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If you're a local business in Brisbane, you've probably had your fair share of digital marketing agencies talking about their SEO service and promising that they can solve all of your marketing, lead and sales problems.

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Brisbane Business Owners Trust Us to Deliver Results

The name of the SEO game is “page one or fail.”

While there are many ways to measure the performance of your campaign, it won’t matter much if your target audience can’t see your site on Google’s first page. 

A web page that gets to and stays on page one of SERPs (search engine results pages) is one of the best, if not the best, appreciating assets in marketing.

Rank-ready web pages generate relevant traffic and a constant stream of hot, qualified leads, ultimately driving sales at a lower acquisition cost.

But here’s a secret most big players in your industry know: You won’t get to Google’s first page using yesterday’s SEO (search engine optimisation) strategies.

As a Brisbane-based business, you’ve likely invested in many local SEO efforts before. Unfortunately, you’ve yet to achieve the results you expect for the money you’ve spent.

Rarely – if ever – do you get the quality leads and sales you’re after, which has impacted your business growth and profitability.

That’s where we come in. We’re the game-changer you’ve been waiting to boost your marketing ROI (return on investment).

Unlike many SEO specialists, we don’t believe you should bet your hard-earned dollars on a hit-or-miss SEO service

As a data-driven digital marketing agency, we follow an elaborate analysis process. 

Before you spend a cent on SEO, we’ll help determine what your website should aim for, assess your site’s current online status, and offer you a clear path forward to improve the likelihood of achieving your SEO goal.

Today’s businesses, even start-ups, fixate on the latest marketing fads, hoping to go viral or gain popular traction. 

But they’re forgetting the time-tested value of targeted SEO. 

Say your local search visibility is poor. In that case, you won’t likely see the influx of Brisbane clients you’re after.

As an Australian-based agency with offices in Sydney and Newcastle, we’ve successfully helped many small-to-medium local businesses and global brands for over 15 years.  

We work differently. We love helping businesses improve their online search visibility and engage more potential customers from their target areas. However, we don’t make promises we can’t keep. 

In fact, if we don’t think SEO fits your current needs, we’ll tell you. We’d rather not have you as a client than sweet-talk you into torching your marketing budget on a service that won’t help scale your business.

We also won’t lock you in with a contract if you need help with SEO. You can leave us anytime – no strings attached – if you aren’t getting the desired outcomes. We bring you results, or we’re out.

Whether you’re a local start-up seeking more customers in Brisbane or an eCommerce site aiming to dominate the local and national market, our well-rounded, maths-based, and data-backed SEO approach can help you.

Start Achieving Long-Term Results and Online Success

SEO is a medium-to-long-term marketing strategy. It is an ongoing campaign that requires constant attention to detail, optimisation, and other technical solutions.

Sadly, many SEO agencies offer short-term fixes and leave as soon as issues reappear. Not us. 

We aim for long-term outcomes. That’s why we’ve got a 95.67% client retention rate.

Work with people like us who can capitalise on search data and algorithms. You’ll likely see compounded returns at a minimal cost. 

Help Your Business Thrive With Local SEO Brisbane

Consider these statistics highlighting local SEO’s importance in scaling your business:

  • Google Ads only captures 30% of searchers. 70% skip the ads to click on an organic search result.
  • 40% of Google searches use local-based keywords. 76% of these searches indicate local buying intent.

These percentages show that local queries represent a significant cut of the SEO cake your local business should definitely not dismiss.

How significant, you ask?   

We’ll Help You Show Up Where Your Customers Are Looking

We specialise in on-page and off-page SEO tactics to raise your organic search ranking and put your website and listings in front of your target audience.

Our researchers are in the trenches daily, fine-tuning our SEO models by pitting them against real-world scenarios. The goal? Keeping pace with Google’s ever-evolving ranking system.

And we don’t just scratch the surface. Our ongoing analysis delves deep into specific niches and, in some cases, goes deeper into sub-niches.

Local SEO, SEO Marketing, and SEO Strategy: Where to Begin?

Local SEO amplifies your local online presence, especially on Google.

A maths-based local SEO strategy can work wonders for your bottom line if you run a brick-and-mortar shop or serve a geographical area.

Do this: search Google for any significant keywords related to your products or services. Then, add “Brisbane” or “near me” to your keyword search.  

You’d see a map, known as a map pack or Google-3 pack, with three local listings relevant to your search.

As a savvy business owner, you know what this search feature means. Whoever gets included in the top listings gets increased online visibility and, ultimately, increased leads and sales.

A solid SEO marketing approach uses data modelling, multi-variant testing, and advanced statistical analysis to achieve certainty in your marketing results.

What agency is better to work with than us? After all, we’re a firm founded by maths pros and business owners who can wield the latest data to support your SEO campaign.

What Is SEO?

We can flood you with jargon and smart-sounding terms, like H-tags, 404s, meta descriptions, and canonical pages, to impress you with how much we know about SEO.

But that’s not our MO (modus operandi). While we know SEO inside out, we also know techspeak is unnecessary. 

Simply put, SEO boosts your website’s organic (non-paid) search ranking in SERPs.

That said, SEO is more complex than many so-called SEO gurus suggest. There’s more to SEO than stuffing keywords and begging for links to top organic results, hoping for increased website traffic.

For us, SEO requires an in-depth analysis of Google engineers’ work to zero in on a critical algorithm change and leverage that discovery to guide marketing efforts. 

Our SEO approach relies heavily on observed patterns, Google guidelines, and industry knowledge.

How SEO Works for Business

Since its founding, Google has never stopped upgrading its search algorithm. These low-key but often sudden adjustments determine how well your online content matches search terms and where your business website should rank for each term in Google.

Some algorithm updates were so profound that they wiped out once-reigning websites from the face of the internet.

Now, the best SEO pros can fish out the most elusive anomalies signalling pivotal changes in Google’s algorithm.

Their experience and expertise help ensure that the Google search engine crawls, indexes, and understands your content. 

SEO Process

What sets us apart from the herd? Our SEO process doesn’t run on speculations. We follow the facts where they lead. 

We dig deep into numbers and large-scale data because our founders aren’t just no-nonsense business people. They’re also elite mathematicians. 

Our CIO (Chief Innovation Officer), Anish, leads our search research and development. He’s your go-to guy if you want to supercharge your SEO efforts. Very few people around the globe tackle SEO using statistics, segmentation, and data modelling.

Here’s how we achieve long-term quality results for our clients:


We perform regular and thorough technical audits on your website with feedback from Google and our in-house tools.

Our SEO audit puts your website “under the microscope” to examine the following:

  • Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business): How does your Google Business Profile appear in the SERPs? Is your profile info accurate and consistent?
  • Google Search Console: Are any HTML issues, like non-informative title tags and duplicate meta descriptions,  harming your site’s crawlability and indexability?
  • Competition report: How does your site stack up against your competitors? 
  • Client ranking status: How do the core keywords fare in rankings?
  • Algorithmic penalties: Does your site follow Google’s Webmaster guidelines? 
  • On-page elements: Does your site have all the technical on-site SEO factors necessary to rank well?


Our in-depth, preliminary technical audits inform us about your website’s strengths, flaws, and optimisation points.

We use this info to develop and execute an ongoing, systematic plan to build your online presence

We have a full-time researcher at the helm of our process who hunts for clues to a crucial algorithm change, measuring our clients’ campaigns against our massive, multi-million dollar dataset.

Once we’ve got an idea, our specialists collaborate to run tests to single out the algorithm update.

We fine-tune your campaigns to capitalise on this discovery. 

Monitoring and Reporting

Our SEO team continuously monitors the test results and sends reports to you on the anniversary of your start date with us.

We also give clients an account summary every month. These briefs give clients a full-orbed report indicating how our SEO work has improved their website’s ranking.

An SEO Agency for Your Local Brisbane Business

Brisbane is Australia’s fastest-growing capital. Estimates show that the city’s economy will be worth $239B by 2041. 

As such, Brisbane is a city rich in business opportunities. But, of course, more opportunities mean more (and tougher) competition.

The question is: Does your business have what it takes to thrive in Brisbane’s highly competitive business ecosystem?

Investing in legitimate SEO experts is key to dominating the local market. Skimping on SEO — working with cheap SEO agencies or opting for DIY SEO management — will not work. 

SEO is a fast-changing game. The playbook changes with every shift in consumer behaviour or development in technology. What worked for you once might not work again.

You need an SEO service provider to adapt SEO campaigns to Google’s latest recommendations. 

Legitimate SEO consultants specialise in adapting SEO campaigns to evolving search algorithms. These pros understand the ins and outs of SEO and know how to tweak your site and pages to match the search engine’s preferences.

Sure, you can manage your SEO campaigns. However, today’s digital marketing landscape is cutthroat.  

A DIY SEO management will not help you survive the stiff SEO competition, much less get your site to the first page of Google search results.

Your business needs SEO consultants with highly specialised skills and a ton of field experience.

As maths-loving marketing pros, our SEO team is uniquely positioned to address these needs. We thoroughly understand the latest SEO trends, techniques, and ranking factors.

Over the last decade, our agency has invested millions of dollars in over 1,800 businesses across 355 industries to build accurate and reliable tools that correspond well to Google’s analysis.

The Core Pillars of Effective SEO

SEO is more science than art. You know you have an effective SEO campaign when it is backed by extensive research.

Google watches over every online content like Orwell’s “Big Brother”. It determines whether the words and figures you publish online are factual, relevant, and authoritative. 

So, forget winning the SEO game if your only trick is to cram keywords into a new website

Google’s high-level algorithm penalises click-bait articles and incoherent web copy. 

But how do you stay in Google’s good graces? 

Simple. Listen closely to what Google’s engineers are saying. Then, optimise your campaigns based on their recommendations. 

You can do so by partnering with mathematicians who understand Google-speak (data and numbers) and can translate it to meet your business goals. These experts understand the core pillars of effective SEO, such as the following:


Google aims to make the world’s information “universally accessible and useful.” The tech giant works hard on this mission by constantly tweaking its search algorithm.

In SEO, relevant content isn’t just about writing attention-grabbing articles (although it is part of that).

Quality content marketing is algorithm-sensitive and requires careful examination of Google’s first page, identifying ideal word count, relevant terms, and subtopics for your target keywords.

We use an advanced tool that takes your keyword and analyses your competitor’s content to help you develop rank-ready articles.


Google trains search quality raters to determine if your website content has a strong E-A-T (expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness).

If your content answers search queries, you provide real value to Google users. You’re signalling to Google that you’re an authority on a particular topic.

What happens when Google thinks your site is authoritative? It puts you at the top of its first page.

More people will think you’re the number one brand. More sites, including high-authority ones, will link to your content, boosting your overall domain rating. 

Take, for example, how we helped Communicate Speech Pathology, a leading speech and language therapy service provider servicing Brisbane, Sydney, and Newcastle. 

Our comprehensive audits and tailored solutions have helped boost the company’s domain rating by 200% – proving Google’s trust in our client’s website.

User Experience

The best indicator of a good user experience isn’t how eye-catching your website is or how saturated your site is with content.

If your content doesn’t correspond to the terms and questions searchers enter, Google won’t consider your site useful even if you rank high for a keyword or your web pages are easy on the eyes.

You’ll need an SEO strategy that understands and uses digital data patterns to your advantage.

Our SEO Brisbane Services

As an industry leader and pioneer, we offer a unique SEO approach you won’t get from garden-variety Brisbane SEO agencies.

We are committed to providing research-driven solutions and have a long experience helping thousands of businesses scale.

These factors put us in an enviable position of being able to bridge the gap between maths and marketing.

While we care about numbers, we also understand that the needs and goals of our clients are unique. We take the time to understand their specific objectives.

Our agency puts a premium on transparency and open communication when dealing with clients.

We’ll keep you informed throughout the process when working with us, ensuring you understand how we manage your SEO campaigns.

Local SEO Services

Our standard keyword strategy focuses on location-specific keywords before general ones. 

This priority doesn’t mean we won’t optimise your website for general keywords. 

As maths-savvy marketing specialists, we’re detail-oriented and highly methodical in our local SEO approach. 

Our evidence-based system and in-house tools developed over 15 years of solid research continue to help Australian businesses establish an online presence.

You don’t have to take our word for it. The numbers speak for themselves.

For example, our work with Australian Minor Surgery Clinics, a reputable Brisbane-based clinic providing hair transplants to clients experiencing hair loss, helped them boost their organic traffic by 97%.

On-Page SEO

Our on-page optimisation process involves the following:

  • Keyword mapping: Assigning specific keywords to your site’s pages
  • Content creation: Writing high-quality and rank-ready content explaining your products and services
  • URL structure: Creating readable and functional URLs (uniform resource locators) for your web pages
  • Meta description and title optimisation: Adding target keywords in your pages’ unique titles and meta descriptions
  • Internal linking: Putting internal links within your website to help users find specific information and access your most relevant pages efficiently

Keyword Research

We research the best keywords by focusing on the following factors:

  • Quality: The likelihood of the searcher buying
  • Quantity: The number of searchers
  • Competition: How quickly clients can get ranked

Comprehensive Keyword Planning

Our SEO team optimises campaigns based on a customised search and keyword plan to ensure your business gets the desired results.

We do the following during the search planning phase:

  • Conduct initial keyword research.
  • Finalise keyword queue.
  • Prepare keyword suggestions template.

We don’t offer cookie-cutter solutions because we believe each client has different needs and potential.

Our technical, content, and account management departments team up to develop a keyword strategy suitable for your specific needs.

Technical SEO

Our technical SEO audit ensures you have a sound and fully optimised website environment to capture more targeted organic traffic.

Here, attention to detail is a must. A systematic approach that leaves no aspect of your site unexamined will greatly improve your SEO viability.

We follow a logical, multi-tiered process. During the preliminary audit, our technical specialists investigate technical errors, such as indexing and crawlability issues, that may prevent your site from ranking well.

Content Development

Today, as in the early days of marketing, many agencies follow the credo: “Content is king.” 

But marketers rarely give the right answers when asked what kind of content wins the SEO crown. Many are comfortable with relying on guesswork. Others seemed to think guesswork is inevitable. 

However, content development requires comprehensive research and the right understanding of the target audience. Creativity and optimisation go hand in hand. 

Our content team collaborates with our SEO researchers and specialists to create original, engaging, and data-optimised content.

Ongoing Content Strategy

Our policy is to keep optimising our clients’ web content as long as they’re with us. The fact that we have ranked them for several keywords does not mean our work is over.

Content Analysis and Planning

Google hates black hat (unethical) tactics. The platform penalises websites for spammy content practices, like keyword stuffing and hidden texts.

Your page content should be organised, well-researched, and relevant to your potential customers

Here are some things we do to craft high-quality, targeted content:

  • Optimise headings for target-specific keywords.
  • Ensure the article is original, coherent, and factually correct.
  • Fix internal links.
  • Ensure the article has no low-value, thin content.

Backlink Profiling

Google considers backlinks as a crucial ranking factor. A robust link profile tells the search engine that your site deserves the top spot on page one of the SERP.

We ensure your site has a natural link profile so that Google will not penalise it.

Link Building and Citations 

Google uses links to gauge the relevancy of your web pages. The quantity and quality of these links boost your site’s authority or popularity.

The more authoritative websites cite your pages, the more trustworthy you’ll appear to Google. 

Note: The Google Penguin algorithm knows when you use manipulative link-building practices. Poor-quality links will only harm your site in the long run. 

Our long-term strategy is to develop your website into a link-worthy site.

We don’t achieve this goal through spammy methods, like buying or trading links. Instead, we focus on link-building opportunities with high conversion rates.

Industry-Leading SEO Tools

Aside from following a logical and systematic SEO approach, we also use advanced tools to improve campaigns. Here are some SEO tools we use with our exclusive data models:


We use Ahrefs to measure your website’s rank and domain rating. 

Ahrefs’ rank tracker lets you monitor up to 10,000 keyword rankings for organic searches at specific locations.

Meanwhile, Ahrefs’ website authority checker evaluates the quality and quantity of backlinks to a website.


  We use Semrush to check if Penguin updates hit your website.

Semrush also lets digital marketers do the following:

  • Access local and national keywords.
  • Run an in-depth technical SEO audit.
  • Track SERP rankings daily.
  • Analyse the domain’s backlink profile.

Google Data Studio

We use Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio), a web-based data visualisation tool, when creating our monthly reports. 

Looker Studio lets users create customisable reports and dashboards using data from various sources.

Add in Some Amazing Content for Amazing SEO Results

Google’s automated ranking system lists “relevance of content” and “quality of content” as primary factors for deciding which web page to put on top of the SERPs.

In other words, Google only recognizes content that adds value to its users. You’ll get optimal SEO outcomes if your content matches Google’s preference and user behaviour.

We have a holistic, multi-step approach to content writing. Our researchers and content specialists work together and follow a detailed step-by-step process to develop original, compelling, and keyword-optimised articles.

Our Case Study for Local SEO Brisbane

We all know people who talk big with nothing to show for it. While they might be fun at parties, we don’t trust them with tasks dear to our hearts. 

So, why invest your hard-earned dollars in self-proclaimed SEO rockstars who can’t show any proof of real-world success?

As a pioneer agency in Australia, we’ve been on the frontline of many SEO battles. We didn’t just help many local businesses survive. We helped them thrive.  

Here’s one example from our recent work with TDL (Twomey Dispute Lawyers).

A Bit About Twomey Dispute Lawyers

TDL is a first-rate Australian law firm specialising in disputes and commercial litigations nationwide. With offices in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Northern Rivers, they are a force to reckon with in the courtroom.

But these legal beagles had one problem: they were getting enquiries but none from qualified leads. 

 When our tech-savvy investigators teamed up and conducted a top-to-bottom online audit, we discovered several SEO red flags, including the following:

  • Long title tags, missing meta descriptions, and a robot.txt file that doesn’t link to the sitemap
  • Poor keyword strategy, e.g. targeting “free” terms and using similar keywords for campaigns focusing on the same location
  • Pages with thin content that Google penalises
  • Important blog pages that Google couldn’t include in its search results

How We Helped

We strategised and worked on TDL’s campaign with the precision of legal stalwarts about to engage in a make-or-break courtroom showdown.

Here’s our game plan:

  • Craft Google-friendly title tags and meta descriptions.
  • Update the faulty robot.txt file to fix crawling issues.
  • Enrich and optimise TDL’s content to match its marketing objectives.
  • Index valuable pages and set the thank you page to noindex.

The Results

So, did our strategy work? It didn’t just work. It won TDL staggering returns:

  • A 16X increase in leads from their website 
  • A 320% improvement in targeted traffic
  • Dominated over 80 keywords (from only 3) on Google AU’s first page, snagging positions #2 for dispute lawyers and #5 for construction litigation
Keyword Initial Rank Current Rank

(11 Dec 2023)

dispute lawyer Not in the top 1000  1
dispute lawyers Not in the top 1000   2
Australia defamation 13 4
construction litigation 25 5
defamation Australia 6 5

Steps to Succeeding With SEO Brisbane

Unlike other agencies, we don’t leave our SEO efforts to chance. The spectacular results we’ve gotten our clients were due to our logical, methodical, and systematic SEO approach.

Our firm commitment to this process is why we continue to surpass our competitors. In fact, we’ve helped clients pull in over $130M of extra annual revenue by improving their Google organic rankings.


While we follow a well-defined step-by-step SEO process, we can customise it to suit your unique needs and objectives.

First, we ask the right questions, such as:

  • What are your most important keywords, and why are we targeting additional ones that are not as important?
  • What are the primary technical, content, and linking issues affecting site rankings, and what is the ideal way to address them? 
  • How long will it take to improve your ranking?
  • How can you support our SEO efforts?
  • If our proposed strategy has a potential downside, how do we prevent it from happening?

Then, we conduct a 360-degree online audit to find the best answer to these questions. Through this digital deep dive, we’ll gather insights to develop a tailored strategy for your business.

Improve and Scale

Now that we’ve scanned the whole situation, we can begin improving your campaign.

At this point, we make the critical technical fixes and optimise your site’s existing pages, focusing on issues and objectives highlighted in our audit.

We implement our integrated content and link-building strategy to exploit organic growth opportunities.

We know exactly why your competitors are currently on top, and we’ll help you take their spot and stay there.

The strategy we develop isn’t just for winning a one-time SEO battle. We aim for long-term wins to help scale your business in the most fruitful way possible.

Test and Evolve

In SEO, launch and leave is a recipe for disaster – so we don’t do that. While we already have a clearly laid-out plan from the start, we test and monitor our performance regularly.

We’ll send you comprehensive monthly reports to show how our SEO work has improved your ranking.

How Long for SEO to Take Effect

We can give you a more accurate estimate of how long our SEO strategy can take effect once we examine your case further. 

But the bottom line is that the timeline depends on your situation. 

Anyone promising to get you at the top of Google in no time is either naive or lying. In reality, SEO takes time, even when you partner with a reputable industry pioneer like us. 

Building or optimising your website requires ongoing work. It’s a medium- to long-term process that demands close inspection and multiple technical touch-ups.

That said, we aim to get on page one of Google for a client’s keyword within four months.

Google Rankings

Local search engine rankings hinge on three key factors: relevance, distance, and prominence. These indicators let Google know whether your business is the ideal match for a local query.

Our end game isn’t simply helping your local business get those coveted slots in the map pack or the local SERP

We aim to put you there for highly profitable keywords as long as you’re with us.


Talks about how SEO works and what SEO agencies can do for you are a waste of time if you don’t get what you need: more customers.

Bonafide SEO specialists use on-page and off-page techniques to focus campaigns on the most profitable segments of your industry. 

They can keep out unwanted traffic that generates many clicks but few conversions.

You need to connect with your local audience to establish your name in the market. With our local SEO and content marketing, we’ll direct potential clients who convert straight to your website.


We’ll dive deep into your competitors’ top-performing keywords. Our digital crew will then ensure these keywords match your Brisbane business vibe and align with the info you share through the client questionnaire.

Strategy and Expectations

In SEO, many ignore metrics-oriented strategies in favour of less technical solutions, like clever branding and custom-designed web graphics.

But they’re ignoring high-impact optimisation opportunities. 

Web environments that don’t align with Google’s guidelines are less likely to be crawled by Googlebot. Forget about winning the SEO competition. Uncrawlable web pages don’t even qualify to join.

Catchy headlines and chic website designs are pointless and useless if they don’t appear in front of the right audience.

As marketing pros, we value creativity. But we’re not your average marketers. 

We actually love numbers, and as numbers-loving specialists, we enjoy researching, strategising, and implementing data-backed solutions to beat Google’s ranking game.

Check out what Jordi Twomey, the marketing manager of Twomey Dispute Lawyers, says about working with us:

“We’ve been working with the team at Digital Spotlight on our SEO strategy for a couple of years, and have just recently brought across our Google Ads. A great team to work with, with great communication and who create great results!”

Common Reasons for Poor Rankings

Think of your website as your business’ virtual home. Like a physical house, it’s a place where visitors can drop by (traffic), interact with the homeowner (you), and tour around for interesting things and experiences.

Now, Google is like an ever-updating city guide or a map service that ranks digital spaces based on their value to visitors. 

The ranking system helps users explore the internet and find the most helpful and reliable info.

What happens if you have a hard-to-find, broken-down digital house? That’s right. Google won’t list you as a must-visit spot. 

It might recommend your next-door neighbour (a local competitor) to potential visitors, but not you. Google will demote you or remove you from its index.

While hundreds of specific factors affect your site’s online reputation and visibility, it will almost always boil down to any of the following reasons: 

Poorly Optimised On-Site Elements

On-page or on-site factors include images and HTML (hypertext markup language) tags, like title, meta, and header.

Subpar on-site features prevent Google from ranking your website’s usefulness and user relevance. 

On the other hand, our full-scale on-page SEO health check scans every nook and cranny of your website to diagnose the problem accurately. We use the info we gather from this audit to recommend sound fixes.

Lack of Authority Signals

The quantity and quality of inbound links (links to your page) help Google decide whether you’re a legitimate local business

Artificial, deceptive, and manipulative links could harm your ranking prospects. They might even invite Google’s wrath. Instead of a pat on the back, the search engine would penalise you or, worse, kick you out of the competition entirely.

However, if you partner with us, we’ll boost your online authority by helping you develop a natural link profile.

Our comprehensive SEO solutions have already helped thousands of businesses. For example, we were instrumental in improving Queensland Gate Automation’s domain rating by 76%. 

Queensland Gate Automation is a leading importer and distributor of gate automation equipment in Australia. It operates in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth.

Minimal On-Page Content

Your page should have enough text content for Google to index. Otherwise, Google’s Panda algorithm will penalise it for containing thin and low-quality content

Duplicate Content

Google also penalises duplicate content. Your page’s content should at least be 30% unique. But we go beyond the bare minimum. Our content team writes plagiarism-free articles to secure your page’s uniqueness. 

Slow Page Loading Speed

Site speed (how quickly users access your website) affects your search engine ranking

While site speed is a ranking factor, it impacts your page’s relevance less than other factors, like a heading tag, title tag, body text, and link anchor text.

Low-Quality AI-Generated Content

Here’s an SEO golden rule shady agencies would like you to ignore: You can’t fool Google. 

Google’s search engine algorithm is way smarter than self-professed marketing gurus give it credit. 

After the 2023 “AI boom”, many marketers felt they’d found the magic elixir to fast-track their way to SEO success: AI-generated content.

Many businesses and agencies also jumped onto the AI (artificial intelligence) bandwagon, thinking that AI content farms can give them what they’ve always wanted: cheap and easy SEO wins. 

But Google isn’t lagging behind. In fact, it has always stayed ahead. 

As early as 2022, Google’s top people stressed that the search engine has “many algorithms to go after” sites that publish plagiarised, AI-written content. Google’s official spam policy prohibits this sneaky workaround. 

As a business owner in a forward-thinking city, you likely know how AI is turning the content marketing world upside down. 

  Like most business owners, you want to know if you’re getting the most out of what you paid for high-quality content.

We use six AI content detection tools, including Originality.ai, Copyleaks, Corrector App, AI Classifier, Content at Scale, and Crossplag, to ensure our content is original, insightful, and 100% human-written.

Your Website Sucks 

Not to be crass, but an outdated website riddled with content and technical issues get on Google’s nerves.

 Don’t worry. Our site audit can check for SEO issues, ranging from surface-level errors, like thin or duplicate content, to technical issues, like indexability and crawlability problems.

After our top-to-bottom audit, we’ll walk you through each issue and offer evidence-based resolutions.

Why Should You Choose Digital Spotlight to Manage Your SEO?

You know what you want: a steady stream of red-hot leads without breaking the bank. 

The problem is that every SEO company you’ve worked with was only good at making grand promises they can’t keep. 

What about us? We do things differently. We don’t guarantee – SEO has too many moving parts for anyone to give real assurance. But we’ll get the job done and more. 

You work with us for only one reason: results. Whether medical, financial, or commercial — whatever industry you’re in — we deliver the outcome your business deserves.

Here’s another example from our work with Secure Parking, one of the largest parking operators worldwide, servicing Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney:

  • Improved targeted traffic by 208.61%
  • Secured rankings for 299 short-tail keywords (included in the Top 10), such as:
    • Parking
    • Goulburn parking
    • Suncorp parking
    • Wharf parking
    • SW1 parking 

Be Honest

Virtual wars happen daily. Kingdoms rise and fall on the heels of search algorithm changes. 

As a pioneering force, we’ve always known that tall tales have no place in the SEO battlefield.

We’ll be upfront with you from the start. In fact, we only work with clients if we can add value to their enterprise. 

That’s why we offer a pitch-free, no-pressure consultation. Contact us for an assessment to know if you qualify for a free online audit and strategic talk-through.

Genuine Partnership: SEO on Your Terms

When you contact us, you won’t chat with fast-talking salespeople. We don’t pitch anything until we’ve heard your story and discussed with you what’s realistic.

As your preferred SEO partner, we value your input. We’ll send you an SEO questionnaire and ask you for keyword suggestions before we proceed with our SEO work.

We’re committed to developing results-driven and business-focused solutions. 

We Stay Relevant, Adaptable, and Updated

Google refines its ranking system non-stop. In 2022 alone, the tech giant conducted nearly 900,000 search quality tests and launched 4,725 search algorithm changes.

Want an SEO hot tip? Become faster. Work with people who experiment with codes and digital patterns from sunrise to sunset and can translate complex information into relevant and actionable SEO strategies.

No need to look elsewhere. We’re the best fit for the role. We use the same advanced statistical analysis that Google uses to turbocharge our clients’ campaigns.

SEO and Account Managers

Our agency works organically (no pun intended) as one team. 

When you work with us, you don’t work with salespeople who know next to nothing about your SEO needs. 

From the initial consultation to strategising to execution, our account managers are in lockstep with our technical specialists. They work together to bring you the solutions and results your business needs.

There are no smoke and mirrors or misaligned commitments — just dedicated technical expertise at every turn.

ROI-Driven Strategy: Real SEO Delivering Real Results

“ROI-driven” gets thrown around often, doesn’t it? Marketing firms like to talk about how results-focused their SEO approach is but ask them for proof, and they can hardly give any.

Some might give you one or two SEO wins they achieved five or ten years ago. 

As an industry leader, we continue to achieve more and new SEO success stories. We do so not only in Brisbane but in other major cities across Australia.

Listen to what our clients say about our recent work with them:

“We have been working with the team at Digital Spotlight for over five years now. Their expertise, timeliness, and attention to detail have been instrumental to the success of our digital marketing. Most recently they worked closely with us on a complete website relaunch. With a project like this you would generally expect to see a short-term drop in SEO due to the sheer number of changes, however not only did we not see a drop in our rankings, but they actually increased substantially! We cannot thank Digital Spotlight enough for their support and the care they took to ensure this project was a resounding success. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with the Digital Spotlight team over the years and I would highly recommend their digital services.”


Iris Lever, Chief Marketing Officer at PropertyMe (Sydney)


“Working with Blake and Digital Spotlight has been great, we took the time to figure out a realistic strategy which has helped our organic rankings immensely! We are now on the front page for so many head terms that were previously out of reach!”


Sean Hersee, Managing Director at SAGE Painting (Newcastle)


One thing about working with a marketing agency founded by elite mathematicians: We don’t just wait around for Google to publish their core updates. We perform our own tests and research on our models to match what Google is ranking today.

We stay on top of the game because we have the skills, experience, and resources to reverse-engineer the work of Google’s engineers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does SEO in Brisbane cost? How much does it cost per month?

SEO packages have different but fixed monthly rates. We’ll help you decide which SEO service suits your business best.

You have 100% control over your budget if you work with us since we don’t do locked-in contracts.

We also don’t charge a performance bonus, so the acquisition cost for new leads decreases even as you climb the rankings.

Does your business need SEO? Will SEO work for you?

SEO isn’t for everyone. Its value depends on your niche and objective. Talk to us for an honest evaluation of your SEO needs.

If we think SEO will add value to your business, we’ll let you know what it really takes to win it (not what we think you’d like to hear from us).

Is finding an SEO expert in Brisbane important? Will getting an SEO agency from Brisbane work for your business? What are the benefits of hiring an SEO agency, even if they are not based in Brisbane?

You might prefer working with a Brisbane SEO agency for easy access. Or you might buy courses from local Brisbane SEO specialists to manage your SEO to cut marketing costs.

But it isn’t wise to bring a knife to a gunfight, and with SEO in Brisbane, your business really needs to bring the big guns.

As SEO veterans, we know how to win even in the toughest niches. We’ve helped many clients from various industries and cities. 

Analytic prowess, massive resources, and a wealth of real-world experience and successes in the field – you’ll get all these perks when you work with a maths-based and results-oriented industry pioneer like us.

How do I get started with SEO in Brisbane?

The first thing to ensure before you work with an SEO agency is whether your business will get real value from an SEO service in the first place.

Unlike other agencies, we don’t sell one-size-fits-all solutions. We listen first. In fact, we offer a no-charge and no-obligation technical audit to help you decide whether SEO is right for your business.

If you want to begin your SEO venture with us, call our SEO experts at 1300 891 181. 

You can also email us at [email protected] so we can learn more about your goals and expectations for your Brisbane business.

Is SEO still relevant and worth paying for? What is the relevance of SEO, and why is SEO important? Why should you use SEO services?

Do a quick Google search, and you’ll get different — often contrasting — answers to these questions.

But here’s our take: Despite what doomsayers say, SEO is here to stay.

Each business might need different marketing services depending on its overall objectives. 

However, SEO has unmatched staying power and brings unparalleled value to those who know the best industry practices.

But you can’t just pay the first Brisbane SEO service provider you consult to manage your SEO campaigns.

Work with an established marketing agency like us. Our solid track record means we know what businesses need to top their niche.

What is local SEO, and how do you rank in Brisbane? Why choose an organic SEO Brisbane strategy?

Local SEO improves your local search visibility. Localised organic search results depend on these factors: 

  • Relevance: Does your local business profile match users’ queries?
  • Distance: How far is your business from the location term a searcher used?
  • Prominence: How popular is your business in the physical world? Do the online reviews and ratings reflect your business’  offline popularity?

Google has been increasingly tailoring its search algorithm to facilitate local searches

That’s why our SEO strategy focuses on location-based targeting before general targeting to bring the highest returns to your business. 

One of the first things we’ll do for you is to check if you’ve set up your website to target the correct geographical location (in this case, Brisbane, Australia).

Is SEO better than paid advertising? Why choose search engine optimisation over paid ads? Should you do SEO, run Google Ads, or both?

SEO and paid advertising systems, like Google Ads, have pros and cons. Some do both to maximise the ROI they get from each.

SEO is great if you don’t need immediate leads and are investing to generate better and sustainable results over the medium to long period. 

Getting organic rankings, improved traffic, and qualified leads may take time. But the upside is that you don’t need to pay whenever users click on your content.

Your SEO budget generally stays flat. Over time, a comprehensive, research-backed strategy can help increase your ranking, traffic, and sales with lower acquisition costs.

Paid ads or PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns, like Google Ads, are ideal if you’re after immediate leads and sales. 

But in PPC, you’ll lock horns with other industry heavyweights. If you don’t manage your budget wisely, paid ads can be costly. 

The stakes are too high for you to wing it or consult an amateur PPC agency.

As one of Google’s highest-tier Premier Partners, we have a direct line to the tech mogul’s top-level support teams. This hotline access means we can give you paid ad results you won’t get elsewhere.

Check out our work with Communicate Speech Pathology, a reputable speech therapy service company servicing Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Wollongong, Queanbeyan, and Central Coast. 

We’ve increased its conversions by 1,266.67% while reducing the CPC (cost per click) by 77.75%.

What do our SEO experts do?

Our SEO specialists research, test, and optimise day in and day out. They don’t just wait around for Google to announce core algorithm updates.

With our proprietary process and multi-million dollar dataset, our SEO experts trace the digital footprints of Google engineers and follow them where they lead.

You can be sure that we won’t sell you gimmicks when you go to us. 

Instead, we listen to understand your business segment and goals. Then, we huddle to see how our solid SEO research and high-quality content creation can add value to your business. 

Should you have an SEO strategy? How does SEO fit in with your marketing strategy?

An SEO strategy is a nonnegotiable marketing tactic for many businesses today, especially local ones. 

That said, a winning SEO approach will complement your overarching marketing strategy

Through constant feedback, we develop tailored strategies to turbocharge your campaign.

What is an SEO strategy? What is the best SEO strategy?

The process of reverse engineering the works of Google’s engineers and search analysts is critical to our SEO strategy

 The real value of SEO only comes from partnering with an agency that has developed the tools, skills, and experience necessary to carve your path to Google’s first page.

Our team comprises highly analytical and innovative pros well-versed in Google speak (numbers and data). 

They immerse themselves in decoding the Google machine, uncovering clues for optimised performance.

Can you do your own SEO? Do you need to hire an SEO agency?

Working with certified experts can increase the likelihood of your SEO success.

A legitimate SEO agency comprises SEO specialists who can help your website reach the top spot of the SERPs

While you can manage your SEO campaigns, today’s digital marketing arena isn’t a place to roll the dice and cross your fingers for a jackpot.

A DIY SEO strategy will not likely get you to page one of Google. Your business needs SEO experts with highly specialised skills, advanced tools, and a ton of field experience. 

Our agency, Digital Spotlight, is a one-stop shop for all your online marketing needs. 

We have assembled a squad of heavy hitters — proven and accomplished players in the marketing scene. We’ve got you covered, from copywriters to technical geniuses to marketing masterminds.

What is your SEO process timeline?

The time it takes for your website to reach the top of search rankings depends on your business type, goals, and needs.

Generally, we aim to get one of our client’s initial keywords ranked on the first page of Google search results within four months.

However, we can give you a more accurate timeframe once we examine your site and do some research. Still, the bottom line is that we value your unique situation.

What content management systems or website platforms do you work with?

CMS (content management systems) support the website’s structure, allowing site owners to manage and present content conveniently.

We work with CMS like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

Do you have in-house copywriters to optimise my page?

Yes. Our content department develops original, highly compelling, and thoroughly researched articles. They work closely with our content strategists and technical specialists to develop rank-ready posts.

There are so many SEO agencies. What makes you different?

What makes us unique is that we value what you value, regardless of your business type, size, and reach. 

This core principle fuels our drive to help the business world’s “Davids” beat the “Goliaths” of their industries.

So, we don’t pitch. We listen first, assess your needs, and, where applicable, propose solutions and develop a viable game plan. You can decide whether we are the ideal long-term fit before committing.

Marketing know-it-alls online preach that their way is the only way to lift your business high up in Google’s search results.

As a battle-tested SEO agency, we know no one-size-fits-all answer to improving your rankings. Each business requires a different SEO game plan.

We might geek out on numbers and data, like a bunch of undergrads who enjoy learning how to solve a new equation. 

But we’re also businesspeople. We know the importance of understanding the situation before providing feedback and solutions.

While we have a well-established logical approach to SEO, we can adapt our system to suit your needs.  

Who will be working on my site?

Our headquarters are in Australia (Newcastle and Sydney), but our team comes from various places worldwide.

We’ve got a crew of top talents hailing from Australia, the Philippines, Germany, and the United States.

Many agencies or consultancies offer SEO deals at rock-bottom prices. The truth is that most can’t add value to your business. 

They guarantee instant results, take your hard-earned dollars, outsource their job to a random freelancer, and leave you when problems reappear, or they can no longer deliver. 

Not us. We don’t hand off our workload to some stranger online who doesn’t know real SEO and couldn’t care less about being accountable to us.

Instead, we train and invest in our team. Our global crew of high-calibre pros undergoes our training, work for the agency full-time, and ace our qualifications with style.

You have had a bad experience with SEO before. How can you be so sure that it will work for your business this time?

A bad SEO experience is likely due to working with amateur agencies who only know how to play by the old rules.

But Google’s ranking algorithm changes quickly. What worked yesterday won’t work today. 

Our team comprises seasoned SEO gunslingers who thrived even when Google was still a “Wild, Wild West” of the digital space.

What’s different about working with us? You’ve got an ally on your corner who knows the twists and turns of the digital frontier. 

Here’s what Avlaw Aviation Consulting, one of our recent clients, say about working with us:

We have been very pleased with our decision to engage Digital Spotlight to manage and and improve our SEO. Blake, John and the rest of their team are very responsive and know their stuff. After some bad experiences with other providers in this space, we’re not going anywhere.


How much work is involved in an SEO campaign?

Most agencies have strong opinions about what SEO consultants should (or shouldn’t do). 

Unfortunately, many of these takes — often by grifters and self-proclaimed gurus — are shady or irrelevant. 

Real-deal SEO experts understand the constant need to experiment and optimise campaigns to suit the search engine’s preferences. 

Do you still need SEO if you don’t sell products online?

Yes. As mentioned, prominence is an offline ranking factor for local SEO. Although you only run a physical store, you can still benefit from having an optimised website.

What is the ROI of SEO?

To calculate actual ROI, we can plug the data from our campaign into these formulas:

Revenue from organic conversions – SEO campaign cost

SEO campaign cost x 100%


Organic traffic increase % – cost %

Cost %  x 100%

These equations give a tangible ROI percentage, showcasing returns on your SEO investment.

But you can’t slap a one-size-fits-all label on SEO ROI because success isn’t just about numbers. For example, keyword ranking and increased brand awareness also show the ongoing value of SEO.

I used to get much traffic. What happened?

You might be losing traffic for various reasons, including technical on-site and on-page errors and faulty SEO practices. 

Our preliminary audit scans these items to ensure you have a sound and fully optimised website.

Do you work with small companies?

Yes. Our unique maths- and research-driven local SEO strategy has helped scale businesses as expansive as international firms and as small as family-owned online shops. 

We offer a free, no-obligation technical audit that could otherwise cost thousands of dollars.

Why are we tossing this service in for free? We’re not into blindfolded transactions. Whether you run a big or small business, selling you a service without knowing your needs just isn’t our style.

How do you track your SEO efforts? How do you track organic leads, sales, and phone calls?

We value our integrity. We constantly gather data from our optimisation campaigns to determine actual results from our SEO efforts. From audit to optimisation, you’ll know what we’re doing for your campaign and why. 

What is a landing page?

Landing pages are web pages designed to rank in organic searches. The content on these pages must be informative and resonate with your target audiences. They’re written using your identified location-specific keywords.

What’s the deal with on-page SEO?

On-page SEO or on-site SEO aims to optimise webpages to enhance their rankings and gain organic traffic.

Aside from delivering relevant, high-quality content, on-page SEO involves refining HTML tags and images. 

Our on-page SEO ensures your website exudes a high level of expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.

What are some quick SEO wins?

Our SEO approach is 80-20. We focus our efforts on 20% of the ranking factors that provide an 80% impact on the rankings

Addressing these select on-page, off-page and technical SEO factors can significantly improve your chances of reaching Google’s first page.   

For example, the fact that Google can crawl and index your site is a genuine SEO win.

What is a conversion funnel in SEO?

A conversion funnel refers to the possible route the buyer takes leading to a purchase. 

We aim at putting your website before potential customers whenever they search for a product or service you offer.

Our SEO strategy targets users entering the market (searchers interested in a product like yours) and those deep in the buying cycle.

What creative ways encourage site owners to link to your site?

Publishing unique, original, engaging, and authoritative content encourages other websites to cite your website.

When you do a quick online search to find Brisbane businesses similar to yours, you likely want to know, “What’s my edge? Why would prospective clients choose my services instead of my competitors?”

You can offer low pricing, easy-to-navigate web design, and unique products. But if potential customers don’t know your business exists, none of these features will matter. 

A natural link profile and other white hat (ethical) SEO tactics increase Google’s trust in your site. And if Google finds you trustworthy, searchers will likely think the same way.

How many keywords can you rank me for?

We optimise your website to rank for as many profitable keywords as possible for as long as you’re with us.

Is blogging an important aspect of SEO?

Guest blogging is integral to building a natural link profile. But remember: You can’t fool Google’s algorithm.

 It can sniff out link-bait blog posts and nonsense copywriting material like a bloodhound. 

Our strategy? We publish helpful, relevant content on niche-specific websites to gain credibility and establish trust from one website to another.

Will you optimise Google My Business?

Yes. A Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) displays your local business in the map pack (if you’re a top match) and Google Maps.

We ensure the relevance of the backlinks we use to boost your online profile. We don’t just beg for links from some random website.

How will you write content that connects with your audience?

We know the ideal blend of optimisation and creativity. Unlike other agencies that outsource their tasks to AI content farms, we write and publish unique, read-worthy, and 100% human-written articles.

How will you help maximise conversions on my site?

Our SEO strategy aims to rank your website for highly profitable keywords. We do so by first focusing on location-based and product- or service-specific search terms

Search queries use different keywords even if they are looking for the same product or service.  

For instance, if you’re in the plumbing business, some local users might discover you by simply typing “plumbing supplies” in Google’s search engine.

Others searching for plumbing equipment might also find you through a product-based keyword like “clogged sink” or “sewer pipe”.

General keywords bring decent traffic volume, but the more general a keyword is, the lower the leads and sales conversion rate.

Do you need to rebuild your website for SEO to work?

It depends on how outmoded your website is and what ranking factors it lacks. Say your site is fully functioning, and the only problem is that it isn’t ranking on Google.

In that case, a thorough technical audit and the right application of fixes can significantly improve its SEO viability.

Technical SEO FAQs

Why is technical SEO important?

Technical SEO thoroughly examines websites to look for factors that can affect Google’s crawling and indexing, including content and links. It also determines whether your site has penalty-worthy errors.  

Fix these technical issues, and you’re in for a serious game-changer in rankings and traffic. 

We’ve developed in-house tools and have refined our technical audit protocol for over a decade.

How can you find technical SEO errors?

Our technical SEO audit uses advanced tools and follows a methodical approach to identifying technical SEO errors.

After we’re done with a preliminary audit, we send our clients a file consolidating all the issues we’ve found.

Google constantly evolves, so we conduct constant technical investigations to ensure we stay on top of any requirements.

We draw from our wealth of experience and invest all efforts to pin down all errors that could block our client’s path to Google’s first page.

Does your site speed affect SEO?

Yes. Google considers site speed as a ranking signal. But as mentioned, its impact on your site is less than that of relevance ranking factors, like the HTML tags.

What is PageRank?

PageRank, a Google algorithm, sizes up web pages by the quality and quantity of incoming links. If links are votes, then PageRank acts like the ballot counter. Rack up high-quality votes (links), and your website improves its odds of winning the SEO showdown.

On-Site SEO FAQs

What are keywords?

These words and phrases define your page’s purpose. Keywords are the linchpins between search queries (what people seek online) and your products or services. 

We focus on location-based targeting before general targeting. Why? General keywords may drive decent traffic. 

However, the more generic the term is, the more likely the conversion rate will be low.

We refine your content for Google by using geo-targeted, industry-specific keywords in the URL, HTML tags (header, title, meta description), and body.

Where do you find the best keywords?

We get the data for the keywords that have the best probability of ranking through the following sources:

  • Client’s questionnaire
  • Search term report  
  • Competition report
  • Google, Semrush, and Ahrefs suggested keywords

How do you effectively use keywords? How do you perform keyword research?

Relying on the old-school keyword research playbook won’t cut it anymore. Google’s algorithm is way smarter now than any of its early versions.

Our field-tested keyword analysis procedure and in-house tools have helped drive highly targeted traffic to our clients. 

We follow a unique and thorough step-by-step keyword strategy. 

We’ll take your keyword suggestions and questionnaire to examine your products or services closely. 

Then, we’ll select a few core keywords to target for a month. These terms are most likely to deliver ROI. 

Through extensive research, we learned that focusing on a certain number of initial core keywords helps our campaign get search engine traction for the first few weeks. 

This approach keeps our SEO efforts within Google’s natural, normalised optimisation range. It also lays the solid groundwork for the months and years ahead. 

How do you create SEO-friendly content?

Our content team works closely with SEO specialists to develop rank-ready articles. Before publishing the content, we ensure the article is exceptional, informative, and engaging.

Link Building FAQs

What are SEO backlinks?

A backlink, also known as “inbound link” and “incoming link”, is a virtual bridge between two or more websites.

Why are backlinks important? Will backlinks help your rankings, and what type of links will you build?

Think of backlinks as votes of confidence from one website to another. The more quality incoming links your site has, the higher its online authority. 

Our link-building strategy focuses on links that increase your online authority.

How can I build more links to my site?

Before you run off to look for more backlinks, remember that Google penalises sites for using spammy, artificial, or low-quality links. 

So the better question isn’t just “How can I get more links?” but “What links should I go after?”

We help our clients gain high-quality links by writing guest posts. We only write articles for blogs and websites that we know can improve our client’s online authority.

What is the difference between internal and external links?

Internal links direct users from one page of your website to a target page within the same. 

Meanwhile, an external link directs users to any domain other than the one containing the link.

Local SEO FAQs

What is a local pack?

Search Google for any product- or service-specific keywords related to your business and add a location-based modifier to your search. 

What do the results show? You’ll likely see a list of local business listings and a map displaying their physical addresses pulled from Google Maps.

This online bulletin is called the map pack or local pack. A local pack appears at the topmost part of search results for local searches.

Getting to that list is one of the best, if not the best, ways to establish your local online presence and boost revenue.

Say a Brisbanite asks Google where to buy plumbing equipment. 

In that case, the results will show nearby hardware stores based on location.

After all, they probably did not search “plumbing supplies near me” out of curiosity. They’ve searched for it because their kitchen sink needs fixing or something.

In short, the searcher is likely looking for hardware stores in their neighbourhood to make a purchase. 

Through the map pack, Google will show them the top nearby suggestions.

Imagine running a local shop, and your business website doesn’t appear on Google’s top three local listings.

Whether you offer the best product or service in town won’t matter much. Potential customers with high buying intent won’t see your business first or, worse, know it even exists.

As Australian local SEO specialists with head offices in Newcastle and Sydney, our data-driven and results-focused approach has helped scale Brisbane, Melbourne, and global brands. 

Can you do SEO without a website?

Some say you can do SEO without a website (for example, creating a listing on Google and other search engines). However, a well-structured and optimised website is key if you’re serious about hitting the SEO jackpot.

As mentioned above, technical SEO (which requires a website to work) can help you gain targeted traction (potential customers). 

Why are local citations important?

Citations are links to your site and profile, including local, video, profile, and social.

Lead-generating citations usually come from local sites. Local citations are highly relevant and can elevate your local pack or organic local search rankings.

We don’t aim for random citations. We work on link-building opportunities with high conversion rates.

What types of businesses can use local SEO?

We’ve worked with thousands of Australian businesses in various cities across 355 industries, including medical, home improvement, education, pets, auto, and financial.

For example, our well-rounded SEO approach helped Montara Wealth, a top-tier financial planning company, improve its leads by 333%.

Local SEO done rightly is a great medium- to long-term investment. So, work with specialists who can play your cards well. You’ll receive compounded returns with incrementally lower marketing expenses.

Contact us to know the local businesses in your niche that we’ve worked with.

Google Algorithm FAQs

What is Google Hummingbird?

Google launched this algorithm update in August 2013. The search giant’s archive only commented that Hummingbird was a major improvement to its overall ranking systems without specifying the changes it made. 

Some speculated that Hummingbird was a complete overhaul of Google’s core algorithm.

What is Google Rankbrain?

This AI system helps Google understand how words relate to concepts. Thanks to this type of understanding, RankBrain helps the digital platform decide the best order of the top search results. 

Although RankBrain was Google’s first deep learning model, it remains a primary AI system powering the search engine today.

How often are Google algorithm updates released?

The short answer is: No one knows the exact frequency for sure. 

What we know is that the system changes could reach up to nearly 5,000 in a year. 

Google’s engineers and data scientists perform tests and tweak Google’s search algorithm non-stop at a gruelling pace.

Your best bet at winning the SEO race is to work with an agency that can reverse-engineer Google’s operations.

What are Google Panda and Google Penguin?

Google Panda and Google Penguin are two “retired” ranking systems. 

In 2011, Google introduced the Panda algorithm to ensure that only original and high-quality content would appear in their search results. This system evolved and became part of Google’s core ranking systems in 2015.

In 2012, Google rolled out Penguin, an algorithm designed to hunt down sites with spammy links. In 2016, the search platform integrated a more developed version of the Penguin system into their core ranking systems.

Although retired, the ghosts of these two algorithms live on in Google’s core ranking system and continue to haunt those who would try to cheat Google out of website traffic.

Do you want to know what spooky SEO gremlins prevent your site from ranking?  

Our preliminary technical audit can help unmask the culprits blocking you from entering the digital spotlight, including penalty-worthy on- and off-page SEO errors.

We offer a one-of-a-kind, maths-based, and results-oriented approach to digital marketing services, including SEO and Google Ads

Ready to transform your Brisbane-based business into a digital marketplace leader?

Book a no-pressure, pitch-free consultation with one of our experts. You can email us at [email protected] or call us at 1300 891 181.


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