Struggling to get your Google Ads to perform how they should? We can help you.

As a company owner, you know that there are a few things worse than spending a lot of money on Google ads for little or no return.

You might have been told that simply throwing money at Google adv will work (if you don’t have an optimal game plan).

Unfortunately, with stiff competition, this approach is a proven recipe for disaster.

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Today, a successful Google Ads operation usually requires the expertise and experience of certified Google Ads specialists who have run campaigns for over a decade, not the guesswork of novice agencies.

Google’s complex algorithm decides who wins in the Google Ads war. In other words, Google Ads management is a numbers game.
Suppose you want to outrank and outperform your competition in Newcastle using only a minimum amount of your marketing budget. In this case, your company needs veteran allies who understand how numbers talk and can integrate maths into your business goals.

At Digital Spotlight, we take pride in leveraging cutting-edge statistical tools and technical flair to bring in the results our clients need.

Our data-driven, ROI-focused approach is so robust and reliable that it has earned us one of the highest levels of the coveted Google Premier Partner badge. This platinum status means: we have a direct line to Google Ads’ top support people, early access to Google’s new features, and data straight from the source.

Whether you’re a new or small business in town looking to build brand awareness or an Australia-wide eCommerce company tired of seeing the same old search engine marketing tactics fail, our expert team can revamp your campaigns and increase your return on investment.

Read on to learn more about how an excellent Google Ads strategy can grow your local business in Newcastle.

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Your Guide to Google Ads

In digital marketing, Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) is a double-edged sword. If you understand how it works and how it applies to your marketing campaigns, it has the potential to transform your business. But if you go into it blindly, you’ll soon be pumping your hard-earned dollars down the drain.

Maybe you’ve already consulted with companies that claim to provide you with the “best digital marketing service” out there.

The problem is that many Google Ads agencies eager to lock you in with them can give you confusing replies to hide their lack of credentials or expertise.

Our agency has created a list of pointed questions you should definitely ask to test your Google Ads agency’s competence. Remember: simple questions require simple answers. A baffling answer is typically a red flag.

What exactly is Google Ads, and why does your Newcastle-based company need a top-notch Google Adwords management agency?

How We Understand Google Ads

Google loves to make advertising products that appear simple: set your budget, flip a couple of sliders, and your campaign is live in five minutes. It’s like a wish come true for marketers.

But there’s a catch.

The truth is that Google Ads is not simply an online advertising program as most random Google searches define it. It’s an ad platform that runs on complicated formulas.

You see, Google stands on the shoulders of world-class engineers, statisticians, and mathematicians. Businesses that understand how to capitalise on the calculations of these maths whizzes have risen from obscurity to rockstar status in their respective niches.

Digital Spotlight was founded by advanced mathematicians who are also business owners. Our agency is uniquely positioned to bridge the all-important communication gap between maths and marketing.

How Do Google Ads Work?

The Google Ads system consists of four different products: Google Search, Google Display (+ Youtube), Google Remarketing, and Google Shopping. Getting the mix right is critical to making the most of your advertising budget.

The fact is that a high ad spend does not guarantee high conversion rates and sales. In most cases, if you don’t watch over your ad expenditures or aren’t testing enough, it can even cause you to lose a lot of money very quickly.

But if you get the mix right, you could benefit from a steady stream of qualified leads.

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You Pay per Click

Google Ads is Google’s pay-per-click (PPC) advertising system. As such, Google Ads works through an auction mechanism.

Google considers these factors in deciding who wins ad slots:


Your bid is the maximum amount you’re willing to pay for a click on your ads.

Ad quality

The quality of your ad depends on its relevance and usefulness. Google’s Quality Score summarises their evaluation of your ad’s quality.

Estimated impact from ad formats and extensions

The quality of your ad depends on its relevance and usefulness. Google’s Quality Score summarises their evaluation of your ad’s quality.

How Will Google Ads Assist in
Growing My Business?

If your Google Ads management approach can integrate how Google speaks into your marketing tactics and you have the systems to scale, your business can skyrocket, as it has for many of our clients.

Our agency created a data model using millions of dollars invested over 10 years for 1,812 clients. We have a dataset that serves as a multidimensional GPS, determining the most effective way to manage Google Ads campaigns to reach your target demographic.

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Show Up When Potential Customers Search for What You Offer

Your advert may appear on Google when someone searches for similar goods or services.

But watch out. With Google’s ability to reach millions of individuals per hour, a single targeting mistake could see your daily budget devoured before you’ve even left your computer.

Get the Results That Matter to You

If your Google Ads agency can’t give you the following results, it’s time to rethink your options:

  • Slashed wasted Google Ads expenditure
  • Improved critical lead and sale numbers
  • Higher conversion rate
  • Decreased average cost per sale

For example, our comprehensive solutions have helped PropertyMe, a well-known property management software provider in Australia, improve its click-through rate (a 19908.35% increase) and conversion rate (a 282.89% increase).

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Set a Budget That Works
for Your Business

Our agency believes that you should have 100% control over where your ad money goes. We run campaigns through your Google Ads account, and you pay Google directly.

Every dollar of your ad spending budget goes to Google when you transact with Google directly.
Some Google Ads account management companies pretend to charge you a minimal management fee, but they run your advertisements through their own Google Ads account. Only a portion of what you pay them for ads goes to Google; the rest is a hidden commission on clicks (which is often a lot).

At Digital Spotlight, we value total transparency and don’t charge hidden commissions. We run your campaigns on your account, get the results you need, and our fees are transparent and agreed upon upfront.

Why Advertise With Google Ads

Google is the go-to online search engine for most internet users worldwide. Consequently, Google Ads is the largest pay-per-click ad platform and the one closely linked with PPC campaigns.

An effective Google Ads strategy can drastically increase your business’ leads and sales without siphoning your entire advertisement money.

Our work with Communicate Speech Pathology, a well-established speech therapy provider that services places like Newcastle and Sydney, has resulted in a 1266.67% increase in conversions while decreasing the cost per conversion by 77.75%.

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Higher ROI

You can enjoy a higher return on investment (ROI) with the right mix of Google Ads products and strategies.

Our agency’s ability to achieve excellent ROIs for many of our clients, along with our very long-term relationships with them, has earned us Google’s trust. Additionally, our clients benefit from our partnership with Earth’s most prominent digital platform.

A direct line to Google’s top support people

Early access to Google’s newest features

Nonpublic data straight from their internal dataset

Identify and Focus on Converting Keywords

Our intensely focused keyword strategy can optimise your use of Google Ads by directing your efforts and budget towards highly valuable keywords.

Better Visibility

Google positions its search and shopping ads on top of any organic listing so potential buyers can see them first. Getting into those coveted ad slots requires more than just creating structured (and often expensive) campaigns.


Data is crucial to the success of your Google Ads campaign. You can use many available metrics to perform a granular analysis of your campaigns to determine what works and what does not.

Three thousand first-rate engineers, mathematicians, and computer scientists run and maintain Google. These people do not speak the language you have as a business owner; they only speak maths.

You need someone in the middle who understands your products and approach and knows how to use Google’s complex statistics to establish your brand online.

Digital Spotlight’s founders are advanced statisticians. Numbers are as ingrained in our DNA as they are in Google’s. We are that “someone in the middle” your business needs to dominate Google’s ad rank.

Quicker Results

Google Ads can produce faster results than any other search engine marketing strategy.

Using our advanced statistical modelling, we doubled the returns of some of our Google shopping clients within months.


Partnering with certified and experienced Google Ads specialists can help you win even in the most demanding industries.

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Types of Google Ads You Can Choose From

There are four primary Google Ads products you can choose from to improve your leads and sales.

You're in the perfect position for a click when your ad appears on a Google search page for the right keywords. Your search ads can even take up Google’s top four search results.

But that's only the start. Our team of Google-trained specialists use sound statistical practices to optimise your campaigns.

We have advanced modelling and a customer segmentation strategy that continues to boost conversion rates while decreasing customer acquisition costs reliably.

Google has deals with millions of websites to display ads it manages. No one outside Google knows precisely how many sites form Google’s Display Network. What we know is that the GDN is like a whole universe in itself.

Expansive enough that the network reaches 90% of internet users. What a marketing convenience, right?

If it’s your first time using Google advertising platforms, it certainly looks like everything you’ve ever wished for to build your company’s online presence.

But if you’ve used the Google Display Network (GDN) before, you know that the “90% reach” can also torch your budget like a summer bushfire.
The stakes are too high for you to wing it or consult a novice Google Ads agency.

Our Google-trained specialists can help refine your campaigns with the precision that only maths experts can give. With Digital Spotlight, a steady flow of leads at the lowest cost per click is more than a possibility.

Google Shopping delivers the best ROI for eCommerce companies in the Google Ads universe. Consider these numbers:

  • About 44% of your customers use a search engine (most likely, Google) to look for product information.
  • At least 55% of your target audience compare products online.

Google Shopping ranks your products based on its data, so product data optimisation is vital to your success.

That’s where our agency thrives. We have the credentials to execute next-level optimisation for your product data.

A well-displayed attention-grabbing video in the GDN can also help improve your online presence.

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Newcastle Businesses That Trust Us

Below are just a few established Newcastle businesses that we've helped generate leads through Google Ads and SEO

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Number of client campaigns we’ve worked on


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How do I best optimise my Google Ads?

Google Ads optimisation requires non-stop testing and fine-tuning. Our agency takes this principle to heart, and being the maths geeks that we are, tinkering with datasets is where we excel.

In the Google Ads universe, it’s always those who understand how business relates to maths who succeed. So, what better way to win the Google Ads race than by partnering with Digital Spotlight, an agency run by mathematicians?

Should I do Google Ads or SEO?

Google Ads and SEO have pros and cons, and many of our clients do both (as they earn an ROI from each of them).
Google Ads is the way to go if you need leads and sales immediately. This is a huge pro with Google ads.

A con is that you’re competing with other well-established players. Over time, if your ad budget isn’t managed effectively, it can become a costly process (so ongoing optimisation and testing are a must).
Search engine optimisation (SEO) is great if you do not need immediate leads and are investing to generate better results over the medium to long term. Although the time to get rankings, traffic, and leads is a huge con with SEO, you aren’t paying every time some clicks on your ad.
Your SEO budget usually stays flat. Over time, an effective strategy can help increase your ranking, traffic and sales, meaning that SEO becomes more and more profitable.

Are you a Google Partner agency?

Yes! We’re a Google Premier Partner, the elite status that Google awards its clients. This badge recognises our track record in:

  • Reducing wasted ad spend
  • Rapidly expanding our clientele
  • Partnering with those clients for extended periods (we have many long-term clients even if we have no lock-in contracts)

Is Google Ads right for my business?

We won’t be able to answer this until we speak to you and deeply understand your situation.

We prefer to listen to you first and, where appropriate, do some analysis (free of charge and with no strings attached) to determine the best strategy to solve your current marketing issues.

We do this at a high cost to ourselves because we don’t think it’s fair to quote you before we can fully understand what your business needs to engage your target audience.

We also do not make you sign lock-in contracts because we want you to be sure that partnering with us is a win-win situation before we suggest or quote you on anything.

How much do Google Ads cost?

You have total control over your Google Ads budget! It’s up to you how much you’re willing to invest in ad campaigns.
We can provide pitch-free expert advice to help you determine your ideal ad spend budget. You can email us at [email protected] or call us at
1300 891 181.

Is Google Ads the same as Google AdWords?

Google Adwords is the former name for Google Ads. On July 24, 2018, Google changed the brand to represent the complete range of campaign types today, such as Search, Shopping, and Display.

Do I still need Google Ads even if our website is already ranking on Google organically?

Many of our clients do both, as they continue to generate more business and profit by doing Google ads (even though they are ranked organically). An organic ranking of your ads positions your company as a dominant player.

If you’re currently generating enough business organically and do not want any more business, there is no need to do Google ads.

Will Google Ads help us attract customers?

Yes! As long as:

  • People are searching for a service your business offers
  • You have a site that effectively communicates that you offer these services
  • You manage (or hire someone to manage) your google ads effectively, which means lots of testing and customer segmentation.

Can you take over from my existing Google Ads agency?

Yes, we can! Having said this, we must first speak to any business to ensure we can add value. In most cases, we can. In some situations, your current agency (or you) may already be doing a great job, and we may not be able to add much value.

We don’t pitch anything or offer our services until we’ve listened to and understood your situation.

What are PPC and SEM?

PPC stands for pay-per-click, an online advertising system where advertisers pay a fee whenever users click on their ads.

SEM means search engine marketing. Like SEO, SEM is about getting traffic but uses paid advertising, unlike SEO. They can be used interchangeably.

What are keywords?

Keywords refer to words or phrases describing your service or product that you select to help identify when and where your ad can show up.

Can I manage my own Google Ads campaigns?

You can give it a try. However, winning on Google’s complex numbers-based ad platform requires ongoing tracking and testing to ensure you stay ahead of the competition.

This is why our Google Ads management team spends a lot of time in meetings with Google and understanding how algorithms work to use them to our client’s advantage.

Are Google Ads Worth It?

For some businesses, we’ve used Google ads to 5x their sales. For others, it’s not nearly as effective.

It’s not the same for every business, but Google Ads can transform companies into digital marketplace leaders. We know this based on over 10 years of experience and investing millions of dollars for almost 2,000 clients.

Will Google Ads work for my business?

For most businesses, it does (which is why Google is the behemoth it is today). Generally, it only works if you have people managing your campaigns who understand your products and marketing goals and know how to talk like Google does (in numbers).

Ask us anything you would like to know. Book a no-pitch, no-charge, and no-obligation consultation with us. You can email us at [email protected] or call us at 1300 891 181.

You can also drop by and visit us at 24 Alma Road, New Lambton, New South Wales (NSW) 2305, Australia.

  • We have been working with the team at Digital Spotlight for over five years now. Their expertise, timeliness, and attention to detail have been instrumental to the success of our digital marketing. Most recently they worked closely with us on a complete website relaunch. With a project like this you would generally expect to see a short-term drop in SEO due to the sheer number of changes, however not only did we not see a drop in our rankings, but they actually increased substantially! We cannot thank Digital Spotlight enough for their support and the care they took to ensure this project was a resounding success.
    It has been an absolute pleasure to work with the Digital Spotlight team over the years and I would highly recommend their digital services.

    Iris Lever , CMO at PropertyMe
  • I can’t believe how well PPC works. We can’t keep up. Many thanks for everything You & your team are doing

    Joseph Khoury , Tree and Garden Solutions
  • We have too much work booked and are at full capacity. We are adding staff and resources … Thanks again and I would highly recommend you guys ,you have been brilliant

    Daren , Zeroharm l Fire Protection l Electrical Test and Tag I Pest Management
  • You and your team were able to get us leads for almost half the price we were getting before, and the quality of leads were more than 50% better… in only 4 weeks…

    Yuri Marshall , Visaone
  • I’ve been with Digital Spotlight 6 months, and the results have been terrific… many search terms related to my business, and my rankings have steadily grown each month…

    Director , Eastside Speech Solutions
  • In your industry where many take your money and do very little for it you are a breath of fresh air for small businesses like mine…

    Philip K. Bonser , Goulburn Offroad Carts
  • The outcome was beyond my expectation; we are very pleased with the results and their excellent customer service….I would highly recommend Digital Spotlight’s services for your business!…

    Sophie Sutjiadi , Grace Hotel
  • The first serious website lead we had translated into a 200,000.00 fitout… Digital Spotlight have paid for themselves many times over and I would highly recommend their commitment and service

    Tim Lassig , Director Hospitality Fitout Specialists
  • I now think of how much money I wasted before I contacted your company… and without reservation recommend [Digital Spotlight] to any Organisation or Individual

    Martin Roschach , Director Reach for Life Health
  • Working with Blake and Digital Spotlight has been great, we took the time to figure out a realistic strategy which has helped our organic rankings immensely! We are now on the front page for so many head terms that were previously out of reach!

    Sean Hearsee , Managing Director Sage Painting
  • Blake and his team are brilliant to work with! Great communication and extremely skilled to deliver awesome results. Thank you!

    Jordi Twomey , Twomey Dispute Lawyers