEO. But not us. We understand that every element, whether on- or off-site, impacts how search engines classify your business.

So, what do our SEO services include? Everything, including the following:

Keyword Research

If you want your web pages and content to appear on SERPs when searchers are looking for a product or service, you must identify what terms or phrases they’re entering into search engines.

Enter keyword research. Our process involves analysing search trends to determine which keywords are highly relevant and high-converting to your business and which we can incorporate into your content.

On-Page SEO

When Google and other search engines determine a website’s placement on their respective SERPs, they look at everything within that site, from title tags and meta descriptions to internal links and URL (uniform resource locator) structures.

Our on-site or on-page optimisation ensures those internal elements meet search engine guidelines and make your business offerings more visible to potential customers.

Off-Page SEO

If on-page SEO refers to optimising anything you can on a web page, off-site or off-page SEO is the opposite. In other words, off-page SEO covers external components impacting your website rank.

Unlike other online advertising firms, which only focus on enhancing your site’s internal aspects, our SEO approach exceeds the confines of your web pages.

Our strategy includes helping you build backlinks to boost your domain authority, managing your online reputation, and improving your local image via directories like your Google Business Profile.

Technical SEO

Although each search engine’s algorithm works slightly differently, all generally involve crawling. Crawling is the stage where a search engine like Google or Bing will scour its database for web pages relevant to the user query.

Unfortunately, if your website’s pages aren’t “crawlable” to search engines, they won’t appear on SERPs. Technical SEO solves this problem by addressing the technical elements of your business site.

Some steps our SEO team takes to perform technical optimisation include creating and submitting your sitemap, fixing duplicate content issues, and making web pages more responsive.

Content Marketing

Before the rise of the internet, how do you think businesses advertised their products or services? For many, this process involved flyers, billboards, and radio and T.V. commercials.

While these marketing strategies effectively deliver your message to a broader audience, they fail at one thing: targeting. With SEO content marketing, you can increase the likelihood of your offerings reaching people searching for businesses like yours.

Our approach to content marketing involves auditing your current content, strategising future material, and creating high-quality, original, and relevant content that drives traffic, generates leads, and converts searchers into loyal customers.


How do you measure success? Do you check essential metrics like online traffic, conversion rates, and revenue? If so, then you’re not that different from us. After all, we also dig deep into the numbers.

We use data modelling, advanced statistical analysis, and multi-variant testing to guide our digital marketing efforts. Focusing on analytics ensures you and our other clients enjoy more leads, sales, better ROI, and consistent results.

Backlink Building

Think of backlinks as referrals from other businesses. The more these attributions you have, the more authoritative your products or services appear to potential customers and search engines.

That said, quality is more critical than quantity in building a robust backlink foundation. Hence, our link-building approach involves finding and connecting your website with other pages relevant to your business.

Enterprise SEO

SEO is a complex process. What works for one Perth business might not apply to another. That’s why we want to understand your business, its challenges, and objectives before we ask you to invest a single cent.

Fortunately, we offer bespoke, tailored SEO packages if you need a more holistic approach to your large-scale SEO needs. Call us at 1300-891-181 or email us at [email protected] for additional information on our custom SEO services.

Lead Generation SEO

If you consider the fact that 75% of searchers don’t look past the first page of Google results, it makes sense that optimising your pages and content for search engines increases website traffic.

Generally speaking, more site visitors translate to more leads. Our lead generation SEO efforts ensure that the topics, keywords, and content are relevant to your target audience and what search engines are currently favouring.

International SEO

Yes, Perth in Western Australia is a significant market. But why limit your business’ potential to a specific geographic location? If you want to expand your reach to an overseas audience, you could use international SEO.

This type of SEO involves raising your content and web pages’ visibility on SERPs for various languages and countries. Lucky for you, we have experience in this matter.

Using our specialisation in mathematics, we’ve helped over 1,800 international clients in 355 niches reach the first page of search result rankings.

eCommerce SEO

Online businesses live and die with traffic. So, how do you drive more people to your web pages and content? The short answer is increasing your business site’s rankings and visibility in search engines.

With our SEO services, you can do just that. Case in point: Bird Control Australia, an eCommerce supplier of bird and other pest solutions, increased its web traffic by over 330% through our SEO efforts.

Increased organic traffic means you have more chances of conversions. And guess what? More conversions mean more revenue. In our over 15 years in the industry, our SEO services have brought our clients an additional $130 million yearly earnings.

Transparent SEO Reporting and Measurement

While it may not be the same for you, some of our clients have only ever worked with one digital marketing agency before— ours. Because of this, there’s something they don’t realise: it’s unusual for an SEO firm to keep them in the loop.

Some SEO companies hope that you forget you’re paying them. Not us. We value transparency because we want your feedback. Our detailed, insightful monthly reports tell you exactly where your advertising dollars are going.

“We have been very pleased with our decision to engage Digital Spotlight to manage and improve our SEO.

[Digital Spotlight]’s team is very responsive and knows their stuff. After some bad experiences with other [SEO] providers in this [industry,] we’re not going anywhere.”

Avlaw Aviation Consulting

Content Curation and Outreach

Content is how you’ll convert curious searchers into sales. Although the saying, “Content is king,” is true, it’s more about crafting content that builds trust with your target audience than flooding the internet with mediocre ones.

Unlike many self-proclaimed SEO gurus, we ensure our content curation and outreach strategy doesn’t involve asking you to write nonstop and hoping some fulfil searchers’ needs. Instead, it focuses on understanding your audience, addressing their questions, and providing valuable insights.

Other Digital Marketing Services

Consider our SEO services if you want a cost-effective solution for improving your Perth-based business’ online presence. However, from Google Ads management to social media advertising, we offer other digital marketing services to help grow your venture.

These SEO alternatives include the following:

Website Migration

You won’t hear this statement from other online marketing agencies: some websites are too broken. After all, businesses desperate for online traffic are more likely to try and pay for almost anything to raise their online standing.

The sad reality, however, is that SEO can’t save every business. So, what do you do in this situation? Well, you can start from scratch. With website migration, you can do just that and create a better and safer experience for your target audience.

This service can involve various moves, such as relocating your site’s domain to a new server, setting up statistics software like Google Analytics on the new host, and replacing site design elements with permissible material.

The scope of site migration varies. There are also inherent risks, including broken links and temporary website unavailability, that you must remember. Fortunately, we will never endorse a service until we’re confident it will generate the necessary leads and sales your Perth business needs.

Unmatched In-House Copywriting Services

Writing content that resonates with your target demographic takes time— time you could’ve spent running your business. Our services not only include data-driven content strategy but copywriting as well.

Our in-house team consists of accomplished and exemplary individuals in the marketing industry, ensuring your business gets the high-quality material needed to attract customers and rank on search engines.

A Proven SEO Process

In 15 years of providing digital marketing services to over 1,800 businesses, we’ve developed a fool-proof strategy—  a checklist, if you will—  that brings in results consistently.

Here’s a quick overview of what that process looks like:


We have the highest level of Google Premier Partner in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, a feat few companies say they’ve achieved. After all, Google is highly selective about whom it gives this title to.

However, we’re not mentioning this partnership to brag. Instead, it highlights how Google has trusted us for complying with its stringent guidelines, including measuring how much credibility it should place on a website.

When optimising business web pages for search engines, we “EAT.”  EAT stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trust, three factors that Google’s algorithm considers when deciding your placement on its SERPs.

Why Is EAT Important for SEO?

To explain the significance of EAT, imagine you’re a consumer looking for a Perth-based business that offers a specific product or service. In this scenario, let’s pretend you’re searching for an establishment selling Kombucha.

How would you feel if the business you’re talking to couldn’t describe Kombucha? What if the store doesn’t have a good reputation among your peers? What if its products have failed Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) checks before?

You would look for an alternative, right? The same goes for your business’ potential customers if you don’t demonstrate expertise, authority, and trust.

How Can We EAT More?

Keeping up with Google’s ever-changing algorithm can be challenging. Fortunately, that’s not something you’d ever worry about if you choose us as your SEO partner.

As mentioned, our Google Premier Partnership means our SEO team gets early access to Google training, features, and algorithm updates, allowing us to help you build a robust foundation— EAT.

“We have been working with the team at Digital Spotlight for over five years now. Their expertise, timeliness, and attention to detail have been instrumental to the success of our digital marketing.

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with the Digital Spotlight team over the years, and I would highly recommend their digital services.”

Iris Lever | Property Me Pty Ltd

Research and Analysis

Our SEO process begins with an audit. The auditing stage lets us look under your business’ hood, from your current ranking situation and competitive landscape to the appropriate keywords to target and the growth opportunities.

Strategy and Planning

What does your business need to achieve its goals? What methods will increase the likelihood of achieving those objectives? Does your business need SEO or a different marketing strategy? We’ll discuss the answers together after conducting our research and analysis. 

Implementation and Actions

Once we’ve developed a realistic and actionable plan of attack, we’ll begin our SEO efforts. Depending on what we’ve found during the audit and strategy phase, our techniques may include optimising your site’s off-page elements or improving your content creation.

Testing and Reporting

We want to help. That’s why we’ll never suggest strategies we’re not confident will bring in your desired results. Fortunately, you can rest assured that before implementing our SEO tactics, we’ve repeatedly tested them on our internal sites.

After we’ve rolled out your SEO campaign, expect timely reports. We don’t keep our clients in the dark. We want them involved in every step of the process because we want feedback. Together with our love for maths, feedback is how we continue to provide unbeatable results.

Why Should You Care About SEO?

So far in this article, we’ve discussed what search engine optimisation is, the techniques included in our SEO services, and how our SEO brand differs from other online marketing firms.

However, while we’ve hinted at them here and there, we haven’t discussed the benefits of tailoring your product or service pages for search engine algorithms. So, let’s change that, shall we?

Reach New Customers

Did you know there were around 25.31 million Australian internet users at the start of 2023? With 93% of online traffic coming from search engines, getting your products or services on the first page of search results means reaching more of your target audience.

Sustainable Results

PPC campaigns like Google Ads can give your business immediate visibility. As mentioned, however, the results stop once you stop paying—but not SEO.

By working on your business website’s fundamentals, such as domain authority and relevancy, you position yourself for sustained organic results even after your SEO campaign ends.

The Winner Takes It All

Based on the data we’ve gathered over 15 years in the digital marketing industry, most searchers will click on one of the top three results on SERPs. A successful SEO campaign can help get you there, locking out competitors that aren’t optimised for search engines.

Strong Local Listings

The beauty of SEO is that you can enhance your business’ online presence based on your target geographical area. With strategies like improving your Google Business Profile listing, SEO can help attract a significant portion of the Perth market.

Perth SEO Opportunities

Behind every successful SEO venture is a thorough audit. While not all firms conduct research and analysis, a trusted and experienced digital marketing company’s SEO audit will help uncover market opportunities to help your business one-up your Perth-based rivals.

Is Your SEO Going Nowhere Fast?

Watching your advertising budget go down the drain after signing up for SEO services that aren’t panning out can be frustrating. If you’re reading this article, you’ve likely felt that pain.

The truth of the matter is that SEO isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. We’ll sound like a broken record, but every business is unique. Therefore, every venture will require a tailored approach— some might not even need SEO.

SEO Has a Bad Reputation

Choosing an SEO partner to work with is the most critical step if you want to reach the first page of SERPs like Google’s. One of the reasons is that some SEO agencies use unethical tactics, such as keyword stuffing and buying authoritative backlinks.

These underhanded strategies promise to deliver results quicker than “white-hat” or ethical methods. However, search engines punish websites that use these forbidden practices by lowering their rank or removing them from the rankings altogether.

While there’s no guarantee in SEO, these “black-hat” techniques can cause a lack of leads and sales, negatively affecting the digital marketing approach’s reputation.

Digital Spotlight’s Difference: Why Choose Us As Your SEO Agency?

There must be a reason why you choose an SEO agency over another. While many firms offer the same services and take the same approaches to search engine optimisation, there are things that make each agency distinct.

So, here’s what makes Digital Spotlight unique:

Advanced SEO

Mathematicians founded our digital marketing company. It’s this origin that guides our SEO efforts. We don’t regurgitate strategies you’ve heard before. Instead, we use advanced statistical analysis to find patterns in data.

No Lock-In SEO Contracts

We have had clients with us for five years. Some are now over a decade old. But our clients have yet to see long-term contracts. We don’t need them. 

Proven SEO Track Record

In 15 years, we’ve worked with over 1,800 businesses worldwide, launched and managed more than 2,100 campaigns, and in that time, 95.67% of our clients stayed. Why? One word: results.

“We’ve used Digital Spotlight for over 15 years for all our SEO, remarketing adwords, analytics, and much, much more!

Our business has grown at an incredible rate thanks to [Digital Spotlight]. We will never use anyone else, highly recommend!”

Diana Norris | Dural Irrigation

No Hidden SEO Costs

When we quote you for a service— one we’re positive will give your business the leads and sales it needs— that’s precisely how much you’ll spend. We don’t and won’t charge performance bonuses.

Flexible Packages

We offer several SEO packages. The difference lies in the number of targeted keywords we’ll incorporate into your web pages and content to meet your business goals.

These SEO service options and the keyword quantity involved are as follows:

Number of initial keywords Number of keywords from the second month onwards
SEO Entry 3 5
SEO Premium 6 10
SEO Corporate 9 15
SEO Corporate Plus 12 20

Note that we also offer an SEO Enterprise option, a large-scale, strategic, and customised approach to SEO. In short, regardless of your Perth business size and scope, we’ll have an SEO solution for you.

Educational Approach

When you work with us, we’ll be partners. As mentioned, you’ll be in the loop at every stage of the SEO process. However, we’ll also do our best to shed light on what, when, and why we’re taking the steps we do.

Trusted by the Industry

Financial experts, such as the BRW (Business Review Weekly), Financial Review, and Anthill, and multi-billion dollar organisations constantly ask for our search-related insights. Many web developers even adjust their site creation strategies based on our researchers’ findings,

Better Value SEO

With us, the higher your business web pages and content rank, the cheaper your website becomes to run. After all, while we may not be the most affordable SEO firm to hire, we only charge fixed setup and monthly fees for our services— nothing else.

Local SEO Services

Digital Spotlight is a Sydney and Newcastle-based online marketing company. While some will argue that a local SEO firm will know the lay of the land better, our Perth-based clients, who have seen tremendous improvements in their traffic and conversion numbers, will beg to differ.

National SEO Experience

We’re not questioning the qualifications and the insights of Perth-based SEO agencies. However, they aren’t the only ones who can share your struggles establishing a business in the land down under. After all, Australian business owners comprise a substantial portion of our clientele.

Results-Driven SEO

When our researchers spot a new trend in search engine algorithms, we develop a hypothesis. Afterwards, we begin testing this theory on our internal websites until we get substantial results. Then, and only then, do we roll out our revamped strategies to our clients.

Hyper-Local SEO

Carving a space for your business can be challenging in some industries. But not for us. We’ve helped over 1,800 clients reach the first page in Google rankings in over 355 niches.

Penalty Recovery

While results may sometimes take longer, our “white hat” or ethical and organic approach to SEO ensures your website stays in the good graces of Google and other search engines’ algorithms.

Information Architecture Development

Your website’s organisation and structure are crucial in converting visitors into paying customers. Although we emphasise tailoring web pages and content for search engines, we also follow a “user first” mentality.

SEO Specialists, Not Gurus

We’re not SEO “gurus”— and we don’t want to be. Every action we take to make your business more searchable by potential customers is based on what the numbers tell us. No guesswork, no hunches, just pure mathematics.

Google Partner Accreditation

Not everyone can say they’re a Google Premier Partner. In fact, the only companies Google invites to its Premier Partner Agency program are those who have met the following criteria:

  • Google-certified staff
  • Invested a significant amount of advertising dollars for their clients
  • A fast-growing client base
  • A remarkable client retention rate

We’re proud to say that we meet these standards.

Zero Geek Speak

Unlike some digital marketing firms, we won’t confuse you with needless jargon. We try to explain everything you want to know in simple English. After all, we’re partners, remember?

Not For Everyone

With our extensive history of helping businesses excel in highly competitive industries, our name has spread far and wide. Unfortunately, we won’t work with everyone— SEO isn’t the right move for some businesses.

Walking The Walk

Our dedication to understanding your goals and challenges distinguishes us from other SEO service providers. When you partner with us, our primary focus isn’t on selling our services but on comprehending your unique business needs.

Transparency and Accountability

We will never try to hide and hope you forget you’re paying us to improve your business’ online presence. As mentioned, we want to report everything we do because we want your input.

So, do expect to receive periodic updates from us. And as a show of good faith, our partnership won’t involve contracts. If you feel we’re not meeting your expectations, you can walk away— no hard feelings.

SEO Case Study

We don’t like pitching. Therefore, we’ll let the numbers speak on our behalf.

In July 2022, CSO Group, a Perth-based cybersecurity company, approached us for our SEO services. Our SEO team’s initial audit found that it has never gotten a top-three ranking— much less included in Google’s top 10 search results.

In short, it desperately needed search engine optimisation. So, what happened next? As of November 2023, this Perth business has shown these metrics:

Top 3 Google Rankings 39
Top 10 Google Rankings 160
Top 3 Ahrefs Rankings 16
Top 10 Ahrefs Rankings 10
Top 100 Ahrefs Rankings 213

This increased search visibility has led to a 299% improvement in organic sessions and a 358% rise in site visitors.

Oh, and did we mention that cybersecurity is one of the most competitive industries in Australia? It’s estimated to be worth $4.6 billion in 2021 and is projected to grow to $5.8 billion by 2024.

Where Do You Start?

If you want to start or resume your SEO journey with our digital marketing company, call our no-pitch SEO experts at 1300-891-181. You can also email us at [email protected] so we can learn more about you and your Perth business.

“The team at Digital Spotlight have been fantastic at improving the searchability of our website!

They also improved our website traffic significantly. Highly recommended!”

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does SEO in Perth cost?

The cost of SEO services in Perth can vary depending on factors like the project scope and the digital marketing agency you’ll work with. With us, the price hinges on the SEO package your business needs.

Fortunately, we only charge a one-time setup fee and a fixed monthly fee for our assistance. You don’t have to worry about hidden costs, as we don’t charge performance bonuses.

Is finding an SEO expert in Perth important?

Perth-based SEO agencies can be essential if you value local expertise and their understanding of the specific Perth market. That said, an experienced SEO team can help you get the leads and sales your business needs for growth, regardless of where they are.

What are the advantages of hiring a non-Perth-based SEO agency?

Working with a non-local SEO company might seem like a disadvantage if your focus is on capturing a significant portion of Perth’s market.

However, an experienced digital marketing firm may be able to provide an outsider’s perspective on your situation. It may also propose strategies that have worked in other geographical areas that Perth-based agencies have yet to capitalise on.

How do I get started with SEO In Perth?

As they say, “Practice what you preach.” If you believe your business can benefit from SEO, your first step is to find a reliable Perth-based SEO service provider. Excellent candidates are firms on top of Google and other search engines’ SERPs.

How do you measure the success of an SEO campaign?

You look at the numbers. Metrics like organic traffic, conversion rate, and search rankings are good indicators of an SEO campaign’s effectiveness.

How do you improve my website’s authority?

There are many ways to increase a business website’s authority. One of the most effective ways we’ve found is through building a robust backlink foundation.

How long does SEO take?

Unfortunately, there’s no definitive timeframe for SEO. Depending on your starting point, it may take days, weeks, months, or even years before you see noticeable results.

Additionally, Google and other search engines’ algorithms constantly evolve. In other words, search engine optimisation isn’t a one-and-done deal. Instead, it’s a never-ending game of catch-up.

How does Google organically rank sites?

While there have been efforts to decipher Google’s algorithm and hints given to its partners, its ranking system is still shrouded in mystery. The SEO agency’s job is to determine which factors influence a site’s placement on SERPs. However, EAT isn’t the wrong place to start.

Is SEO safe for my website?

Unless you’re working with so-called SEO experts who utilise “black-hat” techniques to get you quick results, SEO is safe. Through website audits like ours, SEO may even help you identify weaknesses in your website.

What is content marketing?

In a nutshell, content marketing is the process of crafting and delivering high-quality, highly relevant content to attract potential customers to consider your business offerings and retain converted users.

Can you rank my site on the first page for Google?

Is it possible to appear on the first page of Google’s SERP? The short answer is yes. However, there are no guarantees in SEO, as too many variables are in play for any assurances to matter.

What locations do you offer your SEO services in?

Our SEO company is rooted in Australia, with offices in Sydney and Newcastle. We’ve offered our SEO services and worked with national businesses in Melbourne and Brisbane and overseas ventures in California, Philadelphia, New York, and New Jersey. In other words, everywhere.

Are you SEO consultants, freelancers, or an SEO agency?

Is Digital Spotlight composed of individuals with SEO expertise? Yes. However, from our researchers and marketing experts to web developers and copywriters, we work as a team to deliver unparalleled results.

Does my business need SEO?

The most effective way to determine if your Perth business needs SEO is to talk to an SEO firm that will conduct a comprehensive website audit.

That said, all businesses can benefit from optimising their product or service web pages and content to make them more searchable across the World Wide Web.

Why can’t you just do Google Ads?

Many businesses can profit from the immediate traffic that PPC campaigns like Google Ads generate. However, based on our statistical analysis, Google Ads only pick up 30% of searchers, which makes it a less cost-effective strategy than SEO.

Can I do my own SEO?

You can! But if you want your SEO efforts to align with your target audience’s interests and what search engines are ranking, it’s best if you consult a trustworthy and experienced SEO service provider.

What about using one of the cheap overseas companies that cold-called us?

Quality SEO demands expertise, time, and resources. Although SEO companies offering cheap services may be appealing, steering clear from them is best. Many of these agencies rely on shortcuts that risk your website’s integrity.

Are you an Australian-based company?

Our digital marketing company was born and raised in Australia. Our journey began in 2008, with search engine optimisation as our primary offering.

Will you be locked in with our company?

No. Contracts aren’t part of our SEO approach. After all, why trap you with a restrictive, long-term contract when we’re confident we can deliver results you won’t get anywhere else?

What are long-tail keywords?

Keywords are terms or phrases users enter into search engines to find relevant web pages and content for their queries. “Long-tail” keywords are precise queries.

For instance, if you search “kombucha,” that’s a keyword. Conversely, “perth homemade kombucha” is an example of a long-tail keyword. These specific key phrases are more likely to convert due to less competition.

What is internal linking?

An internal link is how it sounds: a link on your website that redirects you to other pages within that same domain. Internal linking refers to making your web pages’ hierarchy more easily understandable by search engines.

What is SEO competitor analysis?

There are various types of competitor analysis. In SEO, this process refers to identifying what your rivals are and aren’t doing and using such insights to improve your search engine rankings.

What is a Google penalty?

Essentially, a Google penalty occurs when you violate Google’s quality guidelines, such as by using black-hat strategies like keyword stuffing. In other words, it’s a punishment for attempting to circumvent Google’s algorithm.

Unfortunately, Google penalties can lead to a lower ranking on Google’s SERPs. Sometimes, they may even result in your web pages and content being removed from search results.

How do you recover from a Google penalty?

Recovering from the adverse effects of a Google penalty is straightforward: you resolve the issue that caused it and wait. Google periodically conducts data refreshes. If the problem no longer persists, it removes the punishment.

What does HTTPS have to do with SEO?

Whenever you visit a website, its URL typically starts with “HTTP” or “HTTPS.” HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol) is a system that lets you transfer information across the web.

HTTPS is a more secure version of this program, hence the “S,” which stands for “Secure.” While the additional letter may not mean much to you, it’s a factor Google and other search engines consider when ranking a website.

ROI: how can you measure the return on your SEO investment?

Like with any investment, you’d want to track your return on investment to gauge how well it’s performing. SEO is the same. Fortunately, calculating your ROI involves a straightforward formula. When determining your SEO ROI, the procedure is as follows:

(SEO profit – SEO investment) / SEO investment = SEO ROI

For instance, if you made $10,000 from your SEO efforts and you spent $1,000 on SEO services, your ROI is 900% ([$10,000 – $1,000] / $1,000 = 9). To get the percentage, multiply the quotient by 100. Hence, the ROI is 900%.

Please note that this formula is for quantitative ROI— metrics with monetary or tangible value, such as conversions, keyword rankings, and organic traffic growth.

Computing qualitative ROI for other aspects like brand awareness or new business opportunities can be challenging. For this reason, we establish baselines to monitor the progress of success signals that most matter to you.

It’s also worth noting that although ROI can effectively demonstrate the value of our SEO efforts, it isn’t the only number you should focus on, especially considering that SEO is a long-term process.

Will SEO alone grow my business?

As mentioned, there aren’t any guarantees in SEO. However, it’s an excellent place to start. Fortunately, there’s no rule saying SEO is your only option for boosting your business’ web presence.

Many business owners combine SEO with other digital marketing strategies like PPC. Doing so lets them get the best of both worlds— immediate results and long-term organic growth.

“I have a social media agency, and I have used Digital Spotlight for over 10 clients. All had exceptional results for SEO and Google Ads.

There isn’t anything [Digital Spotlight]’s incredible team doesn’t know about search engine optimisation or search marketing. Hire them before your competitor does!”

Daniel Hersee | Black Lion Digital Pty Ltd


Whether relying solely on SEO will help your business depends on your unique situation. For this reason, it’s best to consult an SEO firm.

Call us at 1300-891-181 or email us at [email protected] to book a free, no-pitch consultation with our SEO experts.

What’s user experience (UX)? What does it have to do with SEO?

A search engine’s job is to provide searchers with the most suitable pages and content for their queries. So, by making your website more search engine-friendly, you’re also making it more accessible to users.

Pages that fulfil the user’s needs, are easy to use and navigate, and are visually appealing and engaging are user experience (UX) factors Google considers when ranking websites.

How many SEO keywords should you focus on?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to the number of SEO keywords you should target. As mentioned, each business’ SEO solution must be unique. For this reason, it’s best to ask an SEO company to research and analyse your venture’s situation.

Will blog posts be part of your SEO strategy?

Again, the answer to this question depends on your specific business needs and goals. For instance, if your pre-SEO strategy already involves producing sufficient high-quality content, then creating blog posts may not be a priority for an SEO company.

What is the difference between a keyword and a search intent?

As mentioned, a keyword is what a searcher types into a search engine. On the other hand, search intent is the reason behind the user’s inputted query.

Is WordPress good for SEO?

WordPress is a CMS (content management system). In other words, it lets you create an online space for your business. Fortunately, WordPress is SEO-friendly.

Is Shopify good for SEO?

Like WordPress, Shopify also provides a CMS to help you create and manage content for your business. Whether the platform is good for SEO depends on your SEO efforts. After all, SEO is meant to improve your web pages and content’s visibility on search engines— Shopify only hosts them.

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