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Business Owners Trust Us to Deliver Results.

With more and more consumers relying on the internet to find businesses, products, and services, the demand to establish a robust online presence has skyrocketed, pushing Australia’s search advertising sector to a $6 billion valuation.

Numerous digital marketing agencies are capitalising on this need for web visibility, offering online advertising strategies like search engine optimisation (SEO) to be the game-changer for your brand.

Yes, SEO works, and in the hands of experts, can deliver an impressive and ongoing ROI. 

Unfortunately, not all companies calling themselves “SEO experts” live up to their self-proclaimed title, and choosing them as your SEO provider might do more harm than good.

Still, you deserve the best SEO company and service to help your venture reach the peak of the search engine results page (SERPs).

So, if you’re tired of broken promises of online supremacy and wasted dollars, it’s time to do away with inept online marketing companies and partner with Digital Spotlight.

Our difference? We invest millions of dollars in research and analysis to understand our clients— their business objectives, market profile, competition, and current online authority— to provide tailored SEO solutions.

But unlike other “top SEO companies”, we sometimes say no.
We might even turn down your money, regardless of how much you believe you need our help. That’s because we only work with enterprises we’re confident— up to a decimal point— can benefit from our SEO service.

“We have been very pleased with our decision to engage Digital Spotlight to manage and improve our SEO.

[Digital Spotlight]’s team is very responsive and knows their stuff. After some bad experiences with other providers in this space, we’re not going anywhere.”

Avlaw Aviation Consulting

Still not convinced we’re the best solution for your brand? Continue reading to discover why thousands of businesses in various niches choose us and our
search engine optimisation service.

The Core Pillars of Effective SEO

While our unique SEO approach utilises complicated tools such as advanced statistical analysis, data modelling, and niche segmentation, it’s grounded in three fundamental principles that ensure search engines always reward our clients with high rankings and better online visibility.

Here are the three core pillars that make our SEO brand effective:


Your landing pages and content must be relevant to your target audience. Think about it: you wouldn’t click on a website that provides information on the best Sydney restaurants that serve kangaroo meat when you’re explicitly searching for tourist destinations in Melbourne, right?

That’s why one of our primary focuses is to identify user intent. Doing so helps us determine keywords that give the most return on investment (ROI) and tailor our content strategy to provide the best answers to your audience’s questions.


People are inclined to think that brands on top of SERPs are the best. But to get top search placement, search engines like Google must see that you’re an authoritative figure in your industry.

For this reason, we incorporate techniques that improve your domain authority (D.A.), a metric measuring your chances of reaching the first page. One of these processes is obtaining backlinks from other authoritative websites.

User Experience

SEO is straightforward. It’s optimising your web pages and content for search engines.

Moreover, an effective SEO strategy makes your enterprise’s digital presence user-friendly. After all, a person who doesn’t enjoy visiting your website will unlikely become a loyal customer. 

Our SEO processes consider user experience, exemplified by our efforts in:

  • Creating appealing website designs
  • Making your pages faster and more responsive
  • Incorporating accessibility features such as single-point navigation

Impactful SEO Solutions to Smash Your Website Ranking and Traffic KPIs

Our commitment is clear— to help your brand overcome obstacles preventing it from dominating the first page of Google. But how do we follow through on this obligation? Through effective SEO solutions.

The strategies we use to help websites reach higher ranks and attract more website traffic can vary from client to client. Still, here are the technical SEO, on-page SEO, and off-page SEO techniques we use to deliver results for our clients— results you wouldn’t get anywhere else:

Discovery and Audit

Knowledge is power. That’s why we do our research and perform audits and technical analysis— before you sign up and as your SEO campaign progresses. After all, these comprehensive reviews allow us to match the appropriate strategies to your business’ unique challenges and objectives. 

What’s Included in a Website Audit?

Understanding your current online SEO authority gives us a good baseline of what we need to do to get your desired outcomes. That’s why complete website audits are an essential process in helping us determine the best SEO service we can provide for your business.

We’ll examine everything, from little details, like your web page’s URL (uniform resource locators) structures, title tags, and body text, to essential elements that significantly affect your rankings, including your site’s PageSpeed score, link profile, and sitemap.

What Third-Party Tools Are Used During Our SEO Audits?

We use various tools to help supplement our auditing process and give us valuable insight into the issues preventing your site from reaching the top ranks, including the following:

  • Ahrefs
  • Google Analytics
  • Google PageSpeed Insights
  • Google Search Console
  • Semrush
  • Screaming Frog

SEO Consultancy

We don’t offer cookie-cutter SEO solutions. Everything we do is tailored to our clients and their brands

So, if you partner with us, expect us to consult and ask for your feedback regularly. This way, we ensure our strategies align with what you’re trying to achieve.

What Is the Best SEO Strategy?

Here’s some critical advice: agencies that say they use the “best” SEO strategy are doing so only to convince you to sign a lock-in contract. However, they’ll likely disappear as soon as they get paid.

The truth is that there isn’t a foolproof SEO strategy. Search engine engineers constantly tweak their algorithms, and so should SEO providers with their SEO solutions.

Fortunately, we have full-time researchers whose responsibility is to identify emerging SEO trends, allowing us to develop hypotheses and test techniques before other digital marketing firms even realise that a shift is occurring.

Competitor Analysis

Although our maths-based SEO approach already provides plenty of insight into what we need to do to acquire the results your business needs for growth, analysing your competitors’ strategies also contributes to our strategy development process.

Identifying and reverse engineering your rivals’ SEO tactics helps us craft solutions to defend your SERP rankings, outperform them on similar target keywords, and prevent your target audience from ever knowing they exist. 

Google Analytics Setup

Tracking metrics like traffic, leads, and conversions is an effective way to gauge your SEO campaign’s effectiveness and whether we’re meeting your expectations.

But unlike other SEO firms, we won’t try to hide these essential numbers from you. Instead, we’ll set up your Google Analytics account so you can see how relentless we are at getting your enterprise into the coveted #1 spot. 

Website Optimisation

Knowing which aspects of your website need enhancing is only one part of the equation. The other is performing the optimisation. You can trust us to accomplish both.

Our website optimisation process involves various steps, including the following:

  • Raising your PageSpeed score to 90 or higher, such as by improving your site’s loading speed
  • Ensuring all the pages you want to rank are linked to other pages within your website
  • Improving your site’s mobile friendliness, such as by configuring your web pages’ HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol) to redirect users to your site’s device-appropriate versions

Content Creation

Your content, such as articles and blogs, should provide the information internet users are seeking and answer their questions. While producing as much content as possible might have been an effective SEO strategy in the past, that’s no longer the case.

That’s why our content creation efforts focus on identifying opportunities to craft relevant, authoritative, high-quality, and, most importantly, original materials that resonate with your target audience.

How Important Is Content for SEO?

Your website content isn’t limited to being a hub where visitors can acquire information. It’s also a vehicle for keyword integration. So, how essential is content for SEO? It’s the backbone.

Do We Have In-House Content Writers to Optimise Your Pages?

Digital Spotlight boasts a team of in-house content writers and editors who excel at crafting rank-ready articles and blogs— not generic content created solely to spam keywords.

How Many Keywords Do We Implement During Onsite Work, and How Do We Choose the Correct Phrases?

As mentioned, the number of keywords we target and incorporate into our SEO process depends on the service package level your business needs. That said, you can be confident that the search terms and phrases we choose will be highly profitable.

After all, we use a sophisticated keyword selection process that focuses on attracting users entering the market (ETM) and individuals in the market (ITM). 

Searchers entering the market are those interested in businesses like yours, and those in the market are ready to buy.

Add in Some Amazing Content (for Amazing SEO Results)

While you’re more than welcome to craft your website content, we understand the value of dedicating your valuable resources to running your business. Fortunately, you can trust our skilled writers to capture your distinctive voice and convey your message precisely and seamlessly.

Keyword Research

Keywords refer to the terms and phrases searchers type into search engines to find relevant information. Targeting your desired audience’s search queries can help your website appear on SERPs.

Identifying what those keywords are is the challenging part, which is why we have a team dedicated to this process. Our keyword research includes the terms you believe are critical for your brand’s growth, those relevant to your local market, and those your competitors rank in.

Backlink Creation

Backlinks are links that redirect internet users from other websites to your brand’s web pages. They work similarly to votes of confidence. When other enterprises link to yours, search engines believe it’s valuable and relevant.

How Do Backlinks Impact SEO Ranking?

Essentially, the more of these endorsements you get, the more credible and authoritative your business appears. Search engines reward websites that showcase these traits with higher SERP rankings.

What Link Building Techniques Do We Employ to Help With Rankings?

Yes, more is often better, but more backlinks aren’t always enough to get you on the first page of search results. That’s why our link-building strategies emphasise targeting, connecting you with, and earning backlinks from top, authoritative websites.

Local Business Optimisation

Our SEO solutions include local SEO techniques because we understand that your local market can be a valuable traffic source. Our local SEO processes consider the following:

Local Citation

We can help you gain lead-generating citations from relevant local websites highlighting your brand’s NAP (name, address, and phone number).

Citations assist search users and potential customers in discovering your brand quickly, helping your local business to rank better on local search results.

GMB Listing

Your Google Business Profile, formerly Google My Business (GMB), is an effective tool to improve your local SEO standing. After all, this online directory business listing allows your website to appear on Google Search and Google Maps.

That’s why part of our local SEO efforts involves claiming and, more importantly, optimising your Google Business Profile by writing comprehensive descriptions of your products or services and providing eye-catching photos.

Reputation Management

Did you know that 95% of consumers check reviews first before deciding whether to engage with a business and buy its product or service?

This figure shows how your online reputation, shaped by online mentions of your brand, can influence your target audience’s perception of your business and, by extension, your chances of acquiring higher SERP positions. 

Remember that your online image can make or break your SEO standing. That’s why our SEO solutions include reputation management, which considers identifying and correcting the culprits causing the most prevalent damage to your online reputation.


We’ll never recommend an SEO strategy we wouldn’t use ourselves. Know that every process included in our SEO solutions has been real-world tested on our internal sites — rigorously, if we may add.

Tracking and Reporting

Transparency in everything we do is one of our core guiding principles. So, expect us to be upfront about the progress of your campaigns.

We set aside 30 minutes to an hour of monthly reporting to update you on everything, from your account summary to the links we’ve earned for your business. And to help you understand your results better, we’ll even customise our reports in Looker Studio.

“[Digital Spotlight] is brilliant to work with! Great communication and extremely skilled to deliver awesome results. Thank you!”

Jordi Twomey | Twomey Dispute Lawyers

How to Choose an SEO Agency

Countless SEO agencies claim they’re the best choice to help your business establish a robust digital presence, attract customers, and increase sales.

Unfortunately, separating the pretenders from the firms that can deliver the results your brand needs to flourish can be challenging. To help you make the right choice, we list down the qualities to consider when looking for the best SEO provider for your business.

Know Your Goals and Desired Outcomes

Off-the-shelf SEO solutions rarely, if ever, work. Every business, even those in similar niches, will have distinct objectives and reasons for seeking an SEO service provider.

That’s why it’s important for us to deeply understand your brand. Doing so helps us tailor our strategies and maximise our ability to give you the results that matter most for your enterprise.

To explain why SEO companies focusing on your goals and desired outcomes are your best choice, let’s look at some hypothetical scenarios.

Example 1: SEO-Optimised Content Marketing

Imagine you’re a business owner specialising in making homemade cream-filled sandwiches. Say you want to establish your product superior to the beloved Arnott’s Tim Tams.

An experienced SEO service provider like ours who understands your ambition might focus on crafting content highlighting your unique sandwich cookie to attract consumers looking for Tim Tam alternatives.

Example 2: Increasing Your Domain Authority

Let’s say you have the content creation process down for your sandwich biscuit enterprise this time. The problem is that your articles and blogs aren’t appearing on search engines, but your competitors are.

So, you raise your domain authority. Given this scenario, we can prioritise connecting you with relevant entities in your niche, like food reviewers, to drive traffic to your content and establish your brand’s credibility.

Do understand that these are only example scenarios, and we oversimplified our explanation by matching one strategy to a goal. 

In the real world, SEO isn’t a single process. Instead, it’s a suite of techniques that work together to boost your overall organic rankings.

SEO Agency Red Flags

Now that you know how to choose an SEO agency, it’s time to spot the telltale signs that indicate you should probably look elsewhere for your search engine optimisation needs.

Guaranteeing Rankings

SEO isn’t a one-size-fits-all solutions. So if an SEO agency presents to you a pre-bundled SEO package offering incredible results for a relatively low cost, run!

Unlike other SEO agencies who promise you the moon, we will never guarantee to give you the #1 rank. That’s because too many variables are involved in SEO for a guarantee to have any meaning. 

Anyone who says otherwise is a liar or will rely on black hat techniques that lead to penalties, including your site’s removal from search engines.

Quantity Over Quality Backlink-Building Techniques

Your number of backlinks can influence your SERP placement. However, SEO service providers focusing on the quantity over the quality of those endorsements are ones you should avoid.

Search engines like Google punish websites with unnatural link profiles or links obtained through unethical means, such as purchasing links and excessive link exchanges.

Ultra-Low Price

If a deal is too good to be true, it probably is. Digital marketing companies that offer their SEO help cheaply might indicate that they cut corners or use black hat tactics.

Meanwhile, an SEO service from a proven digital marketing agency can come with a hefty price tag. After all, white hat SEO is sustainable SEO even though it takes longer to yield more significant results.

No Portfolio or Customer Testimonials

Online marketing firms that say they can do X and give you Y without the case studies, client testimonials, or data to back up their statements are often just making claims and nothing more.

Client Retention

Many SEO companies boast their client numbers. We do, too. However, SEO providers hiding their client retention rate reveals the quality of their service. 

The best agencies attract businesses and keep them. For the record, our client retention rate is 95.67%, even without lock-in contracts.

How to Work With an SEO Agency

Henry Ford once said, “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself”. And that’s true of our SEO services, emphasising collaboration with our clients.

An SEO service provider should be an extension of your in-house marketing team. If you look at SEO from this perspective, you’ll understand that SEO success is a team effort.

So, here are some ways you can help us bring the best out of your business and help it dominate search engines:

Prepare Your In-House, Front-Facing Team

Experienced SEO companies like ours tailor their approach to client’s goals, expectations, and timelines. To accomplish this task, we’ll need information about your enterprise.

On your part, you’ll want to communicate with your in-house teams about your decision to bring in SEO professionals and select individuals who can directly interact with our experts. Doing so ensures that our methods consistently align with the unique aspects of your business.

Discovery Session

Feel free to initiate discovery sessions. During these talks, we encourage you to share comprehensive details about your brand, discuss strategies you believe will most help your business, and provide feedback on our plan of attack.

Research and Recommendations

There’s no guesswork involved in our SEO brand. Every little tweak we do is guided by thorough research and diving deep into the maths— the language of search engines.

We’ll communicate our recommendations based on our in-depth audit and analysis findings. All that’s left for you to do is tell us if you’re on board or if you think our strategies have more room to maximise your marketing dollars.

Contract With Deliverables

We don’t use lock-in contracts to tie you down, hoping you forget you’re paying us. Instead, our agreements outline the scope of our services and the outcomes we must deliver.

But we don’t set the bar; you do. Whether it’s more website traffic, better conversion rates, or increased sales, you define the success metrics that matter— the only numbers that will matter to us and what we’ll work on.

Onboarding, Project Scoping, and Management

Once you’ve signed the contract, the onboarding process begins. At this stage, we’ll request access to various digital assets, such as your website passwords and analytics tools credentials. You can help us by providing these pertinent information.

That’s it! While we may need your participation— to provide feedback and align our processes to your objectives— you can leave the rest to our seasoned SEO experts to deliver the results your brand needs.

Why Digital Spotlight Is the Best SEO Firm for Your Business

Almost all our clients come from referrals and other digital marketing agencies. And once they sign up and start working with us, they don’t leave. We have a 95.67% client retention rate to prove it.

Still, there must be a reason why over 1,800 businesses in more than 355 niches stick with us. Here’s a hint: it’s not because of restrictive contracts.

So, if you’re curious, allow us the opportunity to make a case for why we’re the best SEO firm for your brand.

Want to Unlock Your Potential? We’ve Got the Key

We pride ourselves on being the key to unlocking the full potential of your business. While many other
SEO agencies boast about being “gurus” and recycling bygone strategies, we take a different approach.

We use mathematics. Sounds boring, we know. However, this focus on analysing the numbers allows us to consistently identify the ever-changing SEO factors that search engines like Google reward.

We’re an SEO Agency That Focuses on Your Objectives

A strategy that works for one business might not be as effective for another. That’s why we don’t get stuck on past achievements. Instead,
we leverage our expertise to provide solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.

Real Results

We measure our success by the tangible achievements of our clients. From putting more than 200 non-branded keywords on Google’s first page to contributing more than $130 million in additional yearly revenue, you’ll find hard evidence of our commitment to delivering real-world results.

Guaranteed Long-Term Results

Unlike some SEO agencies that promise quick results and run when cracks begin to appear, we’re dedicated to providing sustainable and long-term growth via our maths-driven and algorithm-research strategies.

Consistent SEO Results

Search engine optimisation is an ongoing process. So, consistency is the key. We don’t think our job is done just because some of your target keywords have ranked. We never stop tweaking.

We’ll Help You Show Up Where Your Customers Are Looking

Did you know that roughly 175
new websites are created every minute? This statistic highlights that the battle for top search ranks will only become fiercer from here on out.

We understand the value of standing out in the digital landscape. That’s why our SEO approach optimises your web pages and content to attract the right audience— the people most likely to become leads and conversions.

Complete Transparency Every Step of the Way

We believe in keeping our clients in the loop at every stage of their
SEO campaign through open channels and periodic reports. Open communication ensures we’re on the same page, allowing us to maximise every cent of your SEO investment.

Best Practices

We won’t hide and have nothing to hide. While we don’t make promises, we can guarantee that the authority and credibility we establish for your business will be earned ethically, following the
white hat SEO guidelines set by search engines.

Long Term Partnership

Search engine
engineers never stop tweaking their algorithms. So, we never consider our job done. When you partner with us, know we’re in it for the long haul— constantly monitoring and continually optimising to deliver your desired outcomes and then some. 

After all, SEO takes time. Hence a partnership with an SEO service provider should be committed to helping you achieve your goals for a long time, not momentarily.

A Defined Process to Execute SEO Strategies

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of
SEO service providers in Australia claiming to be the best

However, there’s a clear difference between a firm only making outlandish statements and an agency that lives up to that title. That indicator is a defined SEO process. 

Unlike most SEO agencies, we don’t make things up as we go. Instead, we use a defined checklist of steps developed from running over 2,100 client campaigns successfully.

A Diverse Team of Specialists

From mathematician founders and researchers to outreach teams, content writers, and
web designers, Digital Spotlight hosts a diverse team with a shared purpose: translating SEO ideas into higher SERP rankings and more website visitors, leads, and sales for your enterprise.

An Impressive Portfolio

We proudly showcase the businesses we’ve helped and the results we’ve achieved. That’s because our portfolio speaks volumes about the quality of our work, allowing us to focus on listening to fully
understand your brand’s challenges and goals instead of pitching.

A Crisp-Clear Company Culture

At Digital Spotlight, we live by the Pareto principle. This guiding philosophy allows us to focus on the 20% that provides the most impact— the ones that deliver 80% of the results.
This defined company culture has served us and our clients well.

Partner With an SEO Company With Years of Experience

’s search advertising industry wouldn’t grow to a $6 billion sector without the countless SEO startups trying to establish themselves as authorities in the digital landscape.

But here’s where we have the advantage over these new players: 15+ years of experience. Partnering with us means tapping into our extensive history and expertise of search engine optimisation.

Industry Accolades

If you’re looking for another reason to choose us and our
SEO service, here’s one: Google recognises us as one of its highest-level Premier Partners in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region.

So, what does this partnership mean for your business? Think of it as having insider access.

Our SEO team has access to nonpublic competitor data and a hotline to Google’s support staff devoted to helping fix issues with your account, translating to exclusive benefits for your SEO campaign straight from Google itself.

Industry-Leading Expertise

We know how
SEO works. We understand it so well that multi-billion dollar organisations and financial leaders, including Anthill, BRW, and the Financial Review, seek us to ask for our expertise in cracking the search code.

Here’s How We’ll Invest in You:

Unlike many SEO service providers, we won’t ask you to put money down so we can begin our SEO process. You might think we’re crazy, but we’ll invest thousands of dollars worth of audits and research in your business— before you decide whether to partner with us.

So, where does our upfront investment go? Here they are:

A Comprehensive Audit

Instead of charging you for a technical audit, we offer it for free. 

Why are we giving away something that other SEO agencies ask thousands of dollars for? Because we think it’s unfair to quote you for a service that we haven’t yet determined will benefit your business.

Unique Growth Strategy

We only work with brands that can improve with SEO. Thanks to our auditing stage, you’ll know whether yours will. But that isn’t only what our initial research and analysis process is for.

Our research also allows us to craft an actionable SEO plan of attack unique to your enterprise’s situation, including its competition, industry, and current SEO authority. The best part? We offer this blueprint free of charge.

ROI Projections

What kind of results will your marketing budget get? With us, you’ll never have to guess. That’s because we’ll also forecast the outcomes your business can expect to receive from our SEO efforts

Service Plans From a Top-Rated SEO Company

As mentioned, we offer four standard SEO service package levels that differ on the number of target keywords involved in the optimisation process. These SEO package suites are:

  • SEO Entry
  • SEO Premium
  • SEO Corporate
  • SEO Corporate Plus

We also offer a fifth package level, called SEO Enterprise, if your business needs a larger-scale, strategic approach to search engine optimisation.

To determine which SEO service tier will give your brand the best return on investment, talk to our experienced SEO professionals by calling 1300-891-181 or emailing [email protected].

“In an industry where many take your money and do very little for it, [Digital Spotlight] is a breath of fresh air for many small businesses like mine.”

Philip Bonser | Goulburn Offroad Carts

What Is SEO Marketing?

Admittedly, search engine optimisation (SEO) can be a complicated discussion. That’s why many online advertising firms often use complex technical jargon to try and trick businesses into thinking they’re authorities on the subject.

But not us. After all, we’re not just here to provide digital marketing services. We’ll also give you the knowledge and tools that will allow you to take control of your online destiny.

So, here’s what you need to know about SEO: it’s what it sounds like.

To explain, SEO is a digital marketing strategy designed to optimise your business’ web pages and content to improve their organic rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs).

While the processes involved in SEO can vary wildly from firm to firm, ours focuses on tweaking your website’s on-page (on-site), off-page (off-site), and technical elements— factors that significantly influence your SERP placement.

Why Is SEO Important?

It’s easy for us to say, “SEO is essential because it can give your brand increased online visibility and more chances of conversions.”

While more website traffic and a higher conversion rate are good arguments for its significance, there’s an even more critical reason to utilise search engine optimisation: it puts your business on the map.

Roughly three-fourths of internet users stick to the first SERP to find answers to their queries. Even more interesting is that 70% of searchers will only click organic (non-paid) results, making paid tactics like pay-per-click (PPC) advertising inefficient.

In short, consumers are unlikely to see your products or services— much less know your business exists— if your web pages and content aren’t optimised for and ranking high on search engines organically.

With a tailored SEO service from experienced SEO specialists, you ensure that search engines like Google recommend your brand to people looking for offerings similar to yours.

“Can SEO Increase My Sales or Leads?”

Every enterprise is distinct. While some seek SEO services to boost their brand awareness with their target audience, some do it to get qualified leads and increase their sales numbers.

If you’re in the latter camp, you can be confident that enhancing your organic search rankings via SEO can give your business the results it needs for growth.

How do we know? Simple: our unique, mathematics-driven search engine optimisation service has provided our clients over $130 million in additional yearly revenue.

If you want to see more examples of how our SEO service can increase your business’ leads and sales metrics, check out our case studies.

“Should My Business Use SEO?”

Without hesitation, many so-called “best SEO agencies” will tell you that you should implement an SEO strategy for your business and that not doing so would put you at a disadvantage.

Although we agree to some extent, we know SEO isn’t for everyone.

The truth is that many Australian business owners and entrepreneurs ask us for our award-winning SEO expertise. Unfortunately, some enterprises won’t benefit from this digital marketing solution, regardless of how much they’re willing to pay.

For this reason, we emphasise our free technical audits. Instead of asking you to invest your hard-earned money to prove SEO’s effectiveness, we’ll analyse your brand’s unique situation inside and out.

This way, you won’t ever have to wonder whether your business should use SEO— you’ll know. Call 1300-891-181 or email [email protected] to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our SEO team.

Is SEO Good for Small Businesses?

Let’s assume that— after our audit— your small business can benefit from SEO. Now, consider this statistic: 97.3% of Australia‘s actively trading ventures are considered small— that’s over 2.5 million rivals.

If your brand is to compete with all of these other startups in attracting potential customers, it must establish credibility and authority. With SEO, you can do just that. 

After all, consumers can’t help but instinctively treat businesses that search engines like Google recommend as the top brands. In short, yes, SEO can benefit small businesses.

How Much Does SEO Cost?

On the topic of cost considerations, search engine optimisation expenses can differ from business to business and campaign to campaign. While other SEO agencies are eager to put a dollar value on their digital marketing services, we’re not.

We believe it’s unfair to quote you a price before knowing your ambitions and brand. This full-service approach ensures our SEO efforts perfectly align with your needs, maximising your investment’s impact.

How Much Does SEO Cost for Small Businesses?

As mentioned, we can’t give you an exact dollar amount for our SEO service— at least, not until we understand your situation better. But here’s what we can tell you: our pricing hinges on the SEO package level your business will need.

We have several SEO service packages, and the primary distinction between them is the number of target keywords— the terms and phrases that trigger your web pages and content’s appearance on SERPs— involved in the optimisation process.

Number of initial target keywords Number of target keywords from the second month onwards
SEO Entry 3 5
SEO Premium 6 10
SEO Corporate 9 15
SEO Corporate Plus 12 20

Know that we also offer what we call our SEO Enterprise package level when you want a custom number of target keywords. This service suite is most effective for larger websites. Still, it’s available if you want to integrate SEO with content marketing and PR (public relations) efforts.

Is It Worth Paying for Corporate SEO Services?

It’s apparent that the more work involved, the higher the price tag becomes. So, it’s understandable that you’d want to know if our SEO Corporate service package is worth spending the extra dollars on.

To give you an idea, let’s look at what we’ve achieved for one of our SEO Corporate clients: SAGE Painting. 

Before asking for our help, SAGE painting had reached Google’s Top 3 and Top 10 rankings only 4 and 61 times, respectively.

With our SEO Corporate suite, we increased their Top 3 Google rankings by 1,800% and their Top 10 Google rankings by 385%. These boosted rankings helped improve their organic search visibility by 349% and attract 228% more site visitors.

Suffice it to say our SEO Corporate package was worth it for SAGE Painting. The question is, “Will the additional marketing spend benefit your business?”

To answer that question, schedule a no-obligation consultation with our SEO specialists by calling 1300-891-181 or emailing [email protected].

“Working with Digital Spotlight has been great! They took the time to figure out a realistic strategy that helped our organic rankings immensely!

We are now on the front page for so many head terms that were previously out of reach!

Sean Hersee | SAGE Painting

How Are SEO and PPC Different?

SEO and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising are two of the best online marketing tactics to establish a robust presence in SERPs. The primary distinction between the two is how they accomplish the task.

With SEO, you raise your search ranking organically by making your web pages and content search engine-friendly. With PPC, however, you’re paying a search engine, social media platform, or publisher to display your ads on its platform. In short, the paid version.

There are two main reasons you should consider opting for PPC management services over SEO. One, it offers immediate visibility. In contrast, SEO typically takes at least four months to show results.

Two, you only have to spend when an internet user interacts with your marketing materials, such as when they click or view your ads, making it significantly cost-efficient.

Why Choose Search Engine Optimisation Over Paid Ads?

Paid advertising techniques, such as Google Ads and social media marketing (SMM), can help your business reach the right people quickly. But if you had to choose between PPC and SEO, you’d generally want the latter.

One of the reasons is that paid ads only pick up 30% of searchers. After all, most internet users prefer to visit websites that earned their rankings through organic means than to click on pages that paid for theirs.

The second is that results from PPC vanish once your marketing dollars do. In contrast, a search engine optimisation strategy from an experienced firm like ours can offer long-term results even after your campaign ends.

Fortunately, you don’t always have to pick between one or the other. That’s because you can use both techniques simultaneously, allowing you to supplement PPC’s fast results with SEO’s sustainability.

That said, we won’t know what can best serve your business goals until we closely examine your enterprise’s situation. Call 1300-891-181 or email [email protected] to determine which digital marketing avenue is right for your brand.

What Is an SEO Service Provider?

An SEO service provider is just that— someone who provides search engine optimisation services, which entails helping you enhance your search engine visibility and, by extension, assisting you in acquiring more organic traffic, leads, and sales.

What Does an SEO Company Do?

We can’t speak for other SEO professionals. However, our SEO approach involves various data-driven and algorithm-informed processes, including the following:

  • Identifying high-converting, relevant keywords through tools like Google Search Console, competitor analysis, and market research
  • Pinpointing high-value opportunities for keyword integration and producing well-researched, SEO-focused, high-quality content
  • Repairing issues with technical site elements like duplicate content, low PageSpeed scores, and problematic redirects to minimise search engine penalties 
  • Increasing website search relevance by adjusting on-site factors like title tags, meta descriptions, internal links, and URL (uniform resource locator) structures
  • Enhancing online business directory listings, such as in Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business), to improve the visibility of users with local search intent

Why Hire an SEO Company?

Here’s what many in the search marketing industry don’t want you to know: you don’t need to hire an SEO company to launch an SEO campaign. That’s right! You can raise your business’ search engine rankings independently.

So, why would you spend thousands of your hard-earned marketing dollars on a service you could do yourself? That’s a perfectly reasonable question that we can answer.

How Do SEO Companies Help Businesses?

There are many ways SEO providers can help businesses. But the most significant benefit of hiring an SEO service provider is that you save time and, thereby, money. Time is money, after all.

SEO has a steep learning curve that constantly rises. If you have the time to spare to learn and navigate the intricacies of running an SEO campaign, we won’t tell you that you shouldn’t.

But if you want to utilise your valuable resources more efficiently to do what you do best— grow your business— partnering with an SEO agency like ours might be the better option.

Why? For one, tapping into our years of experience would let you skip the training and mastery needed to succeed in SEO, allowing you to reap the rewards of higher SERP rankings sooner.

Why Is It Important to Hire a Leading SEO Firm for an Online Business?

If we could give a definitive answer to why you should hire an SEO company, we’d say it’s expertise. The digital landscape is enormous, and search engine algorithms are constantly changing.

One moment, an effective SEO strategy you found in isolation might deliver your desired outcomes. But it can suddenly stop being as effective or immediately become obsolete when search engineers adjust their ranking systems.

With a battle-hardened SEO firm like Digital Spotlight, you don’t have to worry about digital marketing shifts wiping your business’ web pages and content from the World Wide Web.

After all, our SEO process utilises a data model we’ve built from managing over 2,100 client campaigns in our 15+ years in the business, allowing us to accurately and consistently determine ranking factors that search engines are favouring.

And not to brag, but we get insider information and new products straight from Google, ensuring our SEO strategies are always ahead of the curve— a perk we earned by demonstrating expertise in our field.

How Are SEO Agencies and SEO Consultants Different?

If you’ve decided to partner with an SEO provider, you’ll have to choose from which to get the service. You have two options: an SEO agency or an SEO consultant.

Both choices can help you improve your brand’s online presence and ranking on SERPs. That said, the latter is the more economical option. Hiring consultants is generally cheaper than hiring an SEO team from an agency.

However, it’s in the resources where SEO firms have the advantage over individual digital marketing advisors, allowing them to take on larger and more complex SEO campaigns.

While you can’t go wrong with either choice, more often than not, you’d be better off employing the services of an SEO company, especially one with a proven track record of earning an additional $130 million in annual revenue for clients like ours.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is domain authority?

Domain authority (D.A.) is a numerical indicator that reflects your brand’s overall domain strength and credibility. As a general rule of thumb, the higher your D.A. score, the better the chances of your website appearing on the first SERP.

Is SEO software secure?

We use various industry tools, such as Ahrefs, Google Search Console, and Semrush, in our SEO process. These tools are safe and the industry standard.

What are the top questions to ask SEO companies before hiring?

There are many questions you should ask before you sign a contract. However, the most essential are the following:

  • Do you have recent achievements in similar markets to your business?
  • Do you study search engines and test strategies daily?
  • Do you use restrictive contracts?
  • Can you lower your cost of acquisition without sacrificing lead generation?

If the SEO agency answers no to these questions, they might not be the best fit for your brand. Fortunately, you don’t have to look any further. After all, we can confidently answer with a resounding yes to these critical questions.

Will SEO exist in 10 years?

It’s hard to predict what will happen in the future. After all, the digital landscape and consumer behaviour are constantly shifting.

What we do know is that SEO works now. By second-guessing your decision to partner with a leading SEO provider, you might miss out on opportunities to establish your brand as a top figure in its industry and drive traffic to your offerings.

Do you need to do SEO every month?

Search engine optimisation is an ongoing endeavour with no definitive timeframes. While SEO provides long-term results, search engine algorithms can change at the drop of a hat.

Fortunately, you’ll never have to be caught off-guard by sudden shifts in search marketing. After all, our full-time researchers and alliance with Google allow us to stay ahead of the curve and keep our strategies state-of-the-art.

Will you work with eCommerce sites?

Yes. You only need to look at Bird Control Australia to gauge the effectiveness of our eCommerce SEO services. After all, we’ve helped them secure Top 3 and Top 10 Google rankings 348 and 573 times, respectively, leading to a 337.93% increase in their unique site visitors.

Will I have to make changes to my website?

Yes. Search engine optimisation is about changing website elements, such as your pages’ URL structures, internal links, and content pieces, to align them to what search engines like Google favour. That said, you can leave those changes to us.

Can you help businesses recuperate from Google penalties?

Of course! One of our first responsibilities is identifying website properties hurting your search rankings and minimising exposure to these penalisations. Some steps we take to help you recover include removing thin or duplicate content and improving your site speed.

Do you outsource any of your work overseas?

No. While we have over 50 staff globally, we do all of our SEO work, including web development, research, administration, and content creation, in-house in our offices in Sydney and Newcastle.

How long does it take for you to rank a website?

Google’s estimate of at least four months aligns with our internal data. Do understand, however, that the timeline for SEO success can vary wildly from business to business.

Which is better for my business – push or pull marketing?

Push marketing refers to “pushing” your brand’s offerings to your target audience. A good example is PPC advertising. On the other hand, pull marketing focuses on drawing customers to your products or services, similar to how SEO functions.

Depending on your enterprise’s unique objectives, one might serve you better— the only way to determine which is which is to talk to our digital marketing experts.

“Unbeatable results and customer service! I have a social media agency, and I have used Digital Spotlight for over 10 clients. All had exceptional results for SEO and Google Ads.

There isn’t anything [Digital Spotlight]’s incredible team doesn’t know about search engine optimisation or search marketing. Hire them before your competitor does!”

Daniel Hersee | Black Lion Digital Pty Ltd


Do you implement any black hat tactics?

No. That’s because we understand that black hat or unethical techniques can lead to penalties that might undo all the results we’ve acquired for your business. And we don’t want that to happen.

What kind of SEO guarantees do you offer?

We don’t make guarantees. But if we can promise one thing, it’ll be that if we decide to work with you, it’s because we’re confident we can deliver the results your business needs for growth.

Do you only optimise Australian sites, or can you work across multiple countries?

Although our primary clientele are Australian-based businesses, we also offer our hand to international ones. In fact, many of the over 1,800 brands we’ve helped reach first-page rankings are overseas enterprises.

Do understand, however, that we might say no, regardless of whether you’re an Australian business owner or an international entrepreneur. After all, search engine optimisation isn’t for everyone— a line many SEO firms will never admit.

Fortunately, we’ll tell if we can or cannot. Schedule a no-obligation consultation with one of our SEO experts by calling 1300-891-181 or emailing [email protected].

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    It has been an absolute pleasure to work with the Digital Spotlight team over the years and I would highly recommend their digital services.

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